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In a world where every aspect of our life is connected to the internet, it’s not uncommon for malicious entities to exploit the unprepared.

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. It is a devastating and widely used attack that attempts to temporarily take down an online service by bombarding it with traffic from multiple sources.

DDoS attacks are not only on the rise, but they’re also bigger and much more devastating than ever before. From independent websites to global behemoths like Amazon, it seems as if no is really immune to such attacks.

Whether you’re a gamer taking down noobs, or an independent business owner running an online business, DDoS protected VPN is absolutely crucial for you. Check out the best VPNs recommended in 2022.

On that note, I’ve compiled a super informative guide to help you better understand DDoS and how you can effectively safeguard yourself.

What is DDoS Attack?

As I mentioned earlier, DDoS, also known as, Denial-of-Service, is one of the most common forms of malicious attacks carried out to prevent the user from accessing targeted networks.

In a DDoS attack, the services of the host are temporarily suspended. There have been many DDoS attacks in the past and the intentions behind each attack may differ from the other.

A DDoS attack is measured by the number of bits of traffic that is sent to a target per second. For instance, a small attack might be measured in a few megabits per second, whereas larger attacks might be measured several gigabits or even terabits per second.

Just to give you a perspective of how devastating DDoS attacks can be, let’s take a look at some statistics as well as some of the most infamous cases of DDoS attacks.

DDoS Statistics

According to Statista, between November 2017 and April 2018, the majority of the world’s DDoS attack traffic originated from the United States and China. From worldwide stats, 30% DDoS attack traffic originated from the US, 16% from China, followed by the United Kingdom, India, and other countries. You can protect you online presense with a premium VPN.


Percentage of worldwide denial of service attack traffic between November 2017 and April 2018

Now that you know which countries are the biggest contributors of worldwide DDoS attacks, let’s take a look at which industries are most affected by it.

According to 2017’s statistics of most frequently targeted industries by DDoS attacks, the gaming industry seems to suffer the most. According to stats, 79% of worldwide DDoS attacks were targeted at the gaming industry.


Percentage of worldwide DDoS attack sorted by industry

Infamous DDoS Attacks

According to 2018’s NETSCOUT threat intelligence report, DDoS attacks are growing by the year. Not only has the average attack size grown significantly over the years, but attackers are finding cunning ways of amplifying the impact of their attacks.

One of the infamous examples of DDoS attack occurred on Feb 28, 2018, when a GitHub became a victim of one of the largest ever recorded DDoS attack. The traffic of the website peaked at an astounding 1.3 terabytes per second.

When the source of the traffic was traced back, it appeared to be coming from multiple autonomous systems (ASNs) across tens of thousands of unique endpoints.


Feb 28 2018 GitHub DDoS Attack

But GitHub’s dilemma was nothing compared to what a US-based service provider had to suffer. According to sources, the telecom provider was hit with a 1.7 terabytes per second DDoS attack. This attack even shattered the record previously set by GitHub.

Even BBC was hit with a 602 gigabytes per second DDoS attack which resulted in the temporary unavailability of the website.

If we go further back in time to 2016, a similar case of DDoS attack was carried out on a The attack temporarily took down the servers which heavily affected online gamers.

How Protect Yourself From DDoS Attack?

For an average Joe like you and I, a DDoS attack is carried out by harvesting the user’s real IP address. Once your true IP is compromised, malicious hackers can carry out a DDoS attack against you. If you’re an online gamer, this could mean abruptly losing connection to the gaming servers.

However, by utilizing a VPN service with built-in DDoS protection, you can hide your true IP from the attackers and filter the incoming traffic to your connection through utilizing anti-DDoS mitigation servers of your VPN provider.


In addition to that, VPN’s primary features such as encryption and IP masking can also protect you from a potential DDoS attack.

With your IP masked and your traffic encrypted, it would be near impossible for anyone to carry out a DDoS attack against you.

One additional feature that not most VPN users pay attention to is the built-in malware protection that comes with most renowned VPNs in the industry.

Since malicious hackers can carry out a DDoS attack using a seemingly harmless malware, having a VPN with malware protection can be your last line of defense against potential DDoS attacks.

Why Should You Opt DDoS Protection?

More and more cases of DDoS attacks are being registered nowadays. Probably due to the fact that access to the latest technology is no big deal anymore and anyone can attack anyone without getting caught easily. As discussed above, the reasons might vary but the outcome is same i.e. suspending the host server for a short period of time.

There are few VPNs that come with DDoS protection, however, it is recommended to choose one that truly fulfills the promise of providing anti-DDoS protection service to its users.  Considering the upward wave in the recent DDoS attacks, it has become a necessity to protect your own or your server’s IP address from potential attacks.

Because let’s face it, would you be comfortable using a machine or device that is known for its vulnerabilities against DDoS attacks? If you nodded, then you might go ahead but if you said no, then you have more likely made the right call.

Nobody would want to use a device that threatens his IP address. Following are the best case scenarios where the DDoS protection service is more likely to be applicable.

(1) Business Websites

Have you ever noticed a sudden outage on the order page while shopping online? That is probably due to the fact that the server is experiencing a DDoS attack. If you own a business website and want to keep it safe from the threats of DDoS attacks, we recommend you to get the best VPN with DDoS protection service.

The outage for a short period of time can cause your customers a lot of trouble eventually leading them to some other e-commerce website. Therefore, it is recommended to all the e-commerce business owners to equip their servers with the VPNs that provide DDoS protection to keep their IPs safe and secure.

(2) Online Gaming

Are you an avid fan of online gaming? If you are, you must know about DDoS attacks. People use DDoS attacks to send extra traffic to your server in order to slow it down. Reason? Well, when you are busy playing games online, your server puts some extra efforts to provide you lag-free gaming experience.

Call it cheating or an unfair tactic, gamers do this all the time to “take an edge” over their opponents. Only last year, a hacking group “Lizard Squad” claimed to have DDoS attacked the servers of PlayStation Networks, Xbox and other online gaming stream services. With the anti-DDoS protection service, you can enjoy attack-free online gaming!

(3) File Sharing Networks and Torrent Websites

Let’s admit the fact; there are two types of web services that are most vulnerable to DDoS attacks, the file-sharing networks, and torrent websites. If you are hosting one of these, chances are you will most likely receive ‘a bulk of requests’ every day. Besides the normal traffic, there are thousands of ‘fake’ requests that try to bring your server down.

It is highly recommended to the owner of such websites to opt for a VPN that provides best DDoS protection services to its users. Not only the ‘fake traffic’ will go away but the server’s performance will also increase because of the anti-DDoS protection.

(4) Online Stock Market

Are you a professional stock market trader? Have you ever experienced the technical failure to trade your shares on time? Do you know why does that happen? That’s because someone has DDoS attacked your server’s IP or your own IP address.

It doesn’t matter if someone has done that deliberately or not, all hell break loose on you when you suffer losses due to your incapability of selling or purchasing the shares on time.

If you are someone, who actively monitors the trading patterns of the stock market, we would definitely recommend you to get your machine and device protected with the best DDoS protection service. For stock market traders in NZ, make sure to get a VPN in New Zealand to protect against DDoS attacks.

Best VPNs with DDoS Protection

Despite how beneficial DDoS protection can be, not many VPN providers out there offer this feature. I’m not even talking about free VPNs. Only a handful of selected VPNs come with DDoS protection and they’re quite hard to find honestly.

So after going through a bunch of VPNs, I’ve sorted out a list of some of the industry’s best DDoS protected VPN currently available.

You’re welcome.

1. NORDVPN – Reliable VPN for DDoS Protection



NordVPN is my number one recommended VPN for DDoS protection as well my favorite DDoS protected VPN for gaming.

Although NordVPN DDoS protection feature is primarily geared towards gamers, it can be used for other applications as well.

Previously NordVPN only offered a handful of DDoS protected servers in US, Canada, Germany, and Italy. However, now all of their servers are DDoS protected.

But best of all, DDoS protection comes pre-enabled with every NordVPN subscription. You don’t have to purchase it additionally.


In addition to powerful DDoS protection, it’s worth noting that NordVPN also offers 5000+ servers, which by the way are all physical. There are also tons of other features that are covered in the NordVPN review.

Other notable features of NordVPN:

  • Military grade encryptions
  • Secure VPN protocols
  • Double VPN
  • Ad-blocker
  • Malware protection
  • Full 30-Day money back guarantee

2. PureVPN – Best VPN for DDoS Protection


Another great VPN with powerful DDoS protection is PureVPN. However it worth noting that unlike NordVPN, PureVPN DDoS protection needs to be . It doesn’t come bundled with any of PureVPN’s subscription plans.


But with the additional cost, you do get much powerful DDoS protection as well. In fact, PureVPN claims to withstand DDoS attacks upwards of 3Tbps+.

You also get to choose between eight DDoS protected VPN servers located in Canada, the US, Netherlands, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany.

Other notable features of PureVPN:

  • Ozone ( URL filtering, Anti-Malware, App Blocker and more)
  • Advance leak protection
  • Built-in Ad-blocker
  • Split Tunneling
  • 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

For a more in-depth look at PureVPN and all its features, make sure you check out my PureVPN review.

3. VyprVPN – User-friendly VPN for DDoS Protection



Last up my list of DDoS protected VPNs is VyprVPN. Similar to NordVPN, all of VyprVPN’s servers are DDoS protected. VyprVPN’s DDoS protection feature is perfect for gaming as it not only protects against DDoS attacks but also guarantees less lag.

Similar to NordVPN, VyprVPN’s DDoS protection feature comes included with all subscription plans. However, do note that the NAT firewall needs to be enabled from the control panel of the VyprVPN website for it to work in the app.


Other notable features of VyprVPN:

  • Powerful Chameleon protocol
  • Free 3-day trial
  • Zero-Knowledge DNS
  • Independently Audited

To check out all the other features offered by VyprVPN make sure you read the full review of VyprVPN.


Ignoring the threats of DDoS attacks is nothing but a foolish idea. The attacks on Sony and other gaming Networks suggest that even giants are vulnerable to DDoS attacks.

With alarming statistics of the growing number of DDoS attacks, the need for DDoS protection is greater than ever. Fortunately, VPNs can guarantee that protection.

However, as I said earlier, finding DDoS-protected VPNs can be rather cumbersome. This is exactly why I’ve painstakingly shortlisted the top 3 DDoS-protected VPNs so you don’t have to.

Here are some more gaming VPNs if you really want to broaden your options.