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VPNRANKS as Data Privacy Champion

VPNRANKS being an online privacy advocate has raised its voice in support of Data Privacy Day. It is one of over 300 organizations that have announced their official endorsement for the day as Data Privacy Champions.

What is Data Privacy Day 2022

Data Privacy Day is observed on January 28 every year in the United States, United Kingdom, and different European countries. This day empowers individual users and organizations to secure the personal data of the users in a digital world.


A data privacy day is the international recognition of combined efforts from organizations and individuals in respecting privacy, data protection, and trust.

Importance of Data Privacy Day 2022

A recent survey indicated that nearly 81% of US users assume they have lost control over the collection of their personal information. Therefore, the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) has collaborated with the government, industry, and nonprofit sectors to provide awareness about respecting users’ personal information.


The main objective of the whole activity is to inform businesses and consumers regarding the importance of their personal data. By doing so, the organizations and users both will comprehend the concept “Why Data Privacy is good for your consumers and your businesses”.

How to Celebrate Data Privacy Day 2022

Interestingly, individual users and businesses can opt for different ways to support the notion of data privacy in true letter and spirit. Here is the list of actions you can take at your workplace or anywhere to celebrate data privacy day 2018. The list of actions includes:

  • Both organizations and users can participate in the workshops, awareness sessions, and seminars that discuss the online privacy issues
  • If you are a professional working in an organization that uses consumers’ information, you can suggest conducting a data protection workshop
  • You can also shred crucial personal information which you don’t need anymore
  • You can guide children or teens not to provide their personal data to other users online and offline

VPNRANKS Best Practice Tips for Data Privacy Day 2022

VPNRANKS is taking measures to ensure the users’ online privacy at any cost. Therefore, it offers relevant and updated insights about data privacy on a continual basis. Here is the list of best practice tips VPNRANKS has created for the users. The list includes:

  • Apply new passwords
  • Use password manager
  • Apply social media settings
  • Use VPN regularly
  • Use an encrypted messaging service
  • Secure your internet browser
  • Limit personally identifiable information on social media
  • Enable security settings on your devices
  • Don’t open emails from unknown senders that contain images or documents
  • Don’t allow organizations to sell your personal data


Apply New Passwords

Interestingly, it is the first month of the New Year. Thus, you should change the passwords of your important online accounts. The more unrecognizable your password, the more secure your digital privacy is.  By doing so, you can follow the concept of data privacy day practically.

Use Password Manager

The users need to take huge benefit through the help of a password manager. This is because it keeps all the login credentials of the users securely. Thus, you are able to save your precious time in remembering passwords of your different accounts.

Apply Social Media Settings

The users must enhance their privacy settings on different social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and others. However, the users have to perform this activity on a regular basis. This is how they can secure their online privacy instantly.

Use an encrypted messaging service

The users should communicate to other users through encrypted messaging service. Yes, you read it correctly because you should not opt for messaging apps those monitor your browsing history.

Secure your internet browser

The users can sustain their online freedom by means of highly. Furthermore, you can select different internet browsers to perform your online activities. However, you can opt for Mozilla Firefox for secure web browsing.

Limit personally identifiable information on social media

When you create a new social media account, you must make sure to provide basic information only. If you provide excessive information on social media, chances are that you are making your online privacy vulnerable.

Enable security settings on your devices

The users can improve their data privacy by enabling built-in security features on their different devices. You should review the available privacy options to secure your devices straightaway. You can apply a two-factor authentication process on your devices if possible.

Do not open emails from unknown senders that contain images or documents

You should not open emails if you are unaware of the sender. Thus, you can protect your online data and secure yourself from unwanted malicious threats.

Do not allow organizations to sell your personal data

Unfortunately, there are organizations that sell the users ‘information to third-party marketers. Therefore, you should not submit your crucial information to organizations those

Use VPN Regularly

The use of VPN is indispensable when it comes to protecting your crucial information online from snoopers. A VPN helps you to surf the web anonymously since it provides an alternate IP address. Thus, you can conduct all your online tasks securely.

Data Privacy Day Future Schedule

2018Sun28 JanData Privacy Day
2019Mon28 JanData Privacy Day
2020Tue28 JanData Privacy Day
2021Thu28 JanData Privacy Day
2022Fri28 JanData Privacy Day
2023Sat28 JanData Privacy Day
2024Sun28 JanData Privacy Day
2025Tue28 JanData Privacy Day
2026Wed28 JanData Privacy Day
2027Thu28 JanData Privacy Day

Wrapping Up

VPNRANKS respects the online freedom for everyone notion in true letter and spirit. Considering the implication of data privacy day 2022, VPNRANKS has compiled a comprehensive list of best practice tips.

The list of best practice tips provides awareness to organizations and individual users. As a result, they can protect their crucial information from hackers. As Data Privacy Day 2022 is just around the corner, your data privacy is in serious danger.

Hence, you should not allow organizations to collect your personal information too often. The best possible measure you can opt for is a VPN that allows you to secure your personal data from anywhere. We expect our guide on best security tips for users to secure their online privacy will enable you to protect your crucial data straightaway.

After following the above-described tips, you can enjoy online freedom notion in the right direction. This way, you will experience more secure and safe internet in 2022.

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