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  • Last updated November 23, 2022
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Cybersecurity - Explore, Experience, and Spread it-TI

Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Explore. Experience. Share
From an ever-growing scope and increasing growth potential, cybersecurity could be the right career choice for you. Cybersecurity has become the core fabric of any modern business in today’s digital world driven by technology.   

The cybersecurity industry is booming as organizations face a constant threat of data breaches and attacks. This is not limited to the IT industry only, as it affects all sectors and industries alike. For example, not long ago, a US Farmer Cooperative suffered from a data breach forcing the company to shut down its systems.

Therefore, there is a huge demand for cybersecurity. The Cybersecurity Ventures announced that the cybersecurity unemployment rate has almost dropped to zero percent, with millions of jobs unfilled.

You don’t need to be a cybersecurity expert to understand the area as it is a vast field. From risk assessments to security operations to investigations and application security, there are many roles within the cybersecurity niche that might become your career.

4 Reasons to Consider a Cybersecurity Career

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider a career in cybersecurity.

1. Unlimited Growth

Technology is ever-growing with emerging threats. Therefore, cybersecurity offers unlimited growth potential both in learning opportunities and career. A good cybersecurity professional works to understand how technologies work and emerging threats in the digital landscape.

In other words, you get an opportunity to stay engaged as the learning never stops. Whether you are striving for a career as a security officer or want to work with new technologies such as blockchain, machine learning, and more, the only thing that restricts your learning and growth is your desire.

So, if you want to pursue a career where you can grow and challenge yourself, cybersecurity is a great platform for you.

2. Increased opportunities and variety

As discussed above, cybersecurity is not limited to the IT sector alone, and the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in new security challenges for organizations. With the use of cloud-based services, the companies need to address new security risks along with conventional risks. Therefore, there is a lot of variety in the cybersecurity industry for job seekers – you can check Craigslist for more jobs.

From robots to cars to websites, every organization needs a cybersecurity team as most businesses have moved from a physical to a digital environment. So, cybersecurity professionals come from a diverse set of backgrounds and education, and there are career prospects in almost every other industry.

3. Global Demand

Globally, there is a huge demand for cybersecurity professionals and very people to fill the jobs. In 2015, Frost and Sullivan also forecasted a shortage of cybersecurity workers by 1.8 million by 2022. The projection cannot be more accurate, as today, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is much more than the supply.

The most sought out positions are Operations and Security Management, with only 62% of positions occupied globally. Similarly, Incident and Threat Management and Forensics are at 58%. Historically, the demand is far greater than the supply.

4. Shifting Paradigms

When you enter into the cybersecurity industry, you will see that there is an every changing paradigm with new problems and solutions emerging over time. Cybersecurity professionals need to deal with different types of puzzles and have to solve risks.

In cybersecurity, you can rarely depend upon old principles as the tactics change day-to-day. There is a new puzzle that needs to be solved every day, so every day brings a new challenge and an opportunity.

Cybersecurity – Explore and Keep Learning

Cybersecurity has two major perks for those looking for a strong career: close to no unemployment and a high-paying job.

Plus, if you decide to choose this path, you always have room to grow and improve. You will constantly be learning new skills and understanding new technologies on the way. You will be exposed to new situations, challenges, and opportunities.

But, if you’re expecting a career in cybersecurity as presented in Hollywood action flicks like James Bond, or Mission Impossible, think again. Most cybersecurity professionals don’t need to get around the world in expensive sports cars dodging bullets. But of course, that does not mean the job isn’t rewarding.

There is no better time than the present to pursue a career in cybersecurity, so if you want a job that is interesting and keeps you on your toes, go for cybersecurity.

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