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The special deal that I’m so excited about is the yearly plan that’s giving a 77% discount straight away and that’s not all, you get 6 months extra for free which makes it a 18 month tension-free deal!

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CyberGhost VPN Plans

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While conducting the CyberGhost review we found that right away a dollar was off on the monthly package. Sometimes you may need a VPN for a very short period of time, CyberGhost is giving off for that as well.

While the yearly plan on the official website is $6.49 a special arrangement has been made and through us you can buy the VPN service for 6 months as well. This is option is not available on the official website.


Is there a lifetime subscription available on CyberGhost?

CyberGhost believes that life time subscriptions leave no incentive for the company to serve the customer better, compete and improvise in the market either and once the company stops making money, it might move towards selling your personal data to advertisers.

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The deal for CyberGhost coupon is so enticing that I bought it for myself as well! I don’t think any other provider which is as credible and trustable will be offering anything better than this, so before it’s too late, click buy!