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Curtain Raiser

Every day we surf the digital universe with complacency. We presume that we are safe because we have got nothing to lose. There’s this meaningless metaphor that Internet users believe these days: security is for those who enjoy the riches.

[See our detailed Cybercrime Infographic 2014]

Cybercrime is on the rise. Frequency of the attacks is increasing. Financial institutions, third party payment franchises, online stores, websites and even federal institutions’ databases are hacked everyday despite their sophisticated security measures adopted.

We Live in a Dilemma

As meaningless as it sounds, most of the people believe that they don’t need to fear the hackers because they’ve got only a few bucks in their accounts or no accounts at all. They believe that they don’t need to fear security infiltration because their transactions aren’t that much precious.

Yet, the people believe that they’ve got nothing to fear because they’ve got nothing to hide. I ask humbly from those, what about your privacy? Yes! Privacy, ring any bells? What about your personal data, your personal information accessed, manipulated and used against your free will.

Everyone has something to lose. Even if your bank accounts don’t carry hardcore cash, you still need to be concerned about your privacy and security. Invasion of privacy isn’t a joke. That’s the reason Edward Snowden sacrificed his lavish job and blew the trumpet about NSA spying on not only the citizens living on American soil but the world.

digital self defense


Digital Self Defense

There is this adage that says “the best defense is a good offense”. But it applies to the known enemies; the threats that you can see, the dangers you can cope with. If your enemies are unknown and threats countless, the best defense is self defense.

In this digital universe, we face countless threats from unknown enemies. There’s a hacker at every corner of this digital universe, waiting for an opportune moment to strike. Your privacy and security are at stake here; because, the cyber-goons are active than ever before.


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Formula for the Best Self Defense Strategy

What we showed you in this video is the standard formula to compile the best digital self defense strategy. Yes! The best Digital Self Defense strategy is an amalgamation of Antivirus + Firewall + VPN + NAT Firewall + Sophisticated Security Protocols.

An antivirus and a firewall are excellent tools that protect you against unauthorized digital assault on your privacy and security executed via Virus, Malware, Spyware and even Ransomware.

On the other hand, a VPN does something unique. It serves as your digital camouflage against cybercrimes. It completely hides your identity and makes you anonymous for the digital universe.

Whatever you do is visible to your eyes only. Your transactions become untraceable, your IP is hidden and your location remains undisclosed. Heck! Even your ISP won’t be able to monitor you.

digital self defense

5 Best VPNs at Your Service

The list that we mentioned above offers 5 best alternatives. The list contains VPN service providers that are compatible for your preferred devices – Laptops, Mac, Linux, iPad, iOS and Android supported Smartphones.

This means not only your computers but all of the devices that you use become absolutely invulnerable with reference to security infiltration. And for that you don’t even need to buy different accounts.

These VPN service providers have servers available all around the globe. This means you don’t need to worry about accessing Netflix every time you go to the country where its access is restricted. Not only Netflix but Hulu, WWE Network, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, iTV and ABC, they all become accessible where ever you go.

But, most importantly, they offer you absolute freedom and anonymity. You get thousands of IPs to hide your digital identity and real location. As long as a VPN is connected on your device, you won’t need to worry about cyber-goons trying to infiltrate your security or the NSA monitoring your online activities. You become invincible!

The services recommended support different tunneling protocols PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, SSTP and SSL. With these protocols in action, every bit of your data traveling through the network will be encrypted. So even if some mastermind hacker somehow bypassed all security protocols and infiltrated your security, he will get nothing but encrypted data. That’s the reason these services are frequently adopted by users around the globe.


Words of Wisdom

The pace of unauthorized assaults is increasing each day. Cybercriminals and their practices have evolved with time. In addition, surveillance agencies like the NSA and GCHQ have become active than ever before.

Why should we sit complacent when the guys who want to victimize our privacy and security have already set their plans in motion? The hackers won’t stop till they infiltrate your security and get what they want. They’re ready with their tricks and tools. Are you?

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