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Nintendo is at the heart of every gamer. If you loved games such as Mario Cart, Legend of Zelda, or Super Mario, then you are a true Nintendo fan. To recapture that glittering gaming experience, the company announced the release of Nintendo Switch on March 3, 2017.
The new console is a clever piece of technology that tries to curb your craving for gaming while at home or on the road. Nintendo Switch turns into a portable gaming device, a tablet, or a proper gaming console thanks to Nintendo Switch Dock.
The device has endless capabilities and Nintendo has tried to cater the requirements of all types of gamers. In addition, Nintendo Switchis planning to expand its functionality by adding apps for streaming, social media, and web browsing in the future.

Why Do You Need a Nintendo Switch VPN?

As ground breaking as Nintendo Switch is, the device is prone to various security vulnerabilities. Hackers and others alike have accessed the device, manipulated with different components, and breached user’s privacy.
Therefore, to secure your device and preserve your privacy, a Nintendo Switch VPN should suffice. Its tunneling protocols and military grade encryption algorithms will secure your data while keeping your identity anonymous.

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Nintendo Switch Hacked Using Old iOS Exploit

To give you an idea about security vulnerabilities on Nintendo Switch, just weeks after the launch of the device, renowned hacker groups used an old iOS exploit to hack the gaming console. The hacker group, qwertyoruiop, re-purposed an old hack for Apple iOS 9.3 devices onto Nintendo Switch. The exploit hijacks the browser in Nintendo Switch.

Interestingly, Nintendo Switch isn’t supposed to ship with a fully functional browser. However, hackers found a way to make the browser reveal itself. The browser uses an old Webkit technology, which is easily exploitable.

Nintendo responded to this threat quickly and have patched up this vulnerability, but it shows that the device can fall prey to similar hacks in the future. Hence, the use of Nintendo Switch VPN becomes more vital. Now, hackers gained low-level access, but upon major breaches, they could access user accounts, gain financial information, pirate the content, and perform other privacy damaging actions.

How to Setup VPN on Nintendo Switch

Sadly, there is no native support for configuring a VPN service on Nintendo Switch. Much like other gaming consoles, you will have to share your VPN connection using a computer or setup the VPN service on your router. We would recommend that you setup a VPN on router, as it is most suitable and time efficient way.

Setup VPN for Nintendo Switch on DD-WRT Router

You can setup a VPN on different routers. Here, we are going to illustrate the procedure to setupVPN on a DD-WRT router.

  1. Launch DD-WRT control panel
  2. Go to ‘Basic Setup’ tab from the control panel
  3. Under the ‘Connection Type’ dropdown menu, select the desired protocol
  4. Ensure that ‘Use DHCP’ is selected to ‘Yes
  5. Enter the server address under ‘Gateway (PPTP server)’ (if you selected PPTP protocol)
  6. Insert the login credentials under User Name and Password fields
  7. Scroll down the menu and make sure that ‘DHCP Server’ is ‘Enable
  8. Now click on ‘Apply Settings’ and hit ‘Save
  9. You can check the status of your VPN connection by accessing the ‘Status’ menu from the top
  10. Navigate to ‘WAN’ from the menu and click ‘Connect
  11. You should now have VPN connection your router

Once you have setup a VPN on your router, connect Nintendo Switch to the internet. Your internet traffic will now be encrypted and secure.

Save Money on Nintendo Switch using a VPN

Another benefit of using VPN service is that you can buy Nintendo Switch at affordable prices. Nintendo offers regional prices for its latest console. What this translates into is that prices in United States won’t be same as prices in Australia or Malaysia. Here is a comparison of prices from various countries for Nintendo Switch.

CountryPrices (in local currency)Prices (in USD)
United States$299.00$299.00
AustraliaAUD $469.95$353.36
United Kingdom£279.99$359.42
MalaysiaRM 2,299$522.50
SingaporeSG $659$471.56

By using United States as benchmark, we converted the prices of Nintendo Switch from different regions into USD. The results show that Nintendo Switch is the cheapest in Canada, while highly expensive in Malaysia and Singapore. One reason for this might be that in certain Asian regions, the console is sold as a bundle with other games.

A VPN might not be necessary for accessing different region websites of Nintendo. However, you will need a VPN to change your location while conducting an online transaction. Furthermore, a VPN will secure your internet connection, safeguarding your transaction.

Are Games Geo-Blocked on Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch comes out with a lot of promise and the best part is that its regional stores are not geo-blocked. You can purchase any game from any Nintendo store without any restrictions. Nintendo said that all the released games would be available globally on all its stores. Therefore, you don’t really need a Nintendo Switch VPN in accessing various games.

That said, we reckon that geo-blocks will soon be implemented as local developers get rights for creating games on Nintendo Switch. As was the case with earlier versions of Nintendo consoles, various games in certain regions were not available worldwide.

However, if you want to explore online stores of different regions, you can create separate accounts for each country. The process is very simple; just select the desired region when setting up an account and you can access the respective stores easily.

Access Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and More on Nintendo Switch

As Nintendo launched the new console, it captured the attention of binge-watchers everywhere. Since, Nintendo Switch can turn into a tablet and used for streaming, the big question is whether popular streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime will make it to the device or not. Sadly, the answer is no for the time being.

According to Nintendo’s senior relationship manager, Kit Ellis, “Nintendo Switch is a gaming device first.”Although, it clearly shows the plan for Nintendo Switch, but the absence of streaming apps is a mind bender. The ironic thing is, Nintendo Wii, Wii U, and 3DS have apps such as Netflix.Therefore, you can expect Nintendo Switch adding various streaming services in the coming time.

In the meantime, you can look at some of the alternative VPNs if you want to use Amazon prime with a VPN

Final Words

In a nutshell, Nintendo Switch is first and foremost a gaming console, or that’s how the executives at Nintendo want us to see it.But without a shadow of doubt, this is the most innovative gaming console we have seen to date. With clever engineering and unique features, it has unparalleled potential.

You can treat it as full-fledged console with gaming on your television, take it out doors and use it as a table, or pair it with a friends Nintendo Switch for co-op gaming. However, there are few security flaws and drawbacks associated with the device which can be solved by using a good gaming VPN.

With hackers being able to exploit Nintendo Switch, it leaves your privacy exposed. Although it is still early days for the gaming device, as a user, you should still take precautionary measures. A Nintendo Switch VPN can provide security against some of these threats by encrypting and tunneling your data. Likewise, you can use a VPN to get Nintendo Switch at a cheaper price.