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That moment when your jaw drops for a moment in the game and all that comes out is ‘WTF’, you know it’s time to say GGWP (good game well played) to the other team or player. There are some epic moments that take place every second on DOTA 2 each day.

Officially released in 2013 by Valve Corporation it is a free to play title available on Windows, Linux and OS X. One of the most popular MOBA games out there, DOTA 2 is an interesting mixture of RPG and RTS.

Being a gamer, I am hooked onto this game like an addict on weed – a day without DOTA seems impossible.

Dota 2

When we talk about WTF Moments, there are moments of true brilliance and moments where you would want to pull your hair out (epic fails). Failures can due to many reasons; poor team coordination, lag / delay, or just pure NOOBism.

DOTA 2 Learning Curve

DOTA 2 has a high learning curve unlike most other games that can be mastered by playing few hours. When it comes to DOTA 2, it might take you a while before you would get the hang of things. You will be exposed to intense abuse and battering from existing players – don’t lose hope and be afraid; you’ll get the hang of it.


Dota 2

Epic WTF Moments

Among the wide range of WTF moments, there are some amazing gangs, solo efforts, or ultimate survival moments where dodging any army of hungry players will leave you excited and in the mood dance.

There will be moments when you turn the tables on the opposition and wipe everyone out.

Then there will be some epic moments where would feel like NEO from the Matrix.

Lastly, and perhaps the most amazing moments are of RAMPAGE, annihilating the entire opposition team by just one person.

And I bet you, these will be the moments when you can’t stop grinning.


DOTA 2 Fails

Now let’s turn our attention to some moments where you might plan to do something and entirely nothing happens what you intended – called FAILS.

And the other team be like

The Lag problems!

Having Lag or delay due to high ping / latency is a buzz kill in DOTA. It spoils the entire flow of gaming. When experienced during team fights will most certainly mean you and perhaps your team members are dead.

One of the ways to fix the issue of lag or delay is to use a gaming VPN. What causes your ping to shoot and experience lag or delay is trying to connect to a server located far from your own destination – making the overall gaming experience very slow.

Using a VPN will provide host of servers to choose from and you can select the server close or the one you wish to play in. This way your gaming experience will be enhanced and lead you to endless victories. You can also read our guide on how to fix dota 2 lag if you are still facing some serious lagging problem


To sum everything up, DOTA 2 is an amazing game which perhaps has everything that a good MOBA should have. You will experience all the high’s and low’s as a gamer in DOTA 2.

From the cries of that almost kill to the amazement of WTF moments. If you haven’t tried DOTA 2 yet, then I suggest that you get at it and start your journey NOW. Like at the beginning of every DOTA 2 game, I would say to you GGHF (Good Luck & Have Fun)!