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Introducing the Netflix Glitch

For the past couple of months, Comcast users have been complaining about their poor Netflix streaming experience. Over the same period of time, Verizon users have also come up with similar complaints. The users representing these two market giants have been complaining about extremely slow streaming performance, especially when they try to access Netflix. Users say that while accessing Netflix, they have to spend more time watching the video buffer rather than the video itself.


The Ring Leaders – Comcast and Verizon

Despite all the problems and complaints by users of Verizon and Comcast about slow streaming on Netflix, probably there is still no clear identification of what could be causing this issue. Meanwhile, a Comcast user hypothesized that the companies have been throttling Netflix significantly. He explored this concern further by analyzing his bandwidth statistics. The user supposedly analyzed bandwidth statistics before and after accessing Netflix. And guess what? The bandwidth considerably dropped after the user tried to access Netflix.


Following this hypothesis, similar allegations were proposed against Verizon. However, it was just hard to believe. Many criticized this allegation as they simply couldn’t ingest the fact that Verizon and Comcast could directly throttle Netflix traffic. Unfortunately, it was true. The companies were throttling Netflix traffic to implement the neutrality rules. Verizon had been trying to convince the court that throttling sometimes is mandatory; especially, when a particular platform is accessed by so many users, so many times.


Repetitive access of streaming platforms such as Netflix significantly influences overall bandwidth allocation which causes a bull-whip effect. As a result, even those users suffer the consequences who don’t even try to access Netflix. Hence, Verizon sees throttling as the optimal remedy for this concern. Netflix, along with millions of viewers, significantly condemned this approach.

A VPN Might be a Way out of this Mess

A VPN is an excellent remedy to cope with this concern. This recommendation is not presumed or randomly prescribed; VPN has been found to actually improving users’ streaming experience on Netflix. Netflix is one of the most favorite streaming platforms for US citizens. But, due to the recent issues, it was hard for users to keep up with the pace of their favorite shows. Where many sat complacent, a few actually looked for alternate solutions.

As per the findings shared by a few users, a VPN actually improves streaming experience on Netflix. A VPN gives you the liberty to mask your original IP. Hence, in order to improve your streaming experience via Netflix, you need to connect your VPN to the US server and everything will be as good as gold. A VPN will hide your identity; however, there’s still a possibility that your ISP might track the websites you access. Yes! They can do that.

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Since Comcast and Verizon are trying to throttle the speed of users that access Netflix, you might face some speed issues even after connecting a VPN. However, we have a solution for you in this regard: choose a VPN that offers Leak Protection. Using this feature, you will be completely invisible to everyone – including your ISP. Your ISP won’t be able to track what website you’re visiting and thus, they won’t be able to choke your internet speed J

A few users might try to maneuver DNS settings now – thinking it may resolve their problem. Our suggestion – don’t! When your try to maneuver DNS settings, you might leave your device vulnerable to different unauthorized assaults. Don’t mess with the DNS settings for the sake of accessing Netflix unless you are a proud member of the tech-savvy community. It takes years to master this kind of stuff. Given the sharp increase in cybercrime, NSA surveillance and data theft, you wouldn’t want to become a victim in this day and age.

So, my advice is simple: Spend a few bucks and leave it to the pros!

Wrapping Up

Comcast and Verizon have been significantly throttling Netflix traffic. The excuse behind this act is frequent and repetitive accessing of Netflix by users which significantly deteriorates overall bandwidth allocation. You can effectively cope with this concern by using a VPN with Leak Protection.

By using a VPN with Leak Protection, you can mask your IP and be completely anonymous even for your ISP. If your ISP can’t recognize you, it won’t possible to bypass ISP throttle Netflix anymore. Moreover, ISP, cybercriminals and government agencies will not be able to monitor or track your traffic or any activity that you perform because all the information will be encrypted.

So, what’re you waiting for? Go get a VPN with Leak Protection, today. Speedy Netflix streaming with brilliant quality is only a few clicks away!


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