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Why pay more for a game when you can settle for less? Steam is an ultimate entertainment platform that gets you instant access to thousands of games (Free and Paid version). But what you didn’t know was Steam has region-based pricing. Meaning, it has set different pricing for each game that differs greatly between regions.

For instance, did you know that Chinese have to pay only $39.50 for Assassins Creed Origins, while American users pay $59.99? That’s $20 saving for you right there. In this guide, we will discuss how to buy cheap games on Steam with a Steam VPN.

How to Save Money on Steam Games?

Step 1: Subscribe to a VPN service provided in our VPN Ranking Table

Step 2: Download the VPN app on your system/device once you have subscribed

Step 3: Select one of the country’s server that has lower price for the game

Step 4: Hit Connect

Step 5: Open Steam Website > Create an Account

Step 6: Log In to the website > Search for the Game > Click Add to Cart

Step 7: Select Purchase for Myself > Proceed to add payment method > Download > Enjoy Playing!

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How to Buy Assassins Creed Origins at a Cheap Price Using a VPN

We conducted an experiment to give you a concrete evidence on how to buy cheap games on Steam with a VPN. We picked 2 games and compared their prices in different regions using a VPN. Also you can find some trustworthy low-cost VPN solution for gaming online.

The price for Assassins Creed Origins in the US is $59.99 which isn’t seen as expensive when compared to the price of the game in the UK i.e. $70.34, but still makes a lot of difference. Here are the prices for Assassins Creed Origins in different regions.

Prices for Assassins Creed Origins Game (By Country)

Country IPPrice
United States$59.99
Indonesia$50.16 (689000 IDR)
United Kingdom$70.34 (£49.99)
Philippines$42.99 (P2239)
India$53.85 (₹3,499)
China$39.50 (¥248)

In US:


In China:


The least price you would pay for Assassins Creed Origins is in China i.e. $39.50, and the highest you have to pay in the UK i.e. $70.34. These prices fluctuates when you change your IP using a VPN. Think how much you’ll be saving when you have a VPN with you all the time.

How to Buy Space Fighters at a Cheap Price Using a VPN

In order to give a little more credibility to our experiment, we considered a game that was already available at a cheaper and discounted price. To walk you through, Space Fighters is available at $5.09 after 15% discount offered by Steam. Now you get to compare the US price with other countries in a table listed below:

Prices for Space Fighters Game (By Country)

Country IPOriginal PriceDiscountFinal Price after Disc
United States$5.9915%$5.09
Indonesia$3.43 (48999 IDR)15%$2.92 (41649 IDR)
United Kingdom$6.74 (£4.79)15%$5.72 (£4.07)
Philippines$3.65 (P189.95)15%$3.10 (P161.45)
India$3.37 (₹219)15%$2.86 (₹186)
Malaysia$4.01 (RM15.50)15%$3.41 (RM13.17)
China$4.14 (¥26)15%$3.50 (¥22)

In US:


In India:


As you can see, China is not the cheapest country to buy Space Fighters, but India has this privilege. Indonesia and Pakistan falls in line after India with a difference of a few cents. As said earlier, Steam has region-based pricing that can get you better discounts when purchased from countries other than US or UK.

Now that you know the benefits of a VPN beware of free VPN for steam.

What is Steam?

Steam is not just a platform where you buy games and play it with people online, but is a platform where you can create new contents for games in the Steam Workshop. You get to meet new people in the Steam Community where you can converse everything about the game. Check out the top 20 unblocked games from different websites.

Steam is available for all platforms, whether it be PC, Mac, Linux, Mobile device, or even on your Television. Trade items all you can with your friends, buy them gifts, and help shape the future of your favorite games.

How Can I Save Money on Steam Games Using a VPN?

To make matters simple, a VPN keeps your original IP address hidden while assigning you with an IP of its own. Each VPN provider has different number of VPN servers assigned to each country. Just connect to a VPN provider, then select a VPN server, say for instance ‘Philippines’ (List of Free VPNs for Philippines in 2018). Go to Steam website and purchase the game online without your original IP being detected.

Is it Permissible to Buy Steam Games Using a VPN?

To be honest, purchasing a Steam game with a VPN isn’t something recommended by Steam. In their Subscriber Agreement, Steam has clearly advised users not to use a VPN to disguise your original location to purchase a game.

You agree that you will not use IP proxying or other methods to disguise the place of your residence, whether to circumvent geographical restrictions on game content, to purchase at pricing not applicable to your geography, or for any other purpose. If you do this, Valve may terminate your access to your Account.

Steam – Subscriber Agreement

However, multiple users including I for one has successfully purchased a Steam game with a VPN and hasn’t got my account terminated, neither anyone for that matter.

The clause has yet to be enforced due to multiple reasons. It may be presented just to please copyright holders of the game, but not having a real intention to enforce the clause. Here you can learn about the best vpn for craigslist as well.

The Wrap Up

Steam is preferably the best place to buy online games due to its region-based pricing. This means, that you fill find different pricing for the same game when purchased from different regions. We concluded an experiment where we picked 2 games and changed their IP addresses using a VPN. We found that some of the prices for the game were available at a preferable lower cost than others. Therefore, this guide explains how to buy cheap games on Steam with a VPN.