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Good news for all those who condemn Twitter ban in Turkey. Our efforts and activism finally paid-off. Twitter ban has been lifted by the order of Turkish court.

Today is a great day indeed. Today, our efforts and activism have finally paid-off. A few days back, we all acknowledged Twitter blackout in Turkey.

Not only this, Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan also threatened to block Facebook and YouTube. However, we decided to march for online liberty and freedom. Guess what? We won! The controversial ban on Twitter has been lifted as per the orders of Ankara administrative court.

Twitter ban in Turkey isn’t something new to us. Everyday our online liberty is crushed by so-called censorship policies and regulations governing controversial bans. This day, however, will be the reminder of our success against all those who want to victimize our liberty. Today is the day of digital liberation and freedom.

Let this day be remembered by the generations to come as the day we fought back and regained what is rightfully ours. However, we were not alone to participate in this cause; Nationalist Movement Party, Ankara Bar Associations and Union of Turkish Bar Associations had also challenged controversial Twitter ban in Ankara Administrative Court.

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Finally! Ankara Administrative Court decided in favor of the people and their liberation. As per the court’s decision, Turkey’s Telecommunication’s Authority is now entitled to lift the ban. So, remember today – Wednesday, March 26th – it is the day you embraced digital freedom again.

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