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It’s not every day that you see a VPN provider coming out in the open, clearing up all the rumors and admitting that another VPN service had stakes in its operation.

Ivacy VPN just did that!

Over the years, there were several reports circulating the internet that there was an association between Ivacy and PureVPN.

However, this particular topic is put to bed in an exclusive statement issued by Frank, PR Manager at Ivacy. He stated…

“Ivacy is an independent entity. Even though Ivacy has already debunked this myth on a variety of occasions in the past, people continuing to ask this question is beyond me. I’ll say this once and for all: Ivacy is an independently registered entity, with its own merchants, bank accounts, partners, and legally binding contracts. Ivacy’s independently operated and developed apps, backend, billing, legal agreements, and partnerships are a testament to this fact. Their stakes are only minor. What more do you want from Ivacy?”

He further added that PureVPN only aided Ivacy in its network infrastructure…

“The said VPN provider has stakes only limited to shared infrastructure and for maintaining anonymity. The variety of publically identifiable digital footprints are in the name of the OEM partner because they are one of the very few providers whose identity is already public knowledge. This is done from a privacy, anonymity, and well-being point of view of both our users and our high-profile tech investors, which is a common practice in the VPN industry, and we respect that. This anonymity has played a vital role in keeping our users’ privacy uncompromised for more than a decade.

Frank went on to state that Ivacy is looking for further collaborations in the industry and these minor stakes will be fully transferred in due time.

From the business’s standpoint, there are segregated contracts in place that have allowed Ivacy to flourish independently without any partner influence in decision making. Although we don’t know what the future holds for us, we’d like to keep our options open so we can collaborate with anyone, anytime should the opportunity presents itself. Currently, we are at a juncture and in transition where even their minor stakes will be migrated to Ivacy in full.”

When asked about the owners and management of Ivacy, Frank said:

“Being a private limited company, there is no legal or ethical obligation to reveal who the people behind Ivacy are. Secondly, I know for a fact that the people behind, value their customer’s privacy above everything else, and as of now, they are not too keen on opening up their investment portfolio for the world to see, so no authority can pressurize Ivacy’s management into keeping any sort of publically identifiable data.”

The VPN industry is plagued with accusations against various VPN providers and is often seen as a murky pond layered with secrecy and shady dealings.

But with Ivacy VPN breaking the barrier and explaining its operations is a pleasant sight and one that I am sure brings trust to its users.

There aren’t many VPN providers as transparent as Ivacy. Heck, most of them won’t even dare take this step as the said VPN provider did.

When our team covered Ivacy VPN review, they were impressed by its security features and recommended the provider as a top tier VPN.

Therefore, Ivacy proves that it values its user’s privacy and security, and is open to increasing its transparency for everyone in the industry.