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The USA based game developer Blizzard faces another DDoS attack. The attack has been confirmed with an official tweet by BlizzardCS on Twitter.
Blizzard has further stated that the DDoS attack had taken down the servers affecting Overwatch, HearthStone and WoW players. However, some players have started to login servers again, but Blizzard hasn’t officially announced its recovery from the attack yet.


Story Behind The DDoS Attack on Blizzard

The DDoS attack on Blizzard is said to be a retaliation from the cheaters that were banned by the Blizzard. Surprisingly, PoodleCorp has taken responsibility for the attack. However, the attack is said to be well planned, as Blizzard introduced its exclusive Olympic Games content in Overwatch today.

At this moment, the outage is said to be recovered but some players are still unable to connect.

A similar attack on Blizzard was reported earlier this month, that affected all games which were accessed through The list included Overwatch, World of Warcraft and Hearthstone.

In addition to this, Blizzard was struck with a massive DDoS attack in April of this year. Shockingly, “Lizard Squad” claimed responsibility for conducting the attack. However, today’s attack has been conducted on the last day Overwatch’s Summer Games series.

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