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Kodi is unarguably one of the best open source media platforms when it comes to streaming TV shows and movies. One can customize Kodi Media Center by using best kodi skins or themes of 2022. The software allows you to watch your favorite video content anytime from anywhere without the subscription.

Best Kodi Skins You Should Use in 2022

Here are the overall best Kodi skins you should try in 2022:

What is Kodi Skin / Kodi Theme?

As clothes are for humans, Kodi Skins are for Kodi media player. Kodi Skins gives a new look to your Kodi software with the change of colors, the interface, and the position of the menu tabs. Customize your Kodi with an all new Kodi Skin and change the way how your Kodi looks.

Here we have listed down some of the best Kodi Skins 2022 that you all need to try for a better Kodi experience.

35 Best Kodi Skins for 2022

Here are the thirty-one (31) best Kodi skins you can use to customize your own media center. The list of these Kodi skins includes:

New/Latest Best Kodi Skins 2022

1. Las Vegas


Las Vegas is a classic Kodi Skin that uses all the best places of Las Vegas as its Kodi theme and wallpaper. It will revisit all the famous places that are now forgotten by many. Further, it will simplify your Kodi with a user-friendly interface.



Metropolis may be the best Kodi Skin in its own context when it comes to the combination of retro and modern. It has easy-to-read text and icons with multiple themes that can easily be customized.



Adonic is rather new Kodi Skin that can be available for Kodi Krypton. Its special feature includes all the information on a media content i.e. rating, description, year, duration, and genre. It will further notify you about key information on the cast.

Fuse Neue Skin


You will find Fuse Neue Kodi Skin amusing if you are a big movie and TV shows fan. It will present all of your media content in a manner that is very pleasing with all the description and various images. It simple, yet elegant.

Best Kodi Leia 18 Skins

Black Glass Nova


Black Glass Nova has a similar interface to Windows Vista having the same glass windows. It has two modes, you can either turn the Kodi theme into black glass, or the theme where the black glass tiles a lot smaller.



FTV is an exact replica of Fire TV and Fire Stick. If you’re too consumed using Fire Stick device and have barely time for Kodi, you can familiarize yourself with the Kodi world using FTV.

Bello Skin 6


Bello Skin has been around for many years, but every year it revamps itself to provide Kodi users with best streaming experience. It is now the 6th generation of Bello that maximizes your Kodi entertainment.



Horizon Kodi Skin has a soft gradients and pixels that manages to sooth your eyes with a nice user interface. Mostly everything is placed vertically i.e. Menu, Categories, Movies, and so on. It is also used as Kodi 18 Skin and as well as Kodi 17.6 Skin.



Considering the name, it is without a doubt a unique Kodi Skin and we say that because of some very bright colors. Also, you can access media content easily through Kodi Main Menu. It further has a simple user interface.

Best Kodi Krypton 17.6 Skins

Aeon Nox


When you need to explore that kind of Kodi skin that offers futuristic interface, you should crack a shot on Aeon Nox. The skin provides a huge list of customizable settings to the users. These settings are colors, themes, and fonts. Hence, you can modify the outlook of the main menu to the next level

Arctic Zephyr


Arctic: Zephyr is the best Kodi Skin that provides both functionality and attractiveness at one place. The Kodi users must try this skin to customize the layout of their media centers accordingly. However, not all the things are rosy for Arctic: Zephyr. This is because users will not be able to use the mouse and touch support feature to navigate through the menu.

There is no harm in assuming that Kodi skins have played a crucial in optimizing the success of the platform. Interestingly, these skins transform the outlook of your media center by improving the features of your Kodi setup. Moreover, you can change your Kodi skins at your own terms quite easily. Here is how you can modify your Kodi skins hassle-free.



If you want to use a nice and clean interface then you should try Kodi Pellucid. The skin just like Omni has a similar left menu placed at the left side. For those Kodi fans who wish to enjoy the live streaming on your Kodi media center, nothing beats the quality of Pellucid Kodi skin.



Titan is one of those Kodi skins that provide you simplicity at its best. What makes the skin different from the rest is its structure and flow of information. It does not overcomplicate things at all since you can easily find all the information at one place.



Andromeda Skin is developed to enhance movie watching experience of Kodi users. It is perfect for people watching full HD TV videos with extra clarity and sharpness. Its interface is unique unlike any other Skins Kodi that you see on this page. When you hover over any movie, it will provide its description, year, ratings, and so on.

Aeon MQ 5


When it comes to the latest Kodi themes that goes well with Kodi Leia, then there is none better than Aeon MQ5. However, Kodi Leia is still under Beta version, but this Kodi Skin can be available in Leia. You can customize the latest version according to your likings.

Best Kodi Jarvis 16 Skins

Classic Movies


Classic Movies seems to the best Kodi Skin if you’re a fan of old movies. It would bring you all types of classic movies from the add-ons that are available on your Kodi. It will provide you with various description and a synopsis for those movies.



Amber is another best Kodi skin highly suitable for new users. The skin has a user-friendly interface that helps you to watch your favorite video stuff instantly. Moreover, the skin resembles a lot with another Kodi skin confluence.



Kodi Rapier has an attractive and modest interface that grabs the attention of Kodi users in no time. The skin offers a list of customizable options that you can use to transform your media center accordingly.

KOver 2


KOver 2 is an efficient Kodi skin 2022 that you should try to attain information without cluttering your screen. Furthermore, you can change the various sections of the interface through the help of Kover Kodi feature. The feature helps you to give a professional outlook to the interface without applying specialized skills at all.



Box is a highly improved version of Niamu, it is one of the top kodi skins 2022. The best thing about the skin is the mouse and touch support feature that allows you to use the skin on any device. Box has a great feature of Kodi touch skin. If you want to experience all the required features under one roof, Box is the right option for you.

Best Kodi Fire Stick / Fire TV Skins



Nebula was designed to give a perfect streaming experience for Smart TV users. You can use this Kodi Skin as a touch support and is also recommendable for music lovers. You can customize your Fire Stick device with Nebula.

Xperience 1080


It is the best Kodi Skin for users who want to view movies that are strictly HD. It will provide you recommendations for movies that have the perfect video quality. Further, it is a light Kodi Skin so no complains on the buffering either.



There is no particular theme in Chrome, but the colors present in the background changes accordingly. This is to clarify the visual present in your Kodi. Further, it gives a soothing effect to your eyes.



Mimic is used for a faster Kodi streaming that is of lighter weight and prevents Kodi buffering. You can edit all the options in the menu and its colors using fan art. It also goes well with touchscreen device.

Best Kodi iOS/Mac Skins



It would not be wrong to say that the skin is a modified version of Apple TV. Those users who want to use their media center just like Apple TV; the skin is a blessing in disguise for them. Stream safely and unlock geo-restricted content by using a Apple TV VPN.



SiO2 is another Kodi best skins that allows you to enjoy your favorite content through minimal clicks. Furthermore, the skin provides the outlook of Apple TV interface to the users. Surprisingly, the skin does not offer any sort of customizability feature.



It is a preferred Kodi Skin for Apple iOS, but basically it works well with all devices. However, you will find that this Kodi Skin does not work well with Live TV. Even though, it will make a perfect Kodi Skin for all Kodi versions.



It is a fan art Skin and can be customized to the desire of users. You can change its many features from buttons to colors with the snap of the finger. It is so easy that every new Kodi user can customize accordingly.

Best Kodi Android Devices Skins

Back Row


Back Row Kodi Skin has a strike similarity to iOS and Mac when you look at its interface and icons. It is available for all streaming boxes including Android devices and boxes. Its home cinema experience is like no other Skin that you will witness.



Titanium has been around in Kodi for quite a while now and it worked really well with Android devices. It has a great touch ability and is most useful when streaming videos and music on Kodi.



You will never find a more simple interface than Eminence, but it useful than many Kodi Skins. You will find it hard to customize the features, but it is quicker than most Kodi Skins. If you want to stuff your Kodi with so many Kodi add-ons, then this Kodi Skin should be your choice.



When it comes to using Kodi Skins in touchscreens, ReFocus is a perfect choice. Once you open Kodi, it will notify you the media content that you have watched, along with providing recommendations to your preference.

Best Kodi Raspberry Pi Skins



Kodi users are fond of the old Confluence Kodi Skin which is an official Kodi Skin for Jarvis. When the new Kodi Skin for Krypton was used, people were furious. Therefore, Kodi revealed the Confluence Skin so that you can still use it for Kodi Krypton. Confluence can also be found in Raspberry Pi.

Angry Bird Movie


If you’re obsessed with Angry Birds, then this is the best Kodi Skin that you will ever have. It is available for both Krypton and Jarvis. You will find an Angry Bird theme all over your Kodi that will brighten up your day.



Omni is one of the best skins for kodi. The Kodi skin exclusively offers an omnipresent menu that allows the users to navigate quickly. The users can access the main menu and mub menu from every window. However, it does not offer a luxury of customization to the Kodi fans.

How to Change Kodi Skin

Step 1: You should click the system icon given at the left side


Step 2: You should click the interface settings tab now


Step 3: Click on the skins option


Step 4: You should explore your favorite skin, if you are unable to find your preferred skin then click on ‘Get More’ tab


Step 5: The ‘Get More’ option will allow you to explore numerous Kodi skins


Difference Between Kodi Skins and Kodi Builds

have pre-installed Kodi add-ons. When you install Kodi Builds, you are then able to install many Kodi add-ons at the same time. Hence, Kodi Builds consume a lot of space but at the same time it provides you with tons of Kodi add-ons.

Kodi Skins on the other hand are just Kodi themes where you could change the Kodi interface, colors, and the entire menu sections. Kodi Skins do not contain any Kodi add-ons, but it only uses Kodi add-ons to display the latest media content available on your Kodi.

What is the Best Kodi Skin for Fire Stick?

Nebula is the preferred choice for Fire Stick users as it can be easily customized and can have all the media content in one place. It offers full HD videos that are recommended for Fire Stick users that enhance their streaming experience. View our guide of how to install Kodi on firestick.

Best Kodi Skins Reddit Review

Kodi users often recommend Aeon Nox and Arctic Zephyr as their best Kodi Skins because of the fact that they both have extreme functionality and a variety of options. However, they do believe Arctic Zephyr can be improved.

It often seems that many features that were available for Kodi Jarvis are now unavailable for Kodi Krypton. The statement holds true for Kodi Skins as well. Many Kodi users show their disappointment when they are not able to get their preferred Kodi Skin in Kodi Krypton.

Final Words

We expect that it is not a daunting task for you now to change your Kodi skins. Our best Kodi skins guide will enable you to attain style and comfort by applying these skins to your media center.

If you find our guide interesting or want to add more skins in our list, feel free to contribute your feedback in the comments section below.