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Most memes and graphics are complete horse manure, but those about the NSA tend to have a strong back-story in them. Here is a roundup of the 10 most interesting memes about the NSA currently making rounds on the internet.

  • This particular meme sends a strong message while keeping a light tone. After all, what is the government doing with all the extreme measures taken, it still couldn’t stop the Boston bombing. So what’s so good about wiretapping and accessing personal information when you have completely failed at your job.

collecting and logging all emails, texts, and calls

  • Oops! This one went a little too far, but in real circumstances could actually happen! After all the government knows everything! The government has access to all your digital information, your texts pictures, browsing habits. It knows everything!


  • On a personal note, don’t know since when has the government been snooping on us, but I’m pretty sure it has. Because a friend’s friend’s friend told my friend. I take this sh*t seriously. No compromise on privacy… of course, I don’t want anyone knowing I have a yeast infection?


  • It’s not always that you’ll see Mr. Trump doing kind things and speaking soft words, but looks like JIM is a lucky fellow!

the nsa just told me you voted for me

  • Hahahahaha! Totally relatable if I open my Facebook right now! From last night’s dinner photos to their relationship problems, these days’ people don’t even realize before posting!

you know whats really grinds my gear

  • Sir: any new plans to destroy the world?

Yes: but two cheeseburgers first!

we got your back

  • Expect some company! Oh, and they like pineapple on pizza. All my sympathies dear!

going out for a pizza

  • Obviously, everything on the internet and television is true! And don’t talk about science, I have my chemistry exam in a week. Yikes!

here's to all the conspiracy theories

  • Sh*t! A little too late

how to buy drugs

  • Have a nice day my guardian angel!

guardian angel