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Who doesn’t love classic British media? From thrillers like Peaky Blinders to belly aching comedy shows like Top gear, we want them all.

I for one can’t imagine my life without them.

Sadly, just like Hulu, BBC iPlayer has strict regulations against international viewership. So whether you’re an ex-pat moving out of the United Kingdom or you’re somebody who’s hoping to watch classing English media, you’re out of luck.

What’s even worse?

Despite having a perfectly working VPN, you’ll still get BBC iPlayer proxy error thanks to crappy geo-blocks.

Now you might be thinking, isn’t there a workaround?

Well…there is and it also involves a VPN.

So stick around, if you want unhindered access to the entire content library of BBC iPlayer.

This is why you’re getting the BBC iPlayer proxy error


If you’re getting the annoying proxy error, you’re not alone. In fact, if you Google BBC iPlayer proxy error, you’ll see a bunch people complaining about it.

Even though you might have a perfectly functional VPN in place, you’ll still get this proxy error:

“This content doesn’t seem to be working. Please try again later.”

“BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. Sorry, it’s due to rights issues.”

“BBC iPlayer programs are available to play in the UK only.”


Well…there can be two major reasons for it.

Your VPN Service Sucks


The number one reason why BBC iPlayer isn’t working for you could have something to do with your VPN. More specifically, your VPN service might not offer IPv6 or DNS leak protection, or you might be using a free BBC Player VPN that never works. As soon as iPlayer detects that you’re using the service from a restricted region, Boom, you’re blocked.

You aren’t Getting Rid of Your Cookies


Another issue could be that you’re not clearing out cookies and caches. I mean I get that you want to load pages faster, but at least get rid of them once in a while.

Cookies and caches store a lot of browsing information about you, including your location. If you don’t get rid of them, iPlayer can easily restrict you from using their service just because of your IP.

How to Get Rid of BBC iPlayer Proxy Error with a VPN?


Like I said, you’re probably using a VPN service that isn’t able to unblock streaming services. The only way to fix this issue is to use a premium VPN service.

Although you can Google a bunch of VPNs that’ll claim to unblock BBC iPlayer in Russia or any other location, I can guarantee you they can’t.

You see… in order to unblock a streaming service as big as iPlayer, you need to have tons of different servers and thousands of white listed IPs.

This is where best VPN services come in.

Having said that, finding iPlayer compatible VPNs can be a major headache, which is why I’ve compiled a list of VPNs that actually unblocks BBC iPlayer in the USA.

Alternative way to unblock BBC iPlayer


Aside from using VPNs, there is another shady way to access iPlayer. Although I have to warn you it isn’t ideal.

There are few iPlayer proxy extensions and proxy sites that can be used to access iPlayer. Although not impossible, however, you are going to have a hard time finding proxies that actually work.

Other thing that might hinder your way is the lack of privacy. Unlike VPNs that anonymize your identity, BBC iPlayer proxy sites only give you access to blocked sites, leaving your true identity completely vulnerable.

To be honest with you, I wouldn’t actually rely on proxies, simply because they get blocked faster than you can say, “geo block”.

Smart DNS alternative for unblocking BBC iPlayer

Now don’t get me wrong, the above-mentioned VPNs are perfect for getting rid of the annoying BBC iPlayer proxy error. However, if for some reason you don’t want to use them, you can try your luck with a Smart DNS.

It’s quite similar to a proxy sites or an extensions and allow users to stream iPlayer on a variety of devices such as Macs, Roku, Apple TV, Play stations and a bunch of other platforms.

However, since Smarts DNS is similar to proxies, it does have its flaws.

For instance:

  • Your IP address will not be masked.
  • Your network traffic will remain unencrypted.
  • It can’t offer the anonymity that you get from VPNs.

If you are trying to watch BBC iPlayer in China, then we recommend using a premium VPN service, instead of Smart DNS proxy. You can check out our blog on how to watch BBC iPlayer in China for more details.

If you’re still interested in trying out this service, I’ve got a great one in mind. Check out Smart DNS Proxy review to learn more about this service.

Wrapping up!

Like I said, British media is something else. It’s classy and offers content that you won’t find anywhere else.

From exhilarating Sci-Fi shows like Doctor Who to standup British comedy like The Time It Takes, BBC iPlayer has got it all.

Trample the restrictions with my recommended VPNs and finally get rid of the infuriating BBC iPlayer proxy error.

I hope you found this blog informative. Do let me know which VPN service worked for you. Can’t wait to hear from you guys.