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The best way to access iPlayer app outside UK is to use a BBC iPlayer VPN, however sometimes, it wouldn’t work for you. What you gotta do when a VPN is not working in this regard?

Read on to get the solution!

Things were going perfect, a ten day work break meant a ten day BBC iPlayer binge watching session! But hell just broke loose when I came back from work, turned my TV to continue watching Killing Eve. But all I get is a message saying BBC iPlayer only works in the UK.

bbc iplayer vpn error

Like seriously?


I’d been enjoying BB iPlayer in Colombia for over a year without any problems at all and suddenly I found it is not working through a VPN?

Was it the end of my streaming addiction? There was no way I was gonna let my 10 day break go to waste. So I worked around a couple of ways and yes I found some solutions!

Firstly you need a VPN that replaces IP addresses once they’re black listed, secondly trying different servers might work and if that doesn’t work, we have the smart DNS proxy.

I have explained in this guide what to do if your BBC iPlayer is not working through VPN.

But first let us discuss…


Why BBC iPlayer is Blocked Outside UK?

It’s not that BBC has anything against the audience outside UK, however a mandatory TV licensing fee is needed in UK, and therefore the platform was built for the UK audience only.

However, an estimated 60 million people access BBC iPlayer from outside the UK, so BBC definitely has to take measures against it. This almost equals to the total population of the United Kingdom.

There are also copy right and licensing issues when it comes to shows and movies on the iPlayer that result in the regional blocking of the platform.

BBC iPlayer Not Working Through VPN Fix

Furthermore, catering these extra 60 million people costs the company extra money in the maintenance of its infrastructure.


BBC iPlayer Not Working Through VPN – THE FIX

So getting straight to the point, what to do if your VPN fails to access BBC iPlayer? You need a great VPN service that replaces IPs as soon as they are black listed. It can take an hour or a week or a month. You don’t want to be waiting with such uncertainty do you?

Secondly some bad IP addresses will always stick around? So when you make a connection you might unluckily get a bad one, keep calm, disconnect and connect again try it a few times and you will find an IP that works.


Additionally try different servers too. It’s always important to choose a provider that has a substantial number of servers in the UK.

One solid way to have a tension free experience is to get a dedicated IP, yes it does cost more but it does the job perfectly! It means you are no longer sharing the IP address with hundreds or thousands of people.

With time BBC has gotten better at detecting VPNs but so have VPNs.

One more method that may work is the Smart DNS proxy. A proxy is very different from a VPN in the sense that it does not encrypt your data or mask your IP address but it will reroute your traffic and make it possible for you to access blocked and restricted websites. Unlocator is one such service that offers a 7 day free trial!


How Does BBC iPlayer Detect a VPN?

As BBC has started black listing the VPN IP addresses, you may receive an error message. This actually means that your VPN service is working and that you are indeed appearing to be using the internet from the UK.

The only sad part is that BBC has detected your IP address server. You really need a quality VPN service that is credible and strong as well.

The BBC iPlayer is meant to be used non commercially, that is basically from home. This means it is meant to be working where a single external IP exists, regardless of how many devices are connected to it.

Let’s take the example of a home where 3 people are using the BBC iPlayer on the same IP address, that’s completely okay to BBC, now imagine hundreds of people sharing a VPNs server IP. This will definitely be striking for BBCs system.

Trying to connect through a different VPN server might work. If that doesn’t happen, it’s time to change your VPN service! Check out the best VPN services enlisted below:

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Which VPNs Can Bypass BBC Without Being Detected?

To unblock such mega entities you will be needing a quality VPN. We have personally tested each VPN service in the list above, in all areas such as speed, connectivity, and number of servers etc.

All the mentioned services can easily bypass the infrastructure setup by BBC iPlayer’s system and let you stream your favorite movies and shows seamlessly!


Bonus material! Extra tips

  1. Try connecting to a different UK VPN server, it’s often the case that several IP addresses are blocked at once.
  2. Try changing the browser you’re using, this often works. For example if it’s not working on chrome, try Firefox.
  3. Clear all data and cache in your browser.
  4. Try contacting the customer support of your VPN service and see if they can help.
  5. Check the country and regional settings of your device and change them to that of UK.


Wrapping up

We have covered all the working methods if BBC iPlayer not working through VPN, comment on the section below if you have any further queries.