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How To Download Batman vs Superman Torrent Using VPN

Just in the first week after release, Batman Vs. Superman has earned $15.05 million, making the film’s four day domestic total around $181.057 million. While the movie has  made millions of fans to spend their hard earned money on tickets and DVDs, some smart users are using VPN to watch superman and batman torrent hassle free. Unfortunately users who don’t use VPN for torrents suffer by receiving copyright infringement notice to serve time in jails and pay heavy fines.
Batman Vs. Superman Torrent

However, VPN is the most reliable and cost-effective solution to download torrents anonymously. It cloaks your IP address with a foreign server, where P2P sharing is legal. Even more, your IP address is masked making the ISP unable to identify you. As a result, you enjoy unlimited torrent downloads while staying anonymous. The L2TP encryption tunneling is unbeatable benefit of using VPN. It provides military grade encryption to your data, making it unable to read by hackers, ISPs and spy agencies.

Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Breakdown

Batman vs. Superman was trending among numerous social media platforms since the day it was announced. Huge wave of excitement was found among fans. Have a look at the latest trailer:

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Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne has played on dark side, yet still loved by the fans. Batman recalls events from the past where Kryptonians came to earth in search of Superman, resulting in massive destruction and impacting large number of innocents. This raised intense hatred inside Batman for Superman.

Batman Vs Superman: Top 3 Fights

Long before the Dawn of Justice, we have witnessed fierce encounters between Batman Vs. Superman in numerous comics. There have been ongoing fights between the two Justice Leaguers for over fifty years. Examining Frank Miller’s seminal Batman novel, we could predict that two heroes will engage in brutal battles that will involve mind-control and magic. Check out the top three fights of the two legendary heroes below:

  1. Batman: End Game (2014)

The story revolves around Justice Leaguers, all heroes are poisoned to become Joker hybrids. Each of the Joker-Leaguer takes-on one on one with Batman. With no fear batman takes down each and every hybrids until the one is left, its Superman.

Batman Vs. Superman Torrent

During the fight, Batman used Kryptonite gloves to tackle the jokers with microscopic red son attachments. The superman being sun-fueled puts ultimate destruction upon Batman and the city. Until the batman spits Kryptonite laced gum into the eyes of Superman. This ended the violent battle between two super heroes. Batman won the fight but with the cost of ultimate damage upon Metropolis.

  1. Justice League: Origin

Being the part of New 52 relaunch, Justice League Origin portrays the sequel of Batman vs. Superman fight. As Superman is new on the scene, Batman considers him a threat to planet earth. Unaware about the special abilities of the Kryptonian Hero.

Batman Vs. Superman

All skills, tactics, abilities and bat-gadgets goes in vain in comparison to Godly powers of Superman. Pairing up with Green Lantern, Batman takes stand on against the man of steel, but ends into getting defeated by Superman. In this fight, Superman takes on the batman while batman realizes the power of communication. 

  1. Dark Knight Returns

Dark Knight Returns revolves around the aged batman, who stays away from vigilante duties for a long time. Now he has returned to save his city from evils. Yet, over the time he has become more violent, aggressive and brutal. The fine line between crime-fight and brutality has been diminished  for batman.

Dark Knight Returns

To neutralize the situation and keep batman away from the scenario, government sends the Kryptonian hero Superman to disable Batman. Leading to series of destructive battles, superman suffers deeply by supersonic bat-gadgets and Kryptonitized weapons. His Godly abilities don’t come up to match the abilities of batman. The story ends with Batman suffering from non-lethal heart attack, faking his death but continues the underground battle against crime.

Top 10 Facts About Dawn of Justice

From story line, characters to the cast, batman vs superman has bunch of interesting facts you will love to know about. Read on to catch the top 10 interesting facts about Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice:

  • Although there are flashbacks from Man of Steel in the movie, but Dawn of Justice is not the sequel of Man of Steel.
  • The story is based on famous comic book “Dark Knight Returns” by Frank Miller.
  • The DoJ version of Batman has been never appeared in any of the previous movies where batman was seen.
  • The story is written by an Oscar winning writer “Chris Terrio”.
  • For the first time ever Wonder Woman will make her appearance in a movie.
  • It will introduce new Lex Luthor.
  • There will be more than one opponent, i.e. Batman will deal with Superman and Lex Luthor simultaneously.
  • New supporting actors will appear on screen.
  • A bigger DC-Universe will be opened as Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor have appeared.
  • Justice League teases will be seen in Dawn of Justice.


Batman vs. Superman is released globally. Millions of fans have booked overpriced tickets  to watch the ultimate battle between DC heroes in Cinemas. Yet, the clever one’s are using VPN to download superman batman torrent safely. We prefer you to use a VPN with no-log policy like PureVPN. It provides you premium online-freedom with reliable protection, so you enjoy seamless unlimited torrents over internet.