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Sometimes, it is hard to stay under the limit. For instance, how many times have you accidentally exceeded your monthly internet limit? This is why you should controlling your bandwidth today.

But Bandwidth control isn’t always easy. Sure some apps come with built-in bandwidth limiting features, but what if you want to directly configure a bandwidth limit on your router?

Don’t worry, this guide is perfect for you. I’m not only going to show you how to configure bandwidth control on your TP-Link router but also share with you everything there is to know about bandwidth control.

So without further ado, let’s get right into the guide.

When Should You Control Bandwidth Usage?

It depends on which types of devices you are using. This is because there are specific kinds of hardware like Routers where you have to rely on the bandwidth control phenomenon. If you are using tools that transmit and collect a huge amount of data on your network.

In this scenario, the role of the bandwidth monitoring approach becomes crucial. When you are surfing or using cloud storage services, the said tactics turns out to be a go-to choice.

Why Do We Need Bandwidth Control?

If you are using a normal home network, you need to use the bandwidth variation technique. As a result, you are able to overcome the bandwidth sharing issue to the next level. There are different computer systems that use high bandwidth programs such as P2P software and so on.


Therefore, you need to capitalize on the bandwidth control software to negotiate bandwidth-throttling concerns accordingly.  In addition, you can control your bandwidth usage on your network from anywhere stress-free.

If you want to know how to prioritize your bandwidth usage, you can take a huge benefit from the bandwidth regulator approach. Interestingly, you can attain different advantages by adopting the aforementioned tactic.

Here is the list of various benefits you can obtain after using bandwidth management or bandwidth monitoring tools. The list consists of:

  • Users can avail software like Intermapper that helps you to monitor your network bandwidth
  • Users can improve the performance of their networks significantly through the bandwidth control method
  • You can overcome connectivity issues, performance bottlenecks, and others straightaway

If you need to know how to limit bandwidth on the router per user, you will have to rely on the bandwidth control mechanism.

How to Configure Bandwidth Control on TP-Link Wireless Router?

The task of configuring bandwidth control on a TP-Link wireless router is simple. However, it may take much of your time. Here is how you can do:

  • Open your web browser and write in the address bar
  • You can find the default access given on the bottom label of the product
  • You should provide a username along with a password on the login page then
  • You must click on the Bandwidth Control-Control settings option provided on the left menu

If you are using an ADSL modem, you should select ‘ADSL’ on the line type. If you are having issues while opting for the line type, consult your ISP to choose your line type. Furthermore, you should note that your ISP must provide you the Egress Bandwidth and Ingress Bandwidth (1mbps=1024kbps).

  • You should click Save to secure settings
  • Click Bandwidth Control>Rules List to configure bandwidth monitoring or regulation on your device
  • Click add new to include a new rule

Note: when you configure a single IP address, your computer system will become independent given bandwidth. Likewise, if you configure the IP address range, all the systems will share the given bandwidth available in the range.

You can assume the Port Range as the port arrangement of TCP protocol or UDP protocol. Moreover, you can assume the protocol as the selection between the TCP or UDP protocol. Whereas, Egress bandwidth is the maximum and minimum upload speed through the WAN port.

On the other hand, Ingress Bandwidth is the maximum and minimum download speed through the WAN port. However, you should note that the default number is zero.

  • Now, you can allocate the bandwidth accordingly
  • You may enable the Bandwidth Control option by clicking the save button on Bandwidth control or monitoring settings


Free Software That Limit Bandwidth

When it comes to limiting the network bandwidth hassle-free, you may avail of various free software. Here is the list of software that does not need any subscription at all. Thus, you can avail of these programs to perform the bandwidth limiting or managing activity from anywhere. The list of free software consists of:

  • NetLimiter
  • Free Download Manager
  • uTorrent


NetLimiter is a free bandwidth limiting software you can use to conduct the task of bandwidth control for a month. The bandwidth-monitoring tool is compatible with Windows platforms. Hence, you can set upload/download transfer rate limits too. Thus, you can monitor your internet traffic instantly.


Free Download Manager

Fortunately, you can reduce file downloads by using a free download manager. Furthermore, it will download files for the users automatically that you initiate from your browser. It is also helpful when you want to decrease your bandwidth usage without any fuss.



uTorrent is a free BitTorrent client users can opt to download their preferred torrent files. The said client decreases torrent download bandwidth hassle-free. Moreover, it can organize bandwidth caps that allow you to download your desired torrents at maximum speeds.

You can explore our guide to know about the client’s pros and cons in detail.

ISP Throttling and Bandwidth Control Relationship

Yes, you have read it correctly. There is an interesting correlation between ISP throttling and bandwidth control approaches. Both users and ISPs apply these tactics to overcome network congestion issues to another level.

However, ISPs perform the task of bandwidth throttling to control and monitor their users’ browsing or media streaming activities. By doing so, they are able to influence the net neutrality rights of their subscribers in a negative manner.

Luckily, you can still bypass ISP throttling hassles to improve the performance of your network to new heights.


Bandwidth Control to reduce background bandwidth download speeds in Windows 10

The Windows 10 users anticipate various issues but background downloading bandwidth speed is much prominent. For Windows 10 users’ ease, we have created an extension that will allow you to apply a network bandwidth monitoring tactic.

As a result, you can decrease the bandwidth download speed issues in Windows 10 to a certain extent. Here is the list of steps you should follow:

  • Open Settings>Update and Security
  • Through Windows update, you should explore and click the Advanced options links
  • From Advanced options, you can find the delivery optimization link
  • Once you have explored the delivery optimization link, select the link
  • Through delivery optimization, discover and choose advanced options
  • You can observe a new menu on your screens
  • Click “limit how much bandwidth is used for downloading updates in the background”
  • Click “limit how much bandwidth is used for downloading updates in the foreground”
  • You should drag to your required values to minimize the background downloading bandwidth speed issue

This is how you can avail of another benefit of using the bandwidth control approach on your Windows 10 devices straightaway.


Bandwidth Control Review Reddit

Reddit is one of the most sought platforms that provide neutral and relevant information about bandwidth control or bandwidth throttling notion. Here is the response of one Reddit user suggesting that the users should buy their own modem and router.

By doing so, they can perform the task of bandwidth limiter on their own hassle-free.

Likewise, you can opt for the Asus 600 router if you are a home user to avail of the bandwidth control feature straightaway.

Similarly, there is a user asking about limiting wireless bandwidth speed.

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Bandwidth Control Analysis Twitter

The same goes for the Twitter platform too. You can get realistic responses about network bandwidth issues in a timely manner. Here is the response of one Twitter user that suggests broadband services may control your online activities through the bandwidth control function.

Wrapping Up

We expect you would like our comprehensive guide on the bandwidth control phenomenon. After going through our guide, you can understand the role of your ISPs in the right direction. Moreover, you can explore the relationship between bandwidth usage, internet speed limiter, and ISP throttling issues trouble-free.

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