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Anonymous Browsing – What does it mean?

Even though the term itself is self-explanatory, we will make it further easier for you. Anonymous Browsing differs from the usual browsing activities by hiding your traceable information using online security tools such as proxy servers, VPNs and anonymous web browser Tor.

How do the Websites Track Your Activities?

Before we get on with how the websites track your activities, we must know what tempts them to do so in first place. Why do they keep a check on what you are surfing and what you are looking at? Well, there are a couple of reasons why the websites do so:

  • Some of the websites claim they make it convenient for the users by not letting them fill in the forms again and again.
  • The online security advocates argue that the websites track your data and sell it to third parties to display the ads that fit the description of your surfing and browsing habits.
  • The websites track your location by tracing your IP address to display their customized versions for your geo-location.

Now that we are done with why they do it, let’s focus on how they do it and why there is a dire need of anonymous browsing. Following are some of the techniques that are used by the websites to keep a check on your location and web activities:

  1. IP address:

The most basic way to locate your geo-location is to trace your IP address. Many of the users may not be aware of the fact but every time they visit their favorite website, their IP address is tracked and their geo-location is easily determined.

  1. Cookies

Cookies are small log files that are stored in your computer by certain websites.  The cookies help the websites keep the settings and your login details saved. For example, if you are using your online banking, you will not have to enter the login details, the website will automatically fill in the details.

  1. User Agent

Your browser sends user agents every time you connect to a website. The user agents give away the details of your browser, operating software and other information which is then used to display the ads based on your browsing activities.

How to Browse Anonymously?

There are two methods with which the users can enjoy the anonymous browsing. We’ll start with explaining a bit about the VPN services and how they can help you achieve supreme anonymity over the internet.

The Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) work through encryption and security protocols to keep your data safe and protected and replace your IP address with one of their own to ensure the websites do not trace your actual geo-location and do not track your web activities.

We have compiled a whole list of VPN services that ensure anonymous browsing and some of them go even as far as to provide you with Stealth Browser – a web browser designed specifically to ensure your private browsing is safe. Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the top VPN services that are used to browse anonymously.

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Anonymous Browsing Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome as your web browser, you can make use of some easy tricks to make your browsing safe. When you set up Google Chrome on your device, sign up for a separate Gmail account and keep it for the sole purpose of browsing. If you are using your own email address to sign in with Google Chrome then always ensure to sign out once your browsing is completed.

To keep Google away from your browser history, press Ctrl+Shift+N together, it will open up Google Incognito which is made for private browsing. It does not record your browsing history and lets you browse whatever you want without keeping a trace of your activities. Google Chrome, however, does not hide your activity from your ISP and the network administrators.

Anonymous Browsing iPhone

To ensure your browsing history is not recorded, you can make use of the default web browser Safari in iPhones and Mac. The anonymous browsing with Safari can be achieved easily by simply turning on the Private Browsing option in Safari web browsers. You can simply do so by selecting the Privacy option under the Settings of your Safari. But much like Google Chrome, it also makes sure to not to record your browsing history, it does not ensure that you are safe from online spies and hackers.

Anonymous Browsing Android

Just like the private browsing on iPhones and laptops and PCs, there are many private browsers that offer anonymous browsing. Though they do not hide you from the surveillance agencies, they do manage to hide your history and do not let the websites to record and store cookies on your device.


The anonymous browsing is an enigma for many and a necessity for others. If you are looking to hide your history, it is recommended to you to make use of the private browsing option of your web and mobile browsers. But if you are looking to achieve complete anonymity and do not want the spies, hackers and agencies interfere in your web activities, get yourself a VPN service.