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Europeans are cherished by the Data Protection Law namely  “Right to be forgotten “.  Ordered by the Grand Chamber of Europe in the mid of 2014, the law is completely functional now. According to the law, cyber giants including Google is obliged to remove personal information of individuals from internet. The law applies to links, pages, news references and particular information about individuals who don’t wish to share their information on internet.

Although, the law has restored the sovereignty of civil rights of data privacy, but originality of the search-results is a major concern for Europeans. It has made majority of users to think how to access real Google results with no information removed. Read on to know how to access real Google results in Europe.

To Who The Law Applies?

Till now, Google only deleted search results from specific European search engines. This means, if a user from Spain wished his particular information to be deleted, it would only apply to, users could still see deleted results in However, now as a fully functional law, Google has to remove the information entirely from its European search engines. There is no way to access true search results from inside Europe, unless the user uses VPN to mask his location with a foreign server.

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How to Access Real Google Results in Europe

Now if you are located in European territory, you will fall into this restriction. The only way to get around this restriction and access genuine search results is to use a VPN. A VPN comes into play by cloaking your IP address with a foreign server like one in US. This tricks Google to think that you’re located in US, as a result you gain access to genuine and premium search result which are inaccessible in Europe.

The VPN has been very popular in cyber world, as it has been used for a long time to bypass geo-restrictions and unblock streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, HBO, Fox 8, AE TV, MTV and many more. So far VPN is the most suitable and cost effective solution to get premium search results.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About EU Data Protection Law

For your reference we have gathered ten most important and interesting facts  about the European Right To Be Forgotten Law.

  • In order to delete particular information, it must be “Inadequate, irrelevant or excessive”. If it doesn’t comply within mentioned categories, the results won’t be deleted.
  • Not all candidates will be able to take advantage of this law. An expert advisory committee will analyze the legitimacy of request and take decision respectively.
  • No specific deadline is provided to applicant. The request can take months to years due to large number of applicants.
  • The Data Protection Law is only applicable to European citizens.
  • The removal of results are limited to Google’s European search engines. This means that removed results are still available to see in rest of the countries including US, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Asian countries.
  • Data Protection Law applies only to individuals. This means business, corporate, industries and organizations are ineligible to apply under this law.
  • The law is applicable to unique name of a person. Unfortunately results with nicknames won’t be removed.
  • Only Google has responded in favor of the law. This means Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu and Ask still hold results.
  • Although, the results will be deleted from internet. But they will be still kept in archive “”.
  • Even though the results are deleted, but you can see at the bottom of the search page that it had results removed. Like following:

Access Real Google Results In Europe


European Data Protection Law has provided users with essential data privacy rights, yet it concerns large number of users, as powerful politicians, millionaires and business tycoons may use Data Protection Law in their favor. However, majority of users are left behind in frustration due to unavailability of results. But, smart one’s are using VPN to evade restrictions and safely access genuine Google results. A VPN is the most safe and affordable solution to access real Google results in Europe.