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The best digital distribution store Google Play Japan can now be accessed from anywhere outside of Japan. For years, geo-restrictions have been stopping netizens from downloading leading Japanese apps on their Android devices.

But this guide will show you how to install Japanese apps on your Android device by accessing Google Play Store Japan from anywhere.

Ready to get the best apps from Google Play Japan in 3 simple steps?

Step 1: How to Access Google Play Japan

Interestingly, Google Play Japan offers exclusive apps such as eAmusement, Gitadore, and Taiko no Tatsujin which are popular among smartphone geeks around the world. Now, if you want to get these apps on your Android phone or tablet, then you must have a Japanese Google Play account.

But, before you create a Japanese Google Play account, you need to spoof your location to Japan. For that, following best VPN services will allow you to switch your digital location to Japan within few seconds. In this way,  you will be able to access Google Play Japan from anywhere in the world freely:

VPN ProvidersPrice ($)Special DealsMore Info
Overall Best VPN
$2.91 Per Month
Fastest VPN Service
$1.99 Per Month
Best for Geo-Unblocking
$3.49 Per Month
70% Off
3 Year Plan
Best for Streaming
$8.32 Per Month
Best for Private Browsing
$2.75 Per Month
79% Off
3 Year Deal


Step 2: How To Make A Japanese Google Play Account

Now that you know about the best Japanese VPN services, you’re all set to install popular Japanese apps on your phone. Here’s how to access Google Play Japan:

  • Select from one of the best Japanese VPN (mentioned above)
  • Go to official site of selected VPN provider & make an account over there
  • Choose a suitable payment method and make payment
  • Next, download & install VPN software on your device
  • Enter your username & password to login
  • When logged in, go to server list, select country as Japan and hit connect!
  • Upon successful connection, signup for a Google account here, and make sure to choose your location as Japan

Google Play Japan

In this way, you will be able to make a Google Play Store Japan account within a matter of few minutes.

Step 3: How To Install Japanese Apps

When you have successfully created a Japanese Google Play account, you’re ready to install tons of traditional applications from Google Play Japan. Here’s how to install Japanese apps on your Android device:

  • Access settings of your Android phone
  • Scroll to Manage applications and hit enter
  • Find Google Play, tap on it and select clear data & clear cache


  • Now, go back to menu, find and launch Google Play
  • Next, sign in using the freshly created Japanese Google Play account
  • As soon as you sign in, you will be able to install Japanese apps from Google Play Store Japan hassle free

Google Play Japan

Final Words

Google Play stands among world’s largest smartphone application store. Having over 1.9 million applications and more than 50 billion downloads to date, Google Play is the prime preference among Android enthusiasts. But with the geo-restrictions imposed on popular Japanese apps outside Japan, fans become unable to get their favorite apps in different regions.

But this guide shows you how to make a Japanese Google play account instantly without any restrictions. After reading this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to access the Japanese Google Play Store immediately from anywhere in the world.

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