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Twitter has turned out to be one of the most sought platforms in no time. It has followers from all around the world and this fan following is not limited to private users only. You can find media celebrities, organizations, and multinational brands those who opt this amazing forum to improve their marketing efforts next level.

However, coming right on the heels of devastating Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal, few users are contemplating to eschew social media. That said, it is not a viable solution at all. Therefore, you had better improve your Twitter Account by following the below mentioned tips.

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Allow me to share my views about how you can enhance your Twitter Account privacy in 2019 with you and rest of the world.

Develop and use a strong password

You cannot undermine the importance of using a strong and unique password when it comes to protecting your Twitter accounts. Likewise, you should not recycle your passwords repeatedly. When you do this activity on a regular basis, chances are that hackers may guess your passwords quite easily.

Therefore, you should include upper and lower case characters. You can also add special numbers, and symbols to make your passwords unrecognizable.


Use login verification

You can assume login verification as two-factor authentication.  When you take such security measure, you are able to add second layer of protection to your Twitter accounts. This process compels you to enter another passcode whenever you are trying to access your account from a new device.


Here is the list of steps you can follow to setup login verification:

  • Login to your Twitter account
  • Click on user photo then go to settings through drop down menu
  • You should click on Security and Privacy from left menu
  • Enable login verification

You can create an app password through login verification process. Hence, you can use the said password to access different devices and apps that need Twitter credentials. Conversely, if you lose your mobile phone or unable to use your mobile network, you can still receive a backup code.

By doing so, you can access to your Twitter account hassle-free.

Do not provide your personal information and share your location

Unfortunately, Twitter works like a public network therefore you should use the forum carefully. Whatever you tweet from your account; anyone can see and keep an eye on your Twitter activities.  There is no harm if you change your account settings to private, as competitors will not be able to monitor your activities if you use the account for professional purpose.

You can protect your tweets by following the below mentioned steps:

  • After logging in to your Twitter account, click on your user photo
  • Through settings, you should click on Security and Privacy option
  • From Tweet privacy option, check “Protect my Tweets”

This way, you can secure your tweets from the eyes of unwanted people on Twitter.

Secure yourself from phishing attacks

Sadly, email phishing attacks are still on the higher side. Cyber goons create email forms and websites to retrieve personal information of the users. Moreover, online hackers can use different ways like private messages or sometimes replies to conduct phishing attempts.

Use a specialized security solution against spyware threats

You have to secure your privacy from spyware threats while using your Twitter account. Thus, you must use specialized privacy software like Malwarebytes, Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware and so on to improve your Twitter accounts protection next level.

Evaluate apps those access your Twitter account

Third party apps can also hamper your online privacy a great deal. Yes, you have read that correctly. If you allow different apps to access to your Twitter data, they can take control of your data to another level. As a result, the official authorities can suspend your account.

Hence, you should only enable trustworthy apps to connect to your account. Furthermore, you should avoid installing apps those promise to add free followers to your Twitter profile.

Here is the list of steps you should follow to check which apps have permissions to your Twitter account:

  • Access to your Twitter account and click on your user image
  • Select settings and click apps from the left menu
  • You can take necessary steps to revoke or give access


Update your apps on a regular basis

In order to safeguard your privacy on Twitter account, you must update all your vulnerable apps on a regular basis. This is because if you do not update your apps on timely basis, cyber crooks may take advantage of various vulnerabilities from your systems.

Avail VPN IP address to hide your actual IP address

When you want to enhance your Twitter account security as per your own terms, nothing comes close to VPN. This amazing online privacy tool hides your actual IP address with the help of VPN servers’ IP address.

This way, you can spoof your online locations. Moreover, you can access to your Twitter accounts securely and anonymously from anywhere.


Protect your web browsers

Before using your twitter accounts, you must take precautionary measures to improve your online protection. Surprisingly, internet browsers have become safe havens for online hackers as they can access to users information hassle-free.

Keep an Eye on Your Dashboard

Twitter comes with an outstanding feature called “The Data Dashboard”. It provides you valuable information about how many times your account is logged in by a certain device.

Go incognito

Twitter gives you the choice to go undiscoverable. Once this feature is activated, people will not be able to search you with your email ID. Likewise, your employer will also be unable to discover you on twitter with your email ID.  Simply go to Privacy Settings and uncheck “Discoverability” and you are done.

Always log out from your Twitter account after using

In the last but not the least, you should log out from your Twitter account after using the platform from any device. When you are done with your Twitter activity, you must clear all your browsing data from the app instantly.

You can delete your Twitter account as well using this guide.


Wrapping Up

When any network becomes famous, online snoopers also become active. It means they can target the network users to gain access to users’ crucial data without any fuss. However, you should not lose all your hopes if you are want to use your Twitter accounts securely.

All you have to do is to follow the above-described suggestions that make your accounts anonymous and secure from the vicious eyes of unwanted people.

Feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below.