Blamo Repo Kodi – How to Install Blamo Repository on Kodi

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Blamo Repository keeps coming with a latest Kodi add-on that eventually becomes a trending topic. All top of the list Kodi addons whether it be Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports, or Kids Entertainment, you will find it in Blamo Repo Kodi. None Kodi compares to the diversity of add-ons as found in Blamo.

Here in this guide we discuss detailed steps on Blamo Repository on Kodi. But before you install this repository, be sure to get Kodi VPN as it keeps your online identity anonymous while streaming Free Movies and TV Shows. Also, view our Kodi guide to learn everything about this amazing software.

How to Install Blamo Repo Kodi on Krypton Version 17.6

Step 1: Launch Kodi on your system > On the top menu, click on Settings icon


Step 2: Tap on the File Manager option > Scroll down and double click on Add Source


Step 3: Tap ‘None’ > Type Blamo Repo URL > Click OK


Step 4: Name the repository as ‘Blamo Repo’ > Now click OK to save the URL


Step 5: Return to Kodi Home Screen > Go to Add-ons section > Then select Box icon at the top


Step 6: Click on Install from Zip File > When the windows open, select Blamo Repo


Step 7: Now tap on > Wait for the repository to install


Step 8: Go to Install from Repository > Now find and select Blamo Repo from the list > Choose any add-on and install


How to Install Blamo Repo Kodi on Jarvis Version 16.1

Step 1: Open Kodi Jarvis > On the front menu, click on System

Step 2: Click on File Manager > Double tap on Add Source

Step 3: Tap on ‘None’ option > Paste the URL > Press Done

Step 4: Type the name of repository i.e. Blamo Repo > Press Done > Then select OK

Step 5: Roll back to Kodi Main Menu

Step 6: Select System option > Then Add-ons menu

Step 7: Go on to click Install from Zip File > Then tap on Blamo Repo from the list

Step 8: Select > Wait until the repository is installed

Step 9: Once installed, go to Install from Repository > Click on Blamo Repo

Step 10: Now choose from the list of add-ons

Directly Download Blamo Repo Kodi

Step 1: First you are required to download Blamo Repo Zip File and save it on your system

Step 2: Open Kodi > Go on to click Add-ons section at the left panel

Step 3: Select Box icon at the top > Now tap on Install from Zip File

Step 4: Navigate and Upload the downloaded Zip File i.e.

Step 5: Now wait for the zip file to install

Step 6: Go to Install from Repository > Then select Blamo Repo

How to Install Blamo Repo Kodi on FireStick

Step 1: First you are required to install Kodi on FireStick

Step 2: Go back to FireStick Home > Click on Settings option

Step 3: Tap on Applications menu > Select Manage Installed Applications

Step 4: Now click on Kodi

Step 5: Once Kodi is opened, follow the steps as mentioned in the above guide for Kodi Krypton and Jarvis.

Blamo Repo Not Working/Errors/Issues

Problem 1: Could Not Connect to Repository

This error may occur due to a mistake of inserting a wrong Repository URL. This error may also occur if your internet connection is not working. To connect to a URL, you need to connect to the internet.


To fix above-mentioned error, follow the steps below:

  • Re-check Repository URL
  • Connect to the internet
  • Make sure you have inserted slash (/) at the end of a URL
  • See if there are no spaces after you insert slash (/)

Problem 2: Check Log Error

Check log error occurs because of two reasons. First, the repository that you may be trying to install has either shut down, or is on the update mode. Second, you require a VPN to access its content. However, a VPN is only required to hide you online identity when you’re streaming copyright content or accessing Live TV channels that are geo-restricted.


There are also two ways to fix this problem. First, check whether the Blamo Repository URL is working alright. To do that, you need to insert the URL on a web browser and see if it open the page. If it does not, then probably the repository has shutdown. You could also wait for a few hours to see if Blamo Repo Kodi is back live. This may be due to an update pushed by Blamo Repository developers.

Blamo Repo Kodi Reviews

Blamo Repo Kodi absolutely ranks as the best Kodi repository after Kodil Repo. But since Kodil repository is down, that simply brings Blamo Repo currently at the top of the list.

If you happen not to find any Kodi add-on that has been updated to the repository recently, then you must need to re-install Blamo Repo Kodi. All your worries would end.

Blamo Repo Kodi Alternatives

Following are the alternatives for Blamo Repo:

The Wrap Up

Blamo Repo Kodi has made it to the top of the list of best Kodi repository because of its consistency to bring best Kodi add-ons to the plate. It has assigned developers that comes up with all kinds of add-ons i.e. Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports, and Live TV. This guide explains all you need to know on how to install Blamo Repository on Kodi.

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