BlackVPN Review – Evaluating Prices, Packages & Pitfalls

The Need for a VPN

We live in an era of privacy and security victimization. We may find a cyber-goon at every corner of this digital universe – waiting for an opportune moment to strike. As per the revelations of Edward Snowden (The Whistleblower), many vigilant agencies like the NSA and GCHQ are seeking our online traces. analyzes each VPN provider in order to bring forth the best VPN for you to choose from.

Every move we make online is watched and monitored via sophisticated surveillance program. Not only this, our privacy is vulnerable than ever before as many tech giants have been allegedly working with the aforementioned agencies.

Thank God! We have a VPN to preserve whatever security and privacy we are left with. For those who don’t know, VPN is a technology that securely transmits your data via sophisticated encryption levels – making it invulnerable to unauthorized access or online surveillance. So, it is high time to act and get yourself equipped with a VPN, if you haven’t one connected yet.


Buying a VPN

Buying a VPN can be a hassle sometimes. You may find hundreds of VPN service providers with resembling package plans trading in the industry. When you are dealing with a sophisticated technology like VPN, you must conduct a thorough research before making your purchase decision.

It can be hard to research hundreds of VPN service providers and choosing the best, and to choose a package plan that best serve your needs. Don’t worry! We are here to help you in this regard. Twice a week, we review a VPN service provider from the industry. The purpose of the review is to assist our readers with their purchase decision.

Today, we will review BlackVPN – one of the growing service providers in the VPN industry. For more details about BlackVPN, check later sections of this review.


BlackVPN Package Plans and Pricing

Packages and pricing of a VPN service provider are two most valuable characteristics that a buyer should be interested in. Price offered by a VPN service provider gives you an idea whether the service provider fall within your budget. Moreover, package plans target the basic needs of customer to use a VPN.

BlackVPN has smartly categorized and presented the package plans offered. BlackVPN has directly targeted different market segments in the VPN industry based on their needs and preferences to use VPN. The packages offered by BlackVPN are enlisted below:

  • Best Deal
  • Single Server VPN
  • Privacy Package Plan
  • TV Package Plan
  • Global VPN Package Plan
  • DD-WRT Routers Package

Best Deal

BlackVPN offers four different VPN packages, but the Best Deal is for readers (yes, you!) brings you a 50% discount on BlackVPN’s 1 month Global Package subscription.
This means you get a 1 month subscription for €4.75, which is the cheapest BlackVPN subscription you will find on the internet.

Black vpn


Single Server VPN

BlackVPN offers four different VPN package

BlackVPN offers Single Server package plan to those who wish to seek content from a specific country. There are few people who buy a VPN just to bypass geo-restrictions and cope with censorship concerns.

You might be thinking about proxy as an alternative – I know. These people aren’t stupid. They know that they can bypass geo-restrictions with a proxy. But they are also aware of privacy and security concerns accompanying the use of proxy.

So, it is better to pay some bugs for a VPN than just relying on free proxy versions; because, proxy opens different portals for unauthorized assaults and makes your security vulnerable. With BlackVPN’s Single Server package pla8hn, you can choose any server you wish to connect from many provided by the service provider. There are three sub-packages that you can choose.

  • 1 month Single Server plan for €5
  • 3 months Single Server plan for €13
  • 12 months Single Server plan for €49


Privacy Package Plan

This plan is offered for those who are conscious about their privacy. BlackVPN promises absolute anonymity 100% privacy with this package plan. Safeguard your privacy and security with BlackVPN’s privacy plan powered by PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN protocol support. There are three pricing plans offered in this category.

  • 1 Month Privacy Package Plan for €5
  • 3 Months Privacy Package Plan for €13
  • 12 Months Privacy Package Plan for  €49


TV Package Plan

This package plan is offered for those who wish to access content from US, UK and Canada. With BlackVPN’s TV Plan, you can easily unblock Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, Vudu, 4oD, SyFy, Showcase, Spotify and many more.

You can enjoy unlimited sharing and download with BlackVPN’s TV plan as there are no bandwidth restrictions. More details about BlackVPN’s TV plan are given below.

  • 1 Month TV Package Plan for €7.50
  • 3 Months TV Package Plan for €20
  • 12 Months TV Package Plan for €75


Global VPN Package Plan

With Global VPN Package Plan, you can access all servers installed by BlackVPN in different geographic locations: US, UK, Netherlands, Russia, Canada, Panama, Switzerland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Singapore, Estonia and Luxembourg. More details about Global VPN Package Plan are given below.

  • 1 Month Global VPN Package Plan for €4.75 Instead of €9.50
  • 3 Months Global VPN Package Plan for €27
  • 12 Months Global VPN Package Plan for €99


DD-WRT Routers Package

BlackVPN provides DD-WRT Routers Package Plan for those who want optimal security and privacy without any hassle of connecting the software on PC. With this package plan, you can configure BlackVPN on your DD-WRT router and secure your WiFi network.

With this package plan, you can connect any device you want, without any hassle of separately configuring or installing VPN client. More details about this package plan are given below.

  • TV Router from €124
  • Privacy Router from €124
  • Global Router from €149
  • Single VPN Router from €99

BlackVPN Routers Package

BlackVPN Servers

Availability of servers is an important factor that derives most purchase decisions. Customers always prefer VPNs with diversely scattered server network. BlackVPN offers different servers to choose from.

With BlackVPN’s geographically scattered server network, you can bypass all restrictions and cope with censorship concerns easily. You might have heard of growing trend of censorship in Turkey. Nevertheless, Turkey isn’t the only country that has become a victim of censorship.

With BlackVPN’s server network, you can enjoy your online liberty despite of the rigid censorship regulations implemented by your country.  BlackVPN has its servers installed in: US, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Panama, Estonia, Canada, Russia, Lithuania, Singapore, Luxembourg and Ukraine.


Protocols and Encryption

Protocols and encryption levels supported by a VPN service provider are the key factors that guarantee your privacy and security. The protocols supported by a VPN service provider serve as the prerequisites in forming a secure tunnel.

The encryption levels supported by the VPN serve as a backup plan. Encrypted data wouldn’t be of much use to the hacker after network security infiltration. BlackVPN supports PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol), L2TP/IPSec (Layer-to-Tunneling Protocol) and OpenVPN. Furthermore, BlackVPN provides up to 256bit encryption to ensure data security.



Device compatibility is one of the important aspects to look for. When you purchase a VPN, you don’t pay handsome amount just to secure a single device. Therefore, a highly recommendable VPN is the one that is compatible with different devices.

BlackVPN offers device compatibility as you can connect the VPN on your PC, Mac, Linux and iPad along with other iOS and Android supported devices. In addition, you can configure BlackVPN easily on your DD-WRT router to liberate your Internet and breakthrough all geo-restrictions.

BlackVPN Compatibility

Customer Support

Most of the VPN service providers trading in the industry claim to offer 24/7 live customer support; however, they’re unavailable especially at times when you need them the most. BlackVPN, on the other hand, doesn’t offer live customer support; but, there response is quite prompt to your query.

BlackVPN Support

Most of the readers would still consider it as a drawback because live customer and tech support is essential especially when you have to deal with a sophisticated technology like a VPN. Hence, addition of this feature is highly recommended to BlackVPN.

BlackVPN Support Center

Payment Methods

Diversity in payment options is important for potential clients; because, everyone wishes to pay for his/her desired services as per convenience. Variety of payment options offered by a VPN service provider facilitates the transaction process and eventually the purchase decision.

BlackVPN offers three different payment options to choose from. While carrying out your transaction with BlackVPN, you can either pay via PayPal, Credit/Debit Card or Bitcoin – which is the most secure method as it keeps your identity discrete. So, those who wish to use a VPN for anonymity – BlackVPN has a special payment method just for you.

BlackVPN Payment Options

Speed Test – BlackVPN

In order to evaluate BlackVPN’s performance and excellence in terms of internet speed, we conducted some speed tests. The purpose of speed tests was to evaluate BlackVPN’s effect on internet speed.

To evaluate BlackVPN’s effect on internet speed, we conducted two speed tests. One test was conducted before, and the other after BlackVPN was connected. The snapshots of the speed tests are given below.

We will evaluate BlackVPN’s performance based on three factors: ping, download speed and upload speed. Before connecting BlackVPN, ping was 12ms; download speed was 4.77Mbps and upload speed was 0.47Mbps.

Before BlackVPN Speed Test

After connecting Black VPN’s UK server, ping increased to 170ms; download speed dropped to 1.14Mbps and upload speed decreased to 0.33Mbps.

After BlackVPN Speed Test

When you connect a VP N on your device, the decline in internet speed is inevitable. This is the cost you will have to pay for privacy, security and anonymity. Hence, it can be deduced that BlackVPN’s performance is good as its effect on internet speed is acceptable.


BlackVPN Software and Tutorials Provided

BlackVPN provides FREE and easy to use OpenVPN software. The software is compatible with different devices and easy to install. You can connect any server affiliated with BlackVPN using this software. In addition, BlackVPN also provides detailed and informative tutorials for manual configuration.

The devices on which BlackVPN’s software cannot be installed such as DD-WRT router, BlackVPN’s tutorials come in handy to configure the VPN. The tutorials prescribe step-by-step, easy VPN configuration process even for the first timers.


Log and Privacy Policy

BlackVPN has a clear log and privacy policy. The good news is – BlackVPN doesn’t maintain logs or monitor your online activities. As prescribed on their website, BlackVPN NEVER maintains logs of your IP, online activities, email address or any payment record from your side.

Nevertheless, BlackVPN is entitled to take necessary action when needed especially if you are using its services for spamming, hacking or other unethical and illegal activities.

BlackVPN Log and Privacy Policy

Free Trial

BlacVPN doesn’t offer a FREE trial but they offer 14 days money back warranty instead. I know most of you are fascinated with the FREE word. However, 14 days money back warranty seems an adequate replacement.



BlackVPN is one of the growing service providers in the VPN industry. With its smartly categorized package plans, BlackVPN has acquired significant portion of market share. In addition, BlackVPN’s value added benefits and service quality are the key success factors for which the customers just keep coming.

There are different uses of a VPN but mainly it is used to ensure privacy and online security. BlackVPN supports different protocols such as PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN to fulfill your security needs. Not only this, BlackVPN also has other package plans to satisfy your divergent preferences other than security.

BlackVPN is compatible with different devices. Furthermore, its effect on actual internet speed is acceptable. It offers easy to use OpenVPN software along with detailed tutorials for manual configuration. With 14 days money back warranty, BlackVPN is definitely a good VPN alternative to consider.

Black vpn

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