5 Best VPNs for Google Chrome and Chromium

If you like the way Google Chrome works, you’re going to LOVE Chromium!

Chromium is the spearhead of Google’s research and development project for Google Chrome. In 2008, Google released the Google Chrome source code under the Chromium umbrella, in an attempt to let Chrome users contribute to the development of a better and more reliable browsing platform.

But always remember that Chromium was not designed to ensure online security. It has a very strong booting and system recovery process but none of that contributes to ensuring end-to-end internet security when you are surfing the internet.

The silver lining about using VPN to secure your Chromium browser is that it can also be used on other browsers including Google Chrome itself.

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Vulnerabilities in Chromium

Threats from Hackers & Cybercriminals

These days, it doesn’t matter what browser you are using, you need to be very careful with your internet security and online anonymity. Cyberspace is swarming with hackers and crackers. There is a teenager with a WiFi hacking program sitting in every single coffee shop, waiting for somebody with an unencrypted connection to log on.


Unavoidable Weaknesses

Chromium’s initial popularity was based on the fact that it allowed people to use all the features of Chrome without having to submit to the usage policies of Google. This meant more privacy than that which Google Chrome was ever able to provide. However, this does not mean that Chromium ensures complete anonymity!

Chromium is a web interface, and is therefore susceptible to the same vulnerabilities that you can expect to be exposed to, when using any other software such as Firefox, Opera or (God forbid!) Internet Explorer.



Unfortunately for Chromium users, it doesn’t matter if you are using Chromium (or any other browser for that matter) – you still won’t be able to access geo-restricted websites. Chromium might be the supersonic jet of the browser world, but it still can’t take you to regions that are restricted.


Securing Google Chromium & Chrome

Ensuring Anonymity: IP address Cloaking for Google Chromium

Activate a VPN to hide your primary IP address behind a secondary IP address. The secondary IP address can be from a country of your choice, giving you virtual mobility and untraceable anonymity.

Usually VPN services offer a wide variety of servers spread out in different countries. This can range from having 100 servers in around 5 countries to having 300+ servers in over 50 countries around the world.


Ensuring Freedom: Bypassing Geo-Restrictions

The only way to bypass geo-restrictions on Chromium is to cloak your IP address with a VPN. Activating a VPN on your OS will send your data through a VPN server located in the location of your choice. The trick to unblock websites on Chromium is to activate your VPN by connecting to a VPN server in a country where the geo-restricted website is accessible.

So if you want to unblock and access BBC iPlayer from your Chromium browser and is restricted because the BBC iPlayer website only works for people in the UK, selecting a VPN server located in the UK will allow you to unblock the website on Chromium.


Ensuring Security: Using VPN to Secure Chromium Traffic

Activating a VPN on Google Chrome will help you encrypt and tunnel your data. It is recommended that you use a VPN every time you connect to a public WiFi HotSpot. This will give you your personal lane on the internet highway, and make it impossible for hackers and crackers to penetrate your data stream.

In a scenario where the NSA is breathing down everybody’s throat and cybercriminals in Mexico are kidnapping computer programmers to help them hack into victims’ bank/email accounts, the only sensible and viable thing to do is to take your privacy into your own hands.


Ensuring All-in-One Security Coverage

Google’s dream has come true and Chromium has evolved to take on the form of a popular web browser that has all the power of Google Chrome’s source code and all the tweaks that Netizens desire. As a result, Chromium is now recognized as one of the world’s most reliable and minimalist web interface.

However, there is a need to understand that every code that is written by man can be hacked (and eventually exploited) by man as well. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that security measures are implemented at the grass root level. The VPN is one such measure and is just as popular amongst online privacy advocates, as Google Chrome and Chromium are amongst the hyper-connected Netizens of today.

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