Best VPNs for Chile for Privacy & Streaming Services

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Quick Look at the Facts

  • Chile’s current population is 17.8 million as of the last census.
  • Around 66.7% of the population was using the internet in 2014. The number is expected to further increase to 70.5% in 2015.
  • 91% of Chileans use mobile phones for communication.
  • 39% of Chileans have smartphones and remain vulnerable to all hack attacks.
  • Chile was the first country to implement the Net Neutrality legislation in the world.


Best VPNs for Chile

Due to increasing restrictions and strict monitoring of the user activities, we advise our readers to protect their devices and their online identities with VPNs designed to work best in Chile. The VPNs keep them safe and shields them against the cyber goons and ISPs who are always trying to find their ways to sneak into your devices.

We have selected some of the best VPN providers that do not only work best in Chile but also have VPN servers operating in Chile. If you are concerned about your online privacy and want unrestricted access so you can talk about ANYTHING on social media, make sure you are connected with a Chile VPN.

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Limitations of Using the Internet in Chile

The net neutrality legislation is already in place in Chile. So, there is “supposed” to be no restriction on the internet contents over there. At least, that’s what many of us would say or think. But just how exactly is the Chilean government treating its citizens when it comes to the internet?

You guessed it right. Chile’s internet freedom is as good as China’s. Yup, despite the net neutrality, the freedom of expression is not found in Chile. Rodrigo Ferrari, a blogger, might be serving a good amount of time in prison just because he was running a parody account of Andronico Luksic, a wealthy Chilean businessman, on Twitter.

Theoretically, everything on internet is treated fairly in Chile. Practically, everything is not. Chile has stated very clearly that it will take down anything that does not comply with its moral or principle policies. If the net neutrality were well and truly in place in Chile, there would not be any limitations on freedom of speech and freedom of expression over there.

While reviewing the cyber laws in Chile, we found many users complaining about their inability to access some torrenting and P2P websites. Chile has clearly defined in its policies that the ISPs are ordered to pass on the details of the users who are involved in copyrights infringement.


Stream the TV Shows and Movies with VPN for Chile

There is a lighter side of the VPNs in Chile as well. If you are a streaming fan and want to get access to the latest TV shows and movies on Netflix and other streaming websites, you can use the VPN with US server in Chile, it will give you exclusive access to not only Netflix but other TV channels as well.

You are able to stream the shows and movies at much faster speeds due to unlimited bandwidth and 99.99% uptime provided by almost all the VPN service providers. You can easily get into the library of Netflix and other renowned streaming services even if you are trying to access it from Chile!


Get rid of all Shady Snoopers, Malware and ISPs

For those who are concerned about their online privacy: If you are worried about snoopers and hackers trying to get your info from your personal PCs, laptops, smartphones or social networking websites, we advise you to not only install anti-virus but also to get a Chilean VPN service.

The VPNs for Chile come in handy when it comes to fending off the threats of cybercriminals on the internet. Apart from providing you the anonymity on the internet, the VPNs also keep you safe and make sure all your online banking, and browsing are safe from the monitoring of ISPs.


Chilean Smartphone Users Vulnerable to Threats

Before writing this post, we researched and found out that almost 40% of the Chileans use smartphones and almost 71% of the total population uses the internet. It becomes very important to mention here that the recent hack attacks on Sony, Apple and bugs in Android have left many wondering if they are really protected on the internet?

Even though, the Chileans are safe from such attacks on smartphones as of now, but there is absolutely no guarantee that the attacks won’t take place in the future.



Chile might appear to be an internet friendly country on paper, but their cyber policies are absolutely dreadful when it comes to the internet.

Only the case of Rodrigo Ferrari made headlines but who knows how many Ferraris are being scrutinized and penalized for projecting their emotions and expressions freely on the social media. It is high time, that the Chilean users get a VPN for Chile for themselves.

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