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Whether you’re located in Chiayi, most commonly referred to as ‘Peach City’ or present in the beautiful city ‘Taitung’ that faces the ocean, your online security matters. A rise in the number of cyber-attacks in Taiwan has gradually increased according to the Taiwan Times, wanting us to keep our online security private.

That leaves us asking, do we have online security that’s suitable to the online threats we face over the internet? Not likely!

People living in and outside of Taiwan needs to have a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that keeps your online privacy protected. This guide mentions Taiwan VPN and the benefits it has over the people of Taiwan regarding online privacy and security.

Why You Need Taiwan IP address

Many would wonder why would they need to change their Taiwan IP address? You see, IP address can determine your present location. When you are using the internet, your ISP knows exactly where you’re accessing the internet.

Spoofing your IP address and getting an IP address of a VPN provider from another country can change things dramatically. We tell you exactly why you need to get Taiwan IP:

  • Prevent your ISP from knowing your current location
  • Unblock website and apps that are available In Taiwan
  • Playing Taiwan games from abroad
  • Access streaming websites from around the world
  • Protecting your online privacy

If you are looking a VPN for breaking the Great Firewall of China, a Continental VPN or an Over the Wall VPN might help you.

How to Choose Best VPN for Taiwan

By now it must be clear that a VPN is an absolute necessity for Taiwan. But, how do you actually go about choosing the best VPN for Taiwan?

Since it can be rather complicated to filter out VPNs according to your needs, I’ve taken the liberty to create a super versatile checklist for easy selection.

Here’s what you should keep in mind:

Fast Speeds:

Let’s be honest for a second, no one likes sluggish internet speeds right? Even though VPNs are known to take a toll on your internet connection, there are few reliable VPNs out there that don’t drastically degrade internet performance.

So it’s really important to perform speed tests from time to time to verify whether your VPN is slowing down your internet connection or not. If you do find yourself experiencing slow speeds, avail the money back guarantee and move on.

Large Selection of Bare Metal Servers:

One of the most depressing things about the internet is geo restrictions. Due to online censorships, a lot of content that is accessible in one country, might not be available in others.

Take for example Hulu. You can access the service if you have an American IP address. In order to bypass region locks, you’ll need a VPN with global server coverage.

On a side note, you must make sure your VPN provider doesn’t use virtual servers locations and only offers bare metal physical servers.

Robust Security & Logging Policy:

A VPN is meant to keep your private data secure. By utilizing powerful encryption, VPN providers can ensure total anonymity from the 5 eyes and anyone looking to violate your privacy.

Pro tip: Make sure your VPN provider offers military-grade encryption and secure protocols like OpenVPN.

Lastly, make sure your VPN provider offers a true no data logging policy. That way, your internet activities can’t be traced back to you.

Polished Apps & Excellent Compatibility:

What good is a VPN app if it’s unreliable? Similarly, a VPN is pretty much useless if it’s not compatible with your device.

Since you’ll be interacting with the VPN app quite frequently, you make sure that it is compatible on multiple platforms and offer a smooth lag free experience.

With key pointers in mind, you should have no trouble finding the perfect VPN.

FYI, the VPNs mentioned in this blog actually adhere to the above-mentioned criteria and are one of the very best VPNs to be used in Taiwan.

Internet Threats – Why Taiwanese People Need A VPN

With around 20.82 million people having access to the internet in Taiwan, cases of cyber-attacks in the country are not uncommon.


Number of internet users in selected countries in the Asia-Pacific region as of January 2019, by country (in millions)

According to the global statistics of countries most affected by banking Trojans and PoS/ATM malware in 2017, the victimization rate of Taiwan was found to be around 2.15%.


Countries most affected by banking Trojans and PoS/ATM malware in 2017

Considering the Asia Pacific is the is the most affected region when it comes to malicious data breaches, the need to opt for a secure and reliable VPN is greater than ever in Taiwan.


The geographic location of malicious data breach victims in 2018, ranked by share of attacks

11 Most Secure Taiwan VPNs Free and Paid of 2019 when tested

Wondering which VPN works in Taiwan?

I tested a total of 40 VPN providers, and those were the best not to mention. They were tested on the primarily on the basis of online encryption, downloading speed, having Taiwan VPN servers, and their ability to access Taiwan’s website and apps from outside of Taiwan. Here is a conclusive list you can find:

1. PureVPN


PureVPN is our preferred choice when getting a perfect Taiwan VPN. It has over 2,000+ servers, amongst which it has a server available in Taipei, Taiwan. With its exclusive ozone-ready servers, you are able to boost your streaming and browsing speed. Most VPNs would decrease your internet speed, but PureVPN makes it easier for users to boost the speed whenever they like.

When it comes to unblocking a website, app, or any other streaming service such as American Netflix from Taiwan, PureVPN manages to perform well. With one account, you can secure 5 different devices and keep your online activity and identity secure.

The Good
  • Ozone-ready servers
  • Server in Taipei, Taiwan
  • 5 multi-logins
  • Easy-to-use apps
  • Unlimited bandwidth
The Bad
  • No free-trial available

2. NordVPN


NordVPN has the strongest VPN encryption in this list of Taiwan VPN. It has a double VPN encryption that keeps your online privacy protected twice. A total of 4,900+ servers in which 11 servers are available in Taiwan alone. This makes it easier for people living outside Taiwan to access websites that could only be available in Taiwan.

With NordVPN, your data remains private because it strictly follows ‘No-logs policy’. Another feature that makes NordVPN our recommended choice is that you enjoy the internet with no restrictions, regardless of where you live. You will witness a better online experience with NordVPN.

The Good
  • Double VPN protection
  • 4,900+ servers in 62 countries
  • 11 servers in Taiwan
  • Automatic kill switch
  • Connects up to 6 devices with 1 account
The Bad
  • Double VPN encryption makes your streaming slow

3. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN has everything that makes it the perfect Taiwan VPN. It has blazing-fast speed when it comes to streaming, 2,000+ servers, and no online restrictions when streaming or downloading anything. It is available in 94 countries including Taiwan where it has 2 servers located. These servers can allow Taiwan expats to watch their favorite content even from outside their country.

It has unique offshore privacy protection because it is headquartered in British Virgin Island that has no data retention laws and no activity logs. The Island protects online data of its users itself. It has strong encryption of 256-bit that keeps your data flow private when it travels across the world.

The Good
  • 2,000 servers
  • 2 servers available in Taiwan
  • Headquartered in British Virgin Island
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Blazing fast speed
The Bad
  • A bit expensive
  • Only connects up to 3 devices per account

4. IPVanish


IPVanish makes your private connections secure with 256-bit encryption. This means everything you do over the internet remains hidden and secure. It is also a perfect platform when it comes to online freedom because with its 1,000+ servers you can unblock everything over the internet. It technically does not have a server in Taiwan, but its Hong Kong servers unblock Taiwan websites and also bypasses government surveillance.

The good part is, you get to use IPVanish on 10 different devices with just a single account. You can contact its live chat support which is available 24/7. Its 256-bit encryption protects your privacy from spyware, malware, and cybercriminals.

The Good
  • 1,000 servers that access contents in Taiwan
  • 1 account connects up to 10 different devices
  • User-friendly apps
  • 256-bit encryption
  • 40,000 shared IPs
The Bad
  • Only 7-days money-back guarantee

5. Ivacy


Ivacy brings you anonymous streaming made easy. It has over 450 servers and available in over 100+ locations including Taiwan. It has a server in Taipei that allows people from outside Taiwan to access online content available in the country. Ivacy has the rock-solid security i.e. 256-bit encryption with 5 multi-logins simultaneously.

Further, you can torrent with Ivacy all day long without fear of being seen by prying eyes. All of its 450+ servers have unlimited speed and bandwidth with all necessary VPN protocols.

The Good
  • 450+ servers including 1 Taiwan server
  • Supports all devices and platforms
  • Various VPN protocols
  • Kill switch feature
  • 256-bit encryption
The Bad
  • No free-trial option

6. VyprVPN


VyprVPN also has a server in Taiwan with which you can unblock every website that is geographically restricted. VyprVPN is a product of Golden Frog that has 700+ servers and availability in 70+ countries. Most countries would block VPNs to prevent international traffic from accessing their websites, but VyprVPN has a technology that allows you to defeat VPN blocking.

Rightly so, it is a VPN for all devices and is available for all platforms including Linux. More importantly, it has 200,000+ shared IP addresses and you can do unlimited server switching with zero restrictions.

The Good
  • Server in Taiwan
  • 200,000+ shared IPs
  • 700+ servers in 70+ countries
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Available for all devices
The Bad
  • Bitcoin payment not accepted

7. Windscribe VPN


Unlock geographically restricted content available in Taiwan and outside the region with Windscribe. It has 6 servers available in Taiwan that make unblocking possible. Also, Windsribe manages to stop leaking your personal information with its strict no log policy. None of your information is saved by the company.

It further prevents hackers from strongest encryption i.e. AES 256-bit encryption. It has server networks available in 55 countries and easily makes American Netflix accessible. Lastly, it has free plans available for people who are on a tight budget.

The Good
  • Servers in 55 countries including Taiwan
  • No activity logs
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Windflix that unblocks American Netflix
  • Free plan available
The Bad
  • The streaming speed is a bit slow

8. TunnelBear


TunnelBear operates in a network of only 20 countries but doesn’t include Taiwan amongst its server list. However, when I tried to unblock geographically restricted Taiwan websites with a Hong Kong server, it worked just fine. It is a freemium service, meaning that it offers a free plan with a premium plan.

TunnelBear’s free plan gives you the data for 500 MB for streaming and browsing, but not more than that. It gives you an idea of its streaming speed which is quite impressive upon using.

The Good
  • Free plan up to 500 Mb
  • Unlocks Taiwan geographically restricted websites
  • Browse privately
  • Open internet
  • Only VPN that performs an independent security audit
The Bad
  • A small number of networks i.e. 20 countries
  • Does not unblocks American Netflix

9. Proton VPN


ProtonVPN is available in over 22 countries but has over 261 servers which makes it quite impressive. People accessing websites from outside of Taiwan are easily able to unblock Taiwan websites with ProtonVPN. The most prevalent issue over the internet is eavesdropping over your internet activity. ProtonVPN can prevent all that from happenings with its powerful encryption.

It uses VPN protocols that are known to be secure such as OpenVPN. It is a Swiss-based company which falls outside the jurisdiction of the US and Europe.

The Good
  • Unblock restrictions to Taiwan websites and apps
  • Strong protocols
  • Swiss-based
  • No logs policy
  • DNS leak protection
The Bad
  • US server speed too slow

10. PrivateVPN


PrivateVPN makes our list of best VPN for Taiwan that unblocks everything over the internet. What makes this VPN unique is its fast growth and that mainly because of its fast server speed and its support for all devices. With PrivateVPN, you get to be undetectable when browsing geo-restricted media.

It has a server in Taipei that conveniently access media content available in Taiwan. It’s a Sweden-based company where they follow strict ‘No traffic logs’ policy. Even the VPN provider does not know what you’re doing online.

The Good
  • VPN servers in Taiwan
  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • Unlimited speed
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Kill switch feature
The Bad
  • Only 100 servers

11. ZenMate


ZenMate stops anyone that tracks your online behavior using 256-bit encryption which is the strongest in the VPN industry. It is the best Taiwan VPN because all of Taiwan websites are unblocked at a snap of your fingers.

ZenMate has a server in Hong Kong which is used to access online content in Taiwan. You get to bypass geographical restrictions when traveling or living abroad. It is a freemium VPN offering you both free and premium servers.

The Good
  • Servers that work in Taiwan
  • Fast servers and strong protection
  • Available for all devices
  • Browse the web securely
  • Also provides free service
The Bad
  • Premium service is expensive

How to Setup Taiwan VPN

Step 1: Subscribe to any Taiwan VPN provider from the table above (For e.g. PureVPN)

Step 2: Download its VPN app for Windows


Step 3: Once downloaded, open PureVPN app > Enter Username and Password

Step 4: Select a category i.e. Internet Freedom


Step 5: Select Taiwan VPN Server


Step 6: Connect and enjoy internet freedom!


How Severe Is Online Censorship in Taiwan

If you don’t know already, Asia Pacific is probably one of the most heavily geo-restricted regions in the world.

A lot of the content and websites that might be readily available in let’s say Europe or North America, is completely inaccessible in countries like China.

Speaking of China, the country uses deep packet inspection to completely segregate their network infrastructure form the rest of the world.

However, compared to the astronomical measures that the Chinese government takes to block foreign content, the Taiwanese government is pretty laid back.

Even the Taiwanese constitution enables citizens and media to express freedom of speech without any restrictions. While China forbids any discussion over politics or religion, Taiwan has no such restrictions.

Despite there not being too many restrictions, a lot of online content is still geo-blocked within Taiwan. Even VoD services need a VPN to work.

Benefits of Using Taiwanese VPN

A Taiwan VPN Can Protect You from Hackers

There has been a recent series of cyber-attacks on Taiwan’s ministry of health and welfare, the Presidential office, foreign affairs and the interior, and a few others. It was reported to have been hit by a level 4 attack that happens to be the most severe.

Even though the attacks had a low success rate due to preventive measures that were taken by the government, but it was all started with a malware found in the ministry’s core information security system.

It is mostly money is what cybercriminals are after. They will mostly target:

  • Credit card numbers
  • Banking information
  • Photos/videos
  • Passwords
  • Documents

A VPN protects your online privacy and data while keeping it hidden from the prying eyes of cybercriminals. With Taiwan VPN, your privacy is encrypted.

Unblock Websites and Apps

Once you get to access US server from Taiwan using a Taiwan VPN, every website or app that is available in the US will now be available to you as well. It unblocks social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, along with communication services such as WhatsApp (in China), Skype, Line, and others.

Bypass Internet Censorship

Taiwan is not one of those countries that promotes internet censorship, but there are universal online restriction laws that prevent one website to operate from one country to another. You just can’t get around that fact. A VPN is the way that gets around internet censorship regardless of your location.

Online Privacy that Secures Your Connection

As said earlier, with a Taiwan VPN all your data flows within a tunnel that is encrypted with 256-bit encryption. A third-party or a prying eye can only see an encrypted data flowing through the internet and doesn’t know what’s inside because it’s encrypted. It is impossible to decrypt 256-bit encryption for the record.

Hide Your IP Address

A VPN exchanges your original IP address with its own VPN IP address. It masks your original IP, thus keeping you invincible. IP address determines the location of your country. If you’re using another country’s IP, then how would anyone know your exact whereabouts? No one. For more details read our how to hide IP address blog.

A VPN Can Help You Access Geo-Blocked Content

Geographically blocked content is the reason why you need a VPN. Content providers such as BBC iPlayer, Sling TV, NOW TV, DAZN, and many others are regionally restricted to some countries. Meaning, you cannot access these streaming services in Taiwan.

To get instant access to a geographically blocked content, all you need to do is connect to a Taiwanese VPN, go to its US server, and you will yourself accessing the website.

Bypass Government Interference with A VPN

There’s no denying that Taiwan offers plenty of leverage when it comes to internet freedom. However, the authorities did try to impose Chinese-style censorship, but it didn’t get much support as was anticipated.

The law was never imposed, but what if it did?

The only way you can mask your IP address without letting your government see you’re bypassing government interference is by getting a VPN Taiwan. With its 256-bit encryption, it keeps your internet data to flow within a tunnel that is encrypted.

Taiwan VPN Download

Here I have provided download links for some of the top Taiwan VPNs of 2019:

Free VPN for Taiwan: worthy or not?

Free VPNs aren’t as worthy as paid VPNs that’s why they are for free. A free Taiwan VPN won’t take responsibility for the following:

  • Online privacy protection
  • The encrypted flow of data
  • Logging policy
  • Hiding your IP address
  • Unblocking premium streaming websites

If these don’t come about as your online security priorities, then you may as well use free VPNs. Most importantly, not all free VPNs would have a server available in Taiwan, that’s a key difference. If you are located in the US and wants to get access to Taiwan’s content, you’re probably going to fail and lose your internet privacy at the same time.

Here we have listed down free Taiwan VPN for your viewing:

  • Hola VPN
  • Taiwan VPN Gate
  • Hotspot Shield
  • Me

Which is your preferred choice in Taiwan, VPN or Proxy?

Getting a proxy or getting a free VPN Taiwan are the same thing. In both cases, you’re not going to keep your online security private. As a matter of fact, Proxy does unblock websites and apps from around the world including Taiwan, but its security is never guaranteed.

The proxy doesn’t have an encryption tunnel like a VPN, nor does it keeps you anonymous from the prying eyes of the government. A VPN, on the other hand, do everything that a proxy does, and even more like protecting your privacy online which is its priority, and yours too.

Alternatives to Taiwan VPN

If you are a traveler then you might find these guides interesting:

The Wrap Up

Recent cyber-attacks in Taiwan has led the people of Taiwan to wonder about their online security. However, we have the exact solution to this problem. A software that is called by the Virtual Private Network indeed helps users protecting their online data. In this guide, we have listed some of the best Taiwan VPN for your viewing and benefits they have on your online privacy.

I hope you found this blog informative, hopefully, you know what is the best VPN for Taiwan and what it is beneficial for.