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Peru is one of the top tourist spots in South America. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if you are traveling to Peru and want to familiarize yourself a bit about the country before you sail off on your vacation.

In this blog, I will describe what the Internet in Peru is like and explain why you need the best VPN for Peru as a traveler to enjoy the same Internet experience that you are accustomed to back home.


Internet Freedom and Peru

Peru is one of the freest South America countries when it comes to the Internet and digital world. There are hardly any obstructions to the access of online content and websites in Peru and there is no systematic censorship or persecution of bloggers and journalists in the country.

The Best Peru VPN

The Best Peru VPN

In addition, the government has no programs for undertaking surveillance of online communications of users. That’s refreshing or a change: a government that isn’t hell-bent on eavesdropping on innocent citizens.

Now, the question that arises is this:

If the Internet in Peru is free from censorship and surveillance, why should you use a VPN in the country at all?

Read on below for the answer.


5 Best VPNs for Peru in 2018

I am now going to list and describe the key features of some of the most capable VPN services available in the market for users in Peru.

VPN ProvidersPrice ($)Special DealsMore Info
Best Affordable VPN
$2.95 Per Month
Best Budget Service
$1.99 Per Month
Best for Geo-Unblocking
$2.99 Per Month
75% Off
3 Years Plan
Best for Streaming
$8.32 Per Month
Best for Private Browsing
$2.75 Per Month
79% Off
3 Years Deal

1. PureVPN


PureVPN is a reputed VPN brand in the industry that boasts a network of 2,000+ servers located in over 140 countries. It offers a server in Peru in the city of Lima that Peruvians abroad can use to access local geo-restricted websites. The strong AES 256 encryption and OpenVPN tunneling protocol makes it a reliable choice for users in Peru.

  • Servers located in 140+ countries including Peru
  • Money-back guarantee valid for 31 days
  • Supports a variety of tunneling protocols (PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2, OpenVPN, SSTP)
  • Some servers take multiple tries before establishing connection

2. Surfshark


Surfshark is another highly capable of VPN service that covers all the bases from security to privacy. It uses AES 256 bit encryption and its British Virgin Island jurisdiction is testament to the trust it deserves from users seeing privacy.

It can easily bypass geo-restrictions, so if you are traveling to Peru, you can still access any website that might not be accessible from within this country.

  • Supports unlimited multi-logins
  • Refund policy valid for 30 days
  • Ad-blocker feature
  • No dedicated apps available for Linux or Windows

3. NordVPN


NordVPN is a Panama-based service that delivers a great VPN performance in all respects: speed, privacy, and security. Its gigantic network of 5,100+ servers can unblock almost any website or app from around the world. If you want to access some blocked website in your country from Peru, look no further than this VPN.

  • Allows simultaneous connections to up to 6 devices
  • Good privacy policy
  • Works with Netflix and most other streaming services
  • No servers available in Peru

4. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is a VPN that needs no introduction. It is the most popular provider in the market and for good reason. The provider is one of the fastest services, which makes it great for streaming in Peru.

This VPN is compatible with almost any device and browser out there. You can use the service on different platforms i.e. Android, Mac, or Windows as well as on different browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

  • Fast servers
  • Excellent privacy policy
  • Supports Netflix and torrenting
  • Expensive pricing

5. CyberGhost


Although CyberGhost offers no VPN servers in Peru, the simple user-interface and affordable pricing makes it a sensible choice for accessing content from overseas. You can use CyberGhost to obtain extra privacy while downloading torrents, as a lot of its servers support P2P networking.

  • Supports up to 7 simultaneous multi-logins
  • Works with torrents
  • Romanian jurisdiction
  • Average speeds

Why Should You Use a VPN for Peru?

In spite of the privacy-friendly laws of the country and the commitment of the government to protect the right of citizens to freedom of speech, there are still good reasons for you to keep a VPN handy while in Peru.

For instance:

Access Blocked Sites and Services in Peru

Many websites have a limited range of availability owing to variations in laws among countries. Streaming services have licensing agreements which they are liable to follow and this often means that they are barred from providing their content in certain countries.

For instance, Hulu is a US-only streaming service. If you are traveling to Peru from the US, you won’t be able to keep up with TV shows you were in the middle of back home.

This where a VPN for Peru reveals its importance. Using a VPN, you can get an IP address from the US, making it seem like you are located in America. Pretty nifty, right?

Prevent Bandwidth Throttling

ISPs in Peru can throttle your Internet connection on some services in order to save bandwidth. This can slow down your connection speed, which is just annoying. A VPN gets past the radar of your ISP through its private and encrypted servers, thus eliminating the possibility of your bandwidth being throttled.

Security from Cybercrime

Cybercrime is a dangerous threat that can lead to not only the loss of important personal data but also financial loss. You really don’t want to be a victim of an online fraud on your vacation in Peru. Good VPNs use strong encryption technology that secure your communications and data on the web. As such, a VPN reduces the risk of falling prey to the tricks of cybercriminals on the web.


If you are looking for a Peru VPN for free to use on your Android phone, you should check out Turbo VPN.


This VPN service is considerably secure and works smoothly on Android. Here is the apk link for direct download of this VPN on your phone.

Peru Proxy

Proxy servers work in a similar way as VPN services, except that they are not protected with advanced encryption protocols that VPNs use. Consequently, proxy servers are not really a solution you should go for if you are at all concerned about your security.

However, if security is not a concern and you just need to access some sites in Peru that you aren’t able to open from the country you are traveling to, then you can use ProxyNova. This proxy website lists different proxy IP addresses which you can use to assume a Peruvian identity on the web.

Which ISP you should subscribe to in Peru?

If you are traveling to Peru, you would probably look for a decent ISP and telecom provider to connect to the Internet and use mobile phones.

In this case, you should know a thing or two about Peruvian ISPs.

The largest ISP in Peru is Telefonica del Peru. If you search around the web, you’ll find that Telefonica is not that good when it comes to services and performance:

The other popular ISP in Peru is Claro, which has excellent coverage throughout the country. The performance of this provider varies from region to region, however, so there’s no guarantee it will work the best for you.

Entel is another telecom service provider in Peru. This one doesn’t have as wide a coverage as the other two, but the service quality it offers seems to be the best, especially in major cities like Lima.

So I would recommend subscribing to Entel, if you are planning on traveling through urban metropolitan cities of Peru.

Best VPN Providers for other Countries

In case you do not live in Peru for any reason, you should not worry at all. This is because you can explore the dedicated guides that we have written for other countries. Here is the list of countries that includes:

Final Thoughts

Peru is a great destination for its rich diversity as well as the best online freedom in South America. A Peru VPN can increase the range of accessible sites on the Internet and serve as a strong countermeasure to potential cybercrime. Your vacation can turn all the more pleasant with an unrestricted Internet at your disposal.