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Pandora is the best internet radio service available. But like all internet-powered streaming services, Pandora poses certain security risks that each of us need to deal with individually.

The best (and only) way of dealing with the weakness in Pandora’s security is to use VPNs (more on this below). But not every VPN can cope with the pressure of streaming internet radio and securing data at the same time. The best VPNs for Pandora are:

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Pandora users reviews and online music-lovers suggest above mentioned VPN. This is due to their specifically optimized servers for uninterrupted and boosted music-streaming. You can enjoy premium music-streaming experience by subscribing any of the above mentioned Pandora VPN.

How To Access Pandora Outside US

Pandora is the mainstream on-demand music service in US. Its popularity lies behind the user friendly interface and Music-Recommendation features. Despite the wide range of offerings, Pandora’s broadcast is limited  to US, Australia and New Zealand only. This means that if you’re located outside the mentioned countries, chances are you may see following message:

So, how to listen to pandora outside the US? there is a good news for pandora fans around the world. Now you can listen pandora outside US by using a VPN. It is powerful tool that enables you to cloak your IP address with a US server. As a result, you enjoy unlimited music and listen your favorite songs on pandora outside us.

How is Pandora better than other Internet Radios?

Pandora Employs Scientists

Pandora employs scientists to collect and mine the music preferences of all Pandora’s users. Mining the collected data allows Pandora to study what kind of music you like, and deliver similar sounding music to you.

At the same time, Pandora analyzes your music preferences (and adds them to its data pool of music preferences) with respect to music preferences of others belonging to your age, gender, zip-code, etc. Doing so allows Pandora to function like a well-oiled Artificial Intelligence system that learns about its users upon each interaction with the user.

Pandora Studies You

Pandora works by studying your listening habits. Pandora does not simply supply you with music – it continuously studies your preferences in music and revises the music playlist to ensure that you are presented with songs that are similar to those that you prefer to listen to. But Pandora doesn’t stop there!

Pandora Studies your Music

In addition to studying you, music is initially categorized upon addition to the Pandora music library. The analysis of music in order to determine music type is just as in depth as the analysis of listeners. Music analysis is carried out by professional musicologists and includes an extensive array of factors. These include the type of music that the artist usually creates, the number of beats per minute, instruments used, parallel octaves and block chords.

Sub-categories are then developed with respect to the data collected from individual user profiles. This gives Pandora the power to study music categories with respect to common listeners, while also allowing it to study listener types with respect to preferred music categories. The end result is that it knows what kind of music you will like.

The Million Dollar Question: Why would Anybody hack my Pandora?

If a cybercriminal hacks your Pandora account, he/she won’t do it just to get to your playlist. It will be an organized attack that will start with the hacking of your Pandora account, and end with the theft of your online identity and quite possibly the draining of your bank account. And I am not exaggerating


Keeping Your Pandora Safe

In order to keep your Pandora account (and your online identity for that matter) secure, you need to start by securing your internet enabled devices. This includes your smart phone, your computer at home, your XBox 360, and anything else you own that is internet enabled (and on which you can run Pandora).

The first and last thing I tell anybody trying to secure his/her data is to get a VPN. A VPN will encrypt and tunnel your data no matter what setting you access the internet with. May it be your home where cybercriminals stalk you quietly with the intention of robbing you blindly when you least expect it, or a public WiFi where every second high-school kid with a laptop is trying to hijack the public WiFi and read everybody’s data.

Pandora VPN android

The Cross-platform availability makes Pandora even better. If you are travelling abroad, you may enjoy your favorite music on Pandora android outside US. Once subscribed to above mentioned VPNs, connect to US server using the VPN. As a result, you will be able to enjoy unlimited on-demand music streaming on your android device. Even more these VPN can be used for pandora radio vpn, they give you premium radio streaming experience by providing lag-free streaming on your android devices.

pandora vpn

Pandora VPN Protects, and Doubles to Bypass WiFi Blocks

In some cases, you may find Pandora blocked on a WiFi.

When this happens, your VPN will double as your Pandora access-card. Simply switch on your VPN and you will find that the IP assigned by the VPN will bypass the access block and you will be able to stream Pandora with ease.

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