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best VPN for Norway 2019

Norway is one of the few countries having a secure network to access the internet.

Still, the country is a nine eyes alliance member where official authorities have to collect and share mass surveillance data with official authorities of other member countries.

So to protect your data from scammers, one should use VPN in countries like Norway. 

VPN hides your location by granting you access to geo-restricted content which is not available in Norway.

Here is the list of best VPN Norway given below:


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NordVPN hacked We don't recommend this VPN service after thorough research.

Internet Censorship in Norway

Fortunately, you can access to your desired social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others in Norway without any fuss. In addition, the use of VPNs in the country is legal. You can use VPNs to secure your digital whereabouts from the vicious eyes of online hackers.

However, not all the things are rosy with the official Norwegian authorities. The country is a part of nine eyes that follow intelligence sharing protocol in true letter and spirit. This is because ISPs are supposed to keep the activity logs of users for six months. For this reason, you have to use a VPN that provides next level anonymity.

Consequently, you can protect your online activities like web surfing, media streaming and others by masking your actual IP address. In addition, ISPs and snoopers cannot keep an eye on your online tasks when you use a Norwegian VPN service.

Norwegian Online Privacy Laws

According to Norway’s personal data act, you have to attain the consent of the users before collecting its personal information. You must inform them your name along with address details and reason behind your data collection activity. Previously, Norway was included in the list of 5 best countries that support users’ privacy.

Free Norwegian VPN Trials

Luckily, NordVPN and Surfshark offer free trial feature to their subscribers. Thus, you can check the performance of these VPN providers on your preferred devices for a week. Users should bear in mind that NordVPN delivers a free trial benefit that lasts up to three days.

On the other hand, Surfshark provides the said benefit you can use up to seven days. However, it is only applicable on mobile devices. After subscribing to these VPNs, you can enjoy free trial feature in Norway trouble-free.


Why do you need a Norwegian VPN?

You have to use a Norwegian VPN like PureVPN for various reasons. It allows you to watch your favorite Norwegian TV shows, movies and other media stuff from anywhere. Moreover, you can evade ISP monitoring hassles to unprecedented heights through such VPN.

You can use a Norway VPN provider to access Norwegian Netflix library outside Norway accordingly. Furthermore, if you are travelling to countries other than Norway, this is where the role of VPNs comes in handy. You can perform your crucial financial transactions from abroad with a VPN Norway service quite easily.


How can I get a Norwegian IP Address from Anywhere?

Luckily, you can get a Norwegian IP address through a VPN. Furthermore, you may opt SmartDNS and proxy services to attain your objective. SmartDNS changes your original IP addresses and helps you in unblocking Norwegian sites.

But, it does not encrypt your traffic and allows third parties like spying agencies in monitoring your internet browsing activities. On this account, you have to use a VPN to avail complete online freedom. Besides, web proxy is another way of getting IP addresses for Norwegian region.

When you open a web proxy, you can write the complete address of Norwegian website in a URL you want to access. You can unblock numerous Norwegian sites in this manner. Still, a question mark remains on its security consequently; you should not provide financial information while using proxies at any cost.

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Steps to Obtain Norwegian IP Address

You can get Norwegian IP address from anywhere. Here is how you can do:

  • Subscribe to a VPN service from above table
  • Download and install VPN app on your desired devices
  • After installing the app, please provide your credentials for login purpose
  • Explore Norwegian server and connect to it
  • You can select Google to check your IP address location
  • If you have obtained a local IP address of Norway, you are successfully connected

This is how you can use a VPN in Norway securely and anonymously.

Can I use a free VPN in Norway?

Free VPN services are honeypots as they rely on users’ information to make their both ends meet. Moreover, they do not enough number of servers and other features you can experience while using a paid VPN provider.

Similarly, they do not deliver strong encryption feature to their subscribers. Moreover, data caps sometimes may spoil the fun of users a great deal. However, you should not lose all your hopes. Still, few free VPN services offer their servers in Norway.

Here is the list of VPN providers that includes:

Check out our exclusive best free VPN guide to know about other free VPNs.

How can I use a VPN in Norway?

The task of using a VPN in Norway is not much difficult. However, you should consider different factors that make your VPN service selection process highly successful. You had better read some VPN reviews before opting an appropriate VPN.

When you have confirmed about a certain VPN provider, you should subscribe to the service instantly. After subscribing, you should complete the signup process and connect to the VPN Norway server to mask your original IP address. This way, you can use a VPN in Norway according to your own terms.

How can I access Netflix libraries in Norway?

You can connect to Norwegian VPN server that provides a Norwegian IP address. This is how you can access Netflix Norway library in no time. Similarly, you can connect to US VPN server to attain US IP address. This way, you can access to US Netflix media library while residing in Norway securely.

However, you should avoid using free VPNs to unblock Netflix libraries. This is because you may waste your precious time while trying to use Netflix libraries as they are unable to bypass blocks those imposed by Netflix authorities.

The same applies to other streaming services too. You can select a VPN server in the appropriate region to unblock other geo-restricted services like Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer and others to attain your mission. You can opt ExpressVPN to accomplish your media streaming cravings in Norway stress-free.

If you’re looking to unblock Amazon Prime, check out these VPNs for Amazon Prime.


How can I watch Norwegian media and use banking services outside Norway

Fortunately, you can use a Norway VPN service that delivers VPN Norway IP address. As a result, you can Norwegian TV shows and other stuff anonymously outside Norway. When you want to watch media content of different Norwegian broadcasters such as NRK2, NRK1, TV2 and others from abroad, you should use Norway VPN provider.

It means some of these broadcasters may need local Norwegian IP addresses at the time of signing in. Hence, you can watch your favorite media content on your chosen devices in no time. On the other hand, financial institutions in Norway like Pareto Bank and Cresco might ask additional security questions if they find you are trying to access your account outside Norway.

In these situations, you should use VPN services those offer a comprehensive list of Norwegian IP addresses. Thus, you can avoid such hassles and continue performing online banking transactions with ab ease.

Torrenting in Norway

The current scenario and future of torrenting in Norway remains uncertain. You may face obstacles while downloading your favorite torrent files within Norwegian territory. A VPN in this case becomes your last resort eventually.

When you search a VPN for Norway, make sure that your chosen VPN service does not keep the activity logs of users. Otherwise, you may find yourself in hot waters of legal troubles. This is because copyright holders may send you DMCA notices if they find your name in the list of illegal torrents downloaders.

P2P Downloading in Norway

Unfortunately, official authorities have blocked various torrenting sites. Furthermore, ISPs have removed the names of blocked sites from their Domain Name Servers (DNS). Similarly, they stop users’ torrent downloading activity after closing the connections those established by their BitTorrent clients with peers.

When ISPs recognize torrent traffic is passing through your computer, it delivers a reset command to the peer from which you download. This command interrupts the connection and you are unable to download your selected torrents.

Free VPN Norway Reddit

Reddit is one of the most sought communities among netizens because it provides an updated information about different products and services. According to the response of one Reddit user, different universities have started blocking free VPN services like TunnelBear in Norway.

VPNs for other Countries

If you are residing in countries other than Norway, you have arrived at the right place. It means you can explore the blogs that we have covered in different countries. These countries include:

VPN Norway APK

Interestingly, you can consider using Surfshark during your stay in Norway. Therefore, you can download a Surfshark APK from its official site hassle-free. By doing so, you can secure your Android devices and unblock your desired content straightaway.

Wrapping Up

I hope I have made my point clear while describing my guide about VPN Norway services. You can circumvent internet restrictions and censorship issues through a VPN while residing in Norway. By doing so, you can sustain your online freedom right in the right direction.

Through this amazing online privacy tool, you appear to be in another country. This is how you can access geo-blocked streaming services and watch your favorite TV shows and other stuff securely.

Want to add something, share your thoughts in the comments section below.