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best vpn for italy

Italy is a free country. Censorship and content removals on the internet are pretty much non-existent in Italy. However, mass surveillance through wiretapping and communications interception are persistent activities that Italian agencies have repeatedly been found involved in.

Furthermore, there are strong anti-torrenting laws in the country and there’s also the role of Italy as one of the members of 14 Eyes which cannot be ignored.

For these problems, the easiest solution is to use a VPN service.

PureVPN is #1 recommendation as best VPN for Italy. It offers affordable prices, outstanding server diversity, ability to work with Netflix, other streaming platforms, and unblock websites.


6 Best VPNs for Italy

The following VPNs offer the best set of features for Italian users:

1. PureVPN


PureVPN has 2,000+ servers in over 140 countries, including 24 in Milan, Italy. For Italians, there are a lot of offshore server locations to choose from, which will enable you to mask your IP address from online snoopers and agencies. These will also bring you access to shows that may not be available in Italy for any reason.

The Italian server itself can be useful if you want to stream local Italy streaming channels such as Rai TV. If you’re an Italian expatriate or simply traveling abroad for a while, you can take advantage of PureVPN’s Italy servers to access geo-restricted websites only work within the borders.

Since the provider is a Hong Kong based service, it is free from mandatory data retention requirements. The fact that Italy is a part of the 14 Eyes engaged in some unfair surveillance practices means that you can avoid being a victim of government-monitoring with PureVPN.

Furthermore, the provider allows you to safely download torrents by keeping your identity hidden from Italian authorities. To guard your privacy further, the VPN comes packed with features such as kill switch and split-tunneling, as noted in this PureVPN review.

All PureVPN packages offer 31-day money-back guarantee and 10 simultaneous connections. At the price of $2.91/mo , it is one of the best VPN for Italy you can have.


2. Surfshark


Surfshark has a network of 1,000+ servers in 60+ countries. This is a smaller server network than PureVPN, but it is well capable of unblocking most websites both within and outside Italy.

The service is one of the most valuable options available for unblocking US Netflix if you want to access titles not available in Italy. For privacy, the service comes equipped with MultiHop and CleanWeb, two useful privacy-boosting features that users appreciate.

Furthermore, it is located in British Virgin Islands, which is another country free from obligatory data retention requirements. For privacy-seekers in Italy, this is just as well.

You can avail this VPN for $1.99/mo and get unlimited simultaneous connections with 30-day money-back guarantee.


3. Ivacy


Ivacy offers 15 servers within Italy out of a total number of 1,000+ servers in 100+ locations. The service works well with geo-restricted Italian streaming channels like Iris, Italia 2, and Rai TV, making it a good choice for overseas fans of Italian TV.

Although Ivacy is located in Singapore (a cooperative member of the Five Eyes), this jurisdiction is still safer than Italy. Moreover, the provider follows a zero-logging policy so you can stay safe from government surveillance and privacy violations.

The provider offers features such as IPv6 protection, DNS secure, split-tunneling, and killswitch to safeguard users from accidental leaks of user information. These features are part of the reason why Ivacy is applauded by reviewers.

Priced at $2.25/mo and offering 5 multi-logins along with a 30-day money-back guarantee, Ivacy is a great choice for users in Italy.


4. ExpressVPN


The service runs a strong server infrastructure consisting of 3,000+ servers in 94+ countries. With an excellent balance of local Italian servers and offshore servers, ExpressVPN serves users both within Italy and expatriates/travelers outside it that need access to geo-restrictions back home. Due to these, it also ranks as #1 in our Best VPN for streaming blog.

Like its counterpart Surfshark, ExpressVPN is based in British Virgin Islands, and it thus also offers a log-less service to guarantee user privacy. If you’re troubled by the mass surveillance in Italy, ExpressVPN is a good VPN to improve your online privacy.

On top of this, the service offers highly efficient killswitch, split-tunneling, and obfuscation features that enhance your online privacy from cybercriminals and intelligence agencies alike.

The only problem is that ExpressVPN is a little higher priced at $8.32/mo . Like most providers, it offers 5 simultaneous connections and a refund window that remains valid for 30 days. This is why ExpressVPN remains a well-respected VPN among reviewers.


5. CyberGhost


The service operates an impressive network of 5,500+ servers in 90+ countries (2 in Italy). You can use CyberGhost for all sorts of purposes including streaming, torrenting, and general browsing.

Provider is based in Romania, which is another country that has privacy-focused laws. In fact, the country does not follow European requirements for data retention, nor is it a part of 14 Eyes. That is enough to make it an appealing choice for Italian users.

So, whether you want a VPN to stay safe from copyright infringement in Italy while torrenting, access blocked streaming services, or to attain greater privacy, CyberGhost is a solid all-around VPN package.

Additionally, it offers 45-day money-back guarantee and 7 simultaneous connections at the affordable price of $2.75/mo . Overall, CyberGhost has built a solid reputation with reviews praising its different features.


6. NordVPN


NordVPN has over 5,500 servers that are located in 60+ countries. Of these, 59 are in Italy, so if you want to connect to a nearby server while in Italy for best speed performance, you can take advantage of these. In fact, these servers are also useful for expatriates who want Italian servers to access Sky TV Italia and other streaming channels.

The VPN is headquartered in Panama, which is a country known for strong privacy laws. To gain maximum privacy, the logging policy and jurisdiction of NordVPN make it an ideal choice for privacy-conscious users in Italy. The combination of its speed and privacy factors make it fairly respected among reviewers.

In addition, the service packs some excellent privacy-boosting servers like DoubleVPN, killswitch, and onion over VPN. In addition, a single NordVPN account supports 6 simultaneous connections and all plans offer a 30-day refund policy. However, it is slightly higher priced at $3.49/mo .


Free VPN Options

When it comes to free VPNs, we encourage you to be extra careful before you choose to use one. This is because in order to fund their business, free VPN providers often collect and sell user data to third party agencies.

As such, from the privacy and security point of view, these services can do more harm than good.

Nonetheless, there are still some reliable free providers that you can try:

For more information, read our article on free VPN services.


Why you Need a VPN in Italy?

A VPN can be an incredibly helpful tool for a variety of reasons. I’ve already emphasized the issue of surveillance in Italy. But what’s equally troubling for many Italians is the reduced content library of Netflix available in the country, and the unavailability local streaming services abroad.

To sum up, here are some of important benefits of using a good VPN in Italy.

  • Maintain privacy against surveillance: Intelligence agencies in Italy can intercept your communications and even hack into your data without your consent. This issue was actually raised by United Nations itself. VPNs located away from 14 Eyes can help you avoid this government monitoring and maintain your privacy.
  • Unblock streaming services: Streaming channels like RaiTV only work with an Italian IP address. That’s not a problem as long as you’re located in Italy. However, if you’re traveling abroad, you will lose access to all such streaming channels from back home. A VPN with servers in Italy (like the ones mentioned above) will help you bypass these restrictions with a singe click.
  • Get around regional restrictions: There is hardly any place in the world where users can access any nook and cranny of the Internet without restrictions. This severely limits the utility of the Internet as many users are unable to stream their favorite shows or visit favorite websites. With a VPN for Italy, this ceases to be a problem and the Internet becomes much more accessible.
  • Stay safe from cyber-attacks: Italy does not have a very stable working cyber-security strategy. A survey by Statista shows that as much as 41.9% of Italians were victims of malware attacks, which highlights the importance of security tools like VPNs in the country.


How to Get Italian IP Address for Free

There are no safe methods for getting Italian IP address for free. This because none of the trusted free providers offer servers in Italy. However, you can use proxy websites (easily found with a Google search) to get an Italian IP address. These websites can be very dangerous as they lack any security nor do they care for user’s privacy. They are free to do what they want with your data, so I strongly urge users to stay away from these insecure methods of getting your preferred IP address.

Instead, you should use a paid VPN service that offers servers in Italy (see above descriptions for more information). Since these services are paid, they have no incentive to monetize your data and have the financial resources to support real servers located in Italy.


How to Watch Italian TV Channels Abroad

Most Italian TV channels are geo-restricted and inaccessible overseas. Some of the most popular of these channels include Rai Uno, Rai Tre, Rai Sport, Italia Uno, Channel 5, Retequattro, Italia 2, and Iris. You can gain access to these TV channels and stream them from abroad with a VPN.

Here’s how you can watch Italian TV channels abroad:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN that has servers in Italy.
  2. Download and install VPN on your device/system.
  3. Launch the VPN and enter your login credentials.
  4. Connect to an Italian server.
  5. Visit the app of your favorite Italian TV channel or access it through website to unblock all available content.


VPN Guides for Other Countries

Online surveillance issues are unfortunately present in many parts of the world other than Italy. Here are a few articles focusing on workarounds for these issues specific to certain countries:


The Best Italian VPN: Final Thoughts

Considering the surveillance and privacy issues in Italy, a VPN is a valuable investment for users in Italy. PureVPN is the best VPN to use in Italy for its low price, huge server diversity, and powerful unblocking ability, all of which are long-standing problems in Italy. Thankfully, you can now put these issues to rest with a VPN to counter governmental surveillance and content censorship.