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EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules will go into effect on May 25th, 2018 and it will apply to any company that transacts with EU citizens.

Any business, however big or small that sells product or services outside their country of origin, are considered as global business. Therefore, a company that has a global reach is bound to follow rules and regulations of a specific country.

EU is all set to enforce a new set of regulations that are designed to protect online privacy and online data of its citizens, commonly known as GDPR. New regulations will be applicable to every EU citizen along with the company that transacts with them, irrespective of their business location.

Failing to comply with GDPR regulations can cost companies at least 4% of their annual global revenues, but for EU citizens it could get their online privacy compromised.

Hence, we discuss some of the best GDPR compliant VPNs that acknowledges the new set of regulations and strongly follows GDPR guidelines. To provide you with best GDPR VPNs, we gathered information from top VPN providers and our results indicated the list of following GDPR compliant VPNs:


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Responses from VPN Providers over GDPR Regulations

We reached to 8 top VPN providers of the industry and asked them if their company follows GDPR guidelines considering they sell their products to EU citizens. We compiled their responses individually, and upon these responses, we were able to make our best pick for best GDPR VPNs.

1. PureVPN GDPR Response

PureVPN has already made amends to their privacy policy before GDPR takes full effect. We spoke with PureVPN’s CEO about his take on GDPR and its guidelines and this was his reply:

PureVPN’s decade long history in the online security industry stands as a testament to our commitment to protect the privacy and the right to access content of every internet user. Over the past decade, we have had the honor to serve millions of internet users from across the world. We have always been upfront and transparent about our policy regarding user data privacy. As of now, we are in the process of taking our data privacy practices to the next level of transparency and as such, we will be a completely no-logs VPN that’s 100% GDPR compliant



PureVPN fully complies with GDPR guidelines as security and privacy of its users are its primary concern. When asked upon whether they specifically mentioned it on their website, to which they replied not yet. They are in the process of updating their website, and will make sure it appears before 25th of May.


2. ExpressVPN GDPR Response

Despite ExpressVPN fails to provide a Live Chat support to its users, we contacted ExpressVPN team via email and made sure they replied instantly, and they did. In their reply, they clearly mention that they do follow GDPR guidelines, but we have yet to see it posted on their website, as of May 2oth. This makes ExpressVPN makes it into our top GDP VPNs list.


3. NordVPN GDPR Response

NordVPN welcomed GDPR guidelines and will therefore implement regulations before 25th of May as informed by NordVPN representative. Their legal team is preparing for GDPR adoption and are in the final stage of its implementation. However, they did assured that they apply top-level security standards for any information they keep, thus making it a GDPR VPN.



4. PIA VPN GDPR Response

PIA is a staunch promoter of online privacy and security and does many great things to support the cause of lifting censorship across internet websites. We have contacted PIA over e-mail and their reply was comprehensive enough.


5. CyberGhost VPN GDPR Response

CyberGhost is a GDPR compliant VPN and has spoken to us in this regard. They are on the verge of developing a separate page dedicated to GDPR guidelines where they will notify EU citizens about such change.



6. PrivateVPN GDPR Response

When contacted on PrivateVPN live chat, the representative was unaware if GDPR was anything that needs to be implemented. Eventually, the representative created a ticket to consult it with their senior representative for that matter. GDPR implementation will affect all companies if they carry out transactions with EU citizens, otherwise, they will have to pay the penalty.



7. IPVanish GDPR Response

We contacted IPVanish via email because they also do not have Live Chat support, and we received a reply saying that they would require 2 days to get back with an answer. It seems that their team does not have a hand-on response to GDPR guidelines, but we’re awaiting their response nevertheless.



8. VyprVPN GDPR Response

VyprVPN asked us to consult the legal department because the Live Chat representative didn’t have the necessary information. We have consulted to the legal team of VyprVPN and hasn’t yet received their e-mail.


9. Ivacy GDPR Response

Ivacy is another VPN that has a long-standing history of providing top-notch service to its users and preserving their privacy. We spoke with their CEO and got the following response regarding GDPR:

Ivacy is privacy, and that is a fact. We have been in the business for 13 years; creating awareness, and encouraging internet users to safeguard themselves from cybercriminals and third parties. Being the oldest in the industry, we understand how important personal data is to their respective owners.

Keeping this in mind, it should not come as a surprise that Ivacy has already taken the necessary steps to be GDPR complaint. We are transparent as ever, and we do not keep any logs at all. We collect minimal information, with the user’s consent to ensure seamless service; which of course can not be used to identify specific users or their activities.

CEO – Ivacy

Penalties for Non-Compliance of GDPR

Failing to meet GDPR guideline could hand severe penalties for companies, which will significantly create a greater risk of liability. Maximum penalty for non-compliance GDPR is 4% of their annual global revenues. This will account for violating Privacy by Design or to failing customer consent on handing away their private data.

Also, a fine of 2% global annual revenues will be charged to those companies that fail to notify supervising authorities, or not maintaining their records.

The Wrap Up

We witnessed a not-so-pleasant site of the privacy scandal that shook the entire world, which involved Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. This is why GDPR means so much for the people of EU, and also to the entire world if it happens to be successful. The above guide presents you with the best GDPR VPNs that fully complies with GDPR regulations.