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Let’s face it, you’re not going to purchase a car without test driving it first, right? Even when you’re purchasing a new phone, you make sure to test out every feature before making a decision.

So why purchase a VPN service without trying it out first? Makes sense right?

Keeping that in mind, I’ve come up with a list of few free trial VPN service that should help you shortlist which VPN service you want to stick within the long run.

But first, a brief overview…

  • PrivateVPN – offer a 7-day VPN free trial (no credit card required)
  • CyberGhost – offer a 1-day free trial (no credit card required)
  • VyprVPN – offer a 3-day free trial (credit card required)
  • ExpressVPN – offer a 30-day money-back guarantee (Refundable anytime within a month)
  • NordVPN – offer a 30-day money-back guarantee (Refundable anytime within a month)
  • CactusVPN – offer a 1-day free trial – (no credit card required)

Best VPNs that offer free trials

Although there are countless premium VPN services available in the market, not all of them offer a genuine free trial.

If you don’t feel like gambling with expansive paid VPNs without trying them first, a free trial is an absolute must.

So for your ease, I’ve come up with a list of following VPN services that for free trials:

1. PrivateVPN


First up, we have PrivateVPN. Other than being well renowned in the industry, the number one reason why I love this VPN is that it doesn’t require your credit card information.

By simply providing a valid email address, you can avail their super-generous 7-day free trial. Best of all, the free trial is available for whatever device you might have.

Even with their free trial, you get access to over 60 servers, fast speeds, powerful protocols & encryption, and tons of other awesome features to help you stream, game, and torrent all you want.

Not only that, if you wish to use PrivateVPN for even longer, you avail their 30-day money back gaurantee, and get a full refund.

Check out the full feature list of PrivateVPN in our review.


2. CyberGhost


Another super powerful and super popular VPN service is CyberGhost. Despite being a top-class reputation in the industry, CyberGhost still offers a free 1-day trial option.

CyberGhost is compatible with all major operating systems and offers over 3200 servers worldwide. Similar to PrivateVPN, CyberGhost just requires an email address from you to activate the free trial.

Best of all, even with their free trial, you can avail all of that premium features like Kill switch, thousands of IPs, powerful encryption, and more.

Not only that, but CyberGhost also offers a full 45-day money back guarantee. literally, no other VPN in the industry offers this extensive refund policy.

Check out the full feature list of CyberGhost in our review.


3. VyprVPN


Another awesome VPN service provider that offers a free trial is VyprVPN, well technically. You see, VyprVPN doesn’t provide an additional free trial version.

Instead, they offer a 3-day trial which is actually paid, but you can cancel anytime and get a full refund. Similarly, VyprVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you want to try our VyprVPN, I suggest you avail their 30-day refund policy. As far as features are concerned, VyprVPN comes packed with top of the line features like Chameleon protocol, no logs, and tons of other features.

Check out the full feature list of VyprVPN in our review.


4. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPNs in the industry that just happens to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can purchase any of their subscription plans, use it for a month, and cancel it to claim a full refund.

If we talk about features, ExpressVPN offers powerful features like 3000+ servers, kill switch, split tunneling, zero-knowledge DNS, and much, much more.

Moreover, it holds strong unblocking power because of it’s massive server base spread across a wide network of countries. It’s ability to bypass geo-blockings makes it one of the best VPN for streaming movies that aren’t available in your region.

Check out the full feature list of ExpressVPN in our review.


5. NordVPN


Another giant VPN provider in the VPN industry that offers a 30-day money back gaurantee is NordVPN.

While NordVPN used to offer a legitimate free trial without the need for a credit card in the past, due to widespread abuse, they have discontinued it.

Now you can only avail their 30-day money back guarantee. Although you’ll have to initially purchase their subscription plan, you can turn off the auto subscription option, and claim a refund if you don’t wish to continue their service.

As far as their features are concerned, NordVPN offers 5600+ servers all over the world. Not only that, but they also offer rock-solid encryption, super-fast speeds, and top-notch customer support.

Check out the full feature list of NordVPN in our review.


6. CactusVPN


Last but not least, we have CactusVPN on this list. Similar to PrivateVPN, CactusVPN also offers a completely free trial version. You don’t even need to enter your credit card information.

That said, the trial period is only available for 24 hours. After that, you will be charged. But nonetheless, it is still a great way to tryout CactusVPN. Not only that CactusVPN also offers a full 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

If we talk about features, CactusVPN offers 25 VPN servers in 15 countries, 24/7 Customer Support, top-notch protocols, and tons of other features as well.

Check out the full feature list of CactusVPN in our review.


Factors to Consider when choosing a VPN that offers a free trial

With a growing number of Cybersecurity threats, internet users have no other option except to use a “VPN” to protect themselves.

However, before you pull out your wallet and purchase a premium VPN, it is better to try out the service. Thus, I’ve compiled a simple checklist to help you choose a VPN free trial:

Data Cap: The Fun Breaker

Data caps or data limit are surprising elements of the majority of VPN providers. It’s quite annoying to face a message displaying “data consumption exceeded” in the midst of your favorite movie or game.

VPN providers impose data caps from 50 to 100MB in free VPN trial versions.

This is obviously insufficient for streaming, social networking, VoIP, and even surfing. Therefore, you should always ask your VPN provider about the offered data limit with a free VPN trial.

Speed Caps: Hurdles in High-Speed Online Experience

Apart from data caps, speed is the prime factor to consider when choosing a VPN free trial. Mostly, free services impose bandwidth caps to regulate users’ speed. But the specified VPN services offer top-tier network infrastructure that ensures high-speed connection at all times.

In addition to this, these services provide a reliable network connection, so your online experience doesn’t get impacted with frequent VPN disconnections.

Note: A stable VPN connection ensures reliable data protection, as your actual IP address can get exposed to ISP and spy agencies when VPN connection fails.

Multiple Servers for Unlimited Unblocking Capabilities

Nothing can be as fantastic as having a VPN with numerous servers spread across prime locations in the world. Moreover, a significant number of servers give users an option to spoof their locations to various countries and access regional broadcasters and entertainment services.

Unlike full-featured VPN services, free trials tend to offer a limited number of locations. Fortunately, the services specified in the above table gives you a broad range of servers so that you can unblock various geo-restricted sites (HBO, Fox GO, NetflixHulu, Pandora, Spotify, BBC iPlayer, 4oD, Cinema Now, NBC, CBS and more) from anywhere in the world.

Torrenting & P2P Support: Doorway to Non-Stop Entertainment

Torrenting or P2P sharing is a widely acclaimed method for file sharing around the world. Each day billions of users use torrents for popular movies, games, trailers, hit videos, songs, and more media.

However, due to strict copyright infringement laws, torrenting is banned in the majority of countries. Considering the blockage, VPN torrent providers with their servers located in torrent friendly countries (Mexico, Spain, Canada, Netherlands) allow netizens to spoof their location and access torrents safely from anywhere in the world.

To get reliable torrenting protection, users can check and ensure that the chosen free VPN trial offers servers in specified torrent-friendly countries.

Data Logging Policy: Do All VPN Protect You The Same?

A critical aspect of VPN service is its privacy policy. VPN providers tend to log some data of the users without their consent. Shockingly, various providers even go beyond the limits by handing over the record to spy agencies and third-party advertisers.

We consider logging policy as a vital factor before subscribing to a VPN free trial. Moreover, users should thoroughly go through the privacy policy of a VPN service to get assured.

Money-Back Guarantee VPNs vs. Free Trial


As the name suggests, a VPN that offers a money-back guarantee requires a user to provide their personal information and purchase their subscription plans.

On the other hand, the best VPN with free trial benefit enables you to use the service without purchasing any subscription plans. That said, you’ll at least need to provide a valid email address in order to avail a free trial.

If we talk about which one is better out of the two, I recommend VPNs that offer a money-back gaurantee. Not only do you get much more time to play around with the VPN service, but also have complete peace of mind.

Test your VPN during the free trial period

The whole purpose of a free trial is to test out a VPN service. I don’t know about you, but I rigorously test out my VPN service to find any flaws.

During the trial period, you can perform multiple tests to see whether it works with Netflix, torrenting, and other blocked services.

You can also perform a leak test to see whether your VPN provider is leaking your original IP address or not. While on the topic of VPN leaks, you can consider reading our exclusive guide on IP leak testing in detail.

VPN free trial no credit card Reddit

Even though it might be tempting to use completely free VPNs, people over at Reddit, including me, don’t really think they’re safe.


So, instead of depending on totally free VPNs, it’s way better to opt VPN services that either offer an extensive money-back guarantee or offer a legitimate free trial. You can also check a list of best paid VPN as per Reddit users.


Final Words

With the continuous evolution of technology, VPN is by far the best solution for superior privacy in the modern age.

And with the availability of VPN free trials, trying out a VPN service to secure your privacy is easier than ever.

If you don’t want to deal with credit card information, I suggest you go with PrivateVPN. That said if you don’t mind getting a full refund after you purchase a VPN, I suggest you go with VPNs that offer a money-back guarantee.

Looking for a premium VPN, check out our list of tried and tested best rated VPN.