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Best VPN for Discord
With more and more countries now imposing geo-restrictions, accessing VoIP services like Discord is near impossible. To effectively bypass restrictions and access Discord in the UAE, China, and elsewhere, you need a VPN. Our top recommendation is ExpressVPN as it offers 3000+ servers with excellent unblocking ability.

Discord is a free online voice and text chat application made for online gamers. Online gaming is all about teamwork and superb team coordination. Discord is a convenient platform for gamers to communicate and plan their moves to outfox their opponents and share friendly banter over the game.

That being said, while Discord is free, unfortunately, the application is banned in certain countries like the UAE & China unless you use the best VPN for Discord.

So if you’re looking for reliable VPNs to unblock Discord, you’re in luck. I’ve compiled a list of the 5 best VPNs for Discord that should help you bypass the annoying geo-block.

Quick Overview – The best VPNs for Discord in March 2022

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5 Best VPNs for Discord [2022 In-Depth Analysis]

Unfortunately, not all VPNs work with Discord. For this reason, we have tested over 45+ VPNs, to bring you the top 5 providers that work with Discord.

1. ExpressVPN – The Best VPN for Discord


  • 3000+ fast speed servers in 94 countries
  • 85.8 Mbps on a 100 Mbps base connection
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unblocks Netflix, Hulu, HBO, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, DAZN, Disney+ and more
  • Also works with macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, routers, browsers, and more  

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Discord and perhaps the highest-ranked and most trustworthy VPN service in the industry right now. ExpressVPN offers 3000+ servers in 94 countries that can easily get you unrestricted access to Discord and other apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Vevo and more anywhere in the world.

That’s not all, features like Split tunnelling, Zero-knowledge DNS, Network lock, and other countless features are also offered to ensure online security and anonymity.

ExpressVPN also offers military-grade encryption (AES-256-bit), TrustedServer network, and Private DNS to ensure that your online activities and identity remains secure and anonymous while using Discord.

Supporting 5 simultaneous connections, ExpressVPN is quite compatible with various devices such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, PS4, Xbox, and more.

ExpressVPN is available for $6.67/mo (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan), and every subscription is backed with a 30-day refund policy, so you can try it risk-free with Discord.

To learn more about this provider, check out our ExpressVPN review.

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2. NordVPN – Secure VPN for Discord


  • 5200+ servers in 60 countries
  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • AES-256-bit military-grade encryption
  • 82 Mbps speed on a 100 Mbps connection
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unblocks Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Max, NBC, TF1, DStv, and more
  • Also works with macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, routers, browsers, and more

NordVPN is a Panama-based VPN provider for Discord known for being the best privacy and secure VPN. It has established its reputation among gamers for being one of the most secure and encrypted Discord VPNs for your online privacy.

NordVPN has a vast server network of 5200+ servers in 60 countries. These servers are equipped with state-of-the-art security features to ensure the most secure and private access to Discord from anywhere in the world.

Feature-wise NordVPN offers AES-256-bit encryption, Double VPN, Onion Over VPN, and obfuscated servers to offer best-in-the-business security and privacy for Discord users.

But by far the best feature of NordVPN has to be its special obfuscated servers. These servers are specifically designed to bypass stricter than usual geo-restrictions. Its obfuscated servers mask your VPN traffic and make it look like normal internet traffic. This way, not even your ISP can know that you are using a VPN.

Considering all the features, you can securely unblock Discord in UAE and China using NordVPN as your go-to VPN service.

NordVPN supports 6 simultaneous connections on a single account and can easily be configured on Mac, Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, PS4, Xbox, routers, and more.

You can get NordVPN for just $3.99/mo (Save 70% on 2 Years Plan + Extra Subscription) and it comes with a 30-day refund policy as well.

Read more about this VPN in our NordVPN Review.

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3. Surfshark – Budget-friendly VPN for Discord


  • 3200+ servers in 95 countries
  • Infinite simultaneous connections
  • AES-256-bit military-grade encryption
  • 75.12 Mbps speed on a 100 Mbps connection
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unblocks Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+ and more
  • Also works with macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, routers, browsers, and more

Surfshark is the most affordable VPN for Discord. The provider was launched in 2018 and is relatively new as compared to other VPNs on this list. It is popular for offering great features and the capability to unblock Discord at a cheaper rate. 

It has a server network of 3200+ servers in 95 countries. With this many servers, gamers can easily access Discord from anywhere around the world.

Surfshark is particularly great for bypassing almost any regional geo-restrictions. Not only that, with its military-grade 256-bit encryption, you can effectively unblock Discord and other blocked services anywhere in the world.

Surfshark is also equipped with IP leak protection along with a zero-log policy, internet kill switch, CleanWeb, and Multi-hop (double VPN) to offer you complete online security, privacy, and data protection.

With its Multi-hop feature (double VPN) your internet traffic passes through two different servers, making it untraceble. There are plenty of locations that you can choose from for double encryption.

One thing that sets apart Surfshark from other VPNs is its ability to support unlimited simultaneous connections. With a single Surfshark account, you can protect as many devices as you want. It is also compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, router, PS4, Xbox, Linux, Smart TVs, Firestick, and more.

Surfshark is available for a low cost of $2.30/mo (Save 81% on 2 Years + 2 Months Free Plan with Surfshark Antivirus) and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

To learn more about this provider, check out our Surfshark review.

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4. CyberGhost – User-friendly VPN for Discord


  • 7700+ servers in 90 countries
  • 7 simultaneous connections
  • AES-256-bit military-grade encryption
  • 71.4 Mbps speed on a 100 Mbps connection
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Unblocks Netflix, Disney+, Comedy Central, HBO, Showtime, and more.
  • Also works with macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, routers, browsers, and more

CyberGhost is the most user-friendly VPN for Discord. Its application offers dedicated servers that are optimized for streaming, gaming, torrenting, and security. All these servers are optimized for their tasks to provide you with the best experience.

CyberGhost offers a server network of 7700+ servers in 90 countries. These servers are optimized for unblocking sites like Discord, and a lot more. So, with CyberGhost, you can get unrestricted access to Discord from anywhere in the world.

CyberGhost is headquartered in Romania – a place with no mandatory data retention laws, and the provider offers absolutely online privacy and security due to its AES-256-bit encryption, and DNS/IPv6 leak protection. It also offers NoSpy and Dedicated IP servers for extra protection and anonymity.

You can have upto 7 simultaneous connections with a single CyberGhost account along with user-friendly apps for devices such as iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Smart DNS feature for Smart TV, Linux, routers, PS4, Xbox and more.

It is available for only $2.23/mo and comes with an impressive 45-day money-back guarantee, so you can give it a try risk-free.

To learn more about this provider, check out our CyberGhost review.

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5. PIA – Popular VPN for Discord


  • 35000+ servers in 80 countries
  • 10 simultaneous connections
  • AES-256-bit military-grade encryption
  • 64 Mbps speed on a 100 Mbps connection
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unblocks Netflix, Disney+, HBO, Showtime, Voot, Hotstar, and more.
  • Also works with macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, routers, browsers, and more

Private Internet Access is another popular VPN for Discord, owing to its powerful features and impressive server network. 

PIA VPN has one of the biggest server network in the VPN industry with 35000+ servers in 80 countries. With such an enormous server network, you’ll never face any issue accessing Discord even in countries like UAE, Egypt, and more.

Aside from having excellent unblocking capabilities, PIA also offers some of the best security features in the industry. Some of its notable features include AES-256-bit encryption, internet kill switch, and secure protocols like IPsec & IKEv2. It also offers IP and DNS leak protection.

It also offers additional features like MACE, an adblocker, split tunneling, and you can even choose the encryption cipher. If you want better speeds, you can choose the 128-bit encryption, and for maximum data protection, you can go for the 256-bit encryption cipher.

Not only that, PIA offers excellent device compatibility, optimized protocols, and a bunch of other features to help you access Discord despite ISP bans.

You can secure 10 devices simultaneously with a single PIA subscription and set it up on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, PlayStation, Firestick, Xbox, router, Linux, and more.

Best of all, PIA costs only $2.19/mo and comes with an extensive 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee as well.

Get PIA for Discord30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Why do you need a VPN For Discord?

Although the Discord app comes pre-equipped with built-in DDoS and IP leak protection and end-to-end encryption, you still need a Discord VPN to protect your online communications. This is because all of your communications are handled by Discord on separate servers which are potentially vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

While it might seem farfetched, a hacker can actually get a hold of your chat communications. A VPN can help you mitigate this issue by encrypting your traffic and masking your original IP address associated with you.

Another reason why you would need a Discord VPN is to get past geo-restrictions and firewalls. As I already mentioned, Discord is actually blocked in countries like the United Arab Emirates and China. A VPN can also help you get past Firewalls in offices and even schools.

Unblock Discord NowTop VPN For Discord

How to use Discord in UAE?

Etisalat, the state-owned telecom provider of the UAE blocks Discord since it is a VoIP service. Etisalat bans VoIP services so that consumers are compelled to use Etisalat’s telephonic services rather than free VoIP services.

This strategy allows Etisalat to increase its revenue by eliminating VoIP as a possible choice for consumers. Similarly, China user the Great Firewall to block access to pretty much all foreign websites and services.

Thankfully, there is a way to evade such annoying geo-blocks. Since Discord and VPNs go hand in hand, you can simply unblock the popular chatting app with reliable VPN software for Etisalat specifically.

If you’re new to using VPNs, here’s how you can use a VPN to unblock Discord:

Once you have selected a VPN service, it is fairly easy to set up your VPN and gain access to Discord. Simply follow the steps below to easily unblock Discord:

  1. Subscribe to a suitable plan of one of the VPN providers described above and download it to your system
  2. Launch the VPN app
  3. Enter your credentials to log in
  4. Select a server in a location where Discord is unblocked (Almost any European server)
  5. Open the Discord app and chat with your gaming friends hassle-free

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FAQs – Best VPN for Discord

So now that you know what are the best VPNs for Discord are, let’s go through some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Discord and VPNs.

Here’s how to use a VPN with Discord:

  1. Sign up for a VPN service that works with Discord. I suggest using ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the VPN app onto your device and log in using your credentials.
  3. Not connect to a VPN server. Just avoid connecting to Middle Eastern or Chinese servers.
  4. Finally, launch Discord and start chatting away.

Yes, Discord does work with VPNs. However, not all VPNs work, especially free VPNs. If you want a reliable VPN for Discord, I suggest using ExpressVPN as it offers 3000+ servers in 94 countries with advanced security features and DNS/ IP leak protection to protect you against online threats.

To be completely honest with you, free VPNs don’t work with Discord. First of all, since free VPNs only offer limited bandwidth, usually only 500 MBs at max, you’re going to run out of bandwidth usually in one or two sessions of using Discord.

Free VPNs also offer limited servers that are congested with thousands of users, offering extremely slow speeds and sudden VPN connection drops. In short, you will not be able to use Discord with a free VPN.

Other than that, free VPNs should be absolutely avoided if you care about your privacy. If you don’t know, free VPNs log and sell user data. In fact, there are multiple Chinese VPNs that are infamous for harvesting user VPN logs. This is exactly why I only recommend using paid VPNs for Discord.

Yes, you can use a VPN with Discord. You won’t face any hindrance if you use a Discord through VPN. Although it entirely depends upon the VPN you’ve picked out and the speeds provided by its servers.


Even though users located in UAE, China, and a few other countries might not be barred from using Discord, you can easily unblock the free chatting app using one of the best VPN for Discord listed above.

Our top recommendation is ExpressVPN as it offers the best unblocking ability for Discord. This best VPN for gaming also offers protection against DDoS attacks, and in-game threats by making sure your IP and DNS are never leaked.

With ExpressVPN you can also unblock geo-restricted games from anywhere in the world. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk-free.

If you like the service, it is also offering a limited time offer of 12-months + 3 months FREE.