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When it comes to sharing your personal belongings, would you ever care to share a towel, a bar soap, or even a toothbrush for that matter?

Then how could you even think about sharing your IP address with millions of other VPN users?

Despite being aware of potential privacy threats that lurk in every nook and corner of the internet, why would even bother to use a shared IP?

Stop it! Get yourself a Dedicated IP VPN.

Dedicated IP VPN provides:

  • Better online security
  • High-speed streaming
  • Secure online payment
  • Reduces lag for online gaming

Your online security depends on your IP address, so why not spending an extra few bucks to ensure complete security?

Some of the top VPN providers came up with the solution of offering a Personal IP for each country that will only be used by one individual.

Here in this guide, I provided a comparison of 7 different VPN providers offering Dedicated IPs, with their features, price, and specific country IPs.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Dedicated IP Finder Tool – VRDIP

Dedicated IP has its benefits but I know the pain of finding a provider that offers a reserved IP address of your choice.

This is where our development team put on their creative hats and came up with a dedication IP tool called VRDIP.

So let VRDIP do the work for you and suggest the best-dedicated IP VPN!

Just select the parameters and choose a provider that guarantees seamless experience in your preferred price.

Shared IP vs. Dedicated IP

No matter which ISP (internet service provider) you go with, you’ll likely end up with either a shared or a dedicated IP address.

But what’s the difference between the two?

To easily understand the difference between a shared and a dedicated IP address, consider the example of a subway vs. a car.

A shared IP is like a subway train, full of passengers that cater all of them at the same time.

On another hand, a dedicated IP address is like your personal car, which is being driven and used solely by you.

Dedicated and Shared IP addresses have their own unique advantages and drawbacks, however, dedicated IPs have a slight edge over shared IPs in terms of accessibility and performance.

Let’s take a closer look at the each of them…

Dynamic IP:

Dynamic, shared or public IPs are constantly changing. Dynamic IP addresses are more flexible and continuously change over time.

Usually, a simple router or modem reset is enough to change your IP address. Part of the reason why most people reset their routers whenever their internet stops working.

We’ve all been there, SIGH!


  • No additional fees
  • Greater anonymity


  • Can suffer from downtimes
  • Prone to blacklisting

Static IP:

What is a dedicated IP you ask?

Static, dedicated or private IPs on the other hand always stay the same. Unlike dynamic IP addresses, no matter if you reset your router or your modem, your static IP will still stay the same.

This feature is quite exclusive and only offered by a handful of premium VPN service.


  • Allow effective geo-lock bypassing
  • Stable connection over VPN


  • Potential tractability weakness
  • Expensive

Which one should you choose?

To be honest with you, most of us don’t really care if we have static or a dynamic IP address. I’m sure all you’re concerned about is the speed and reliability of your internet connection.

At least that’s the case for me…

Since it’s impossible to notice when your IP address changes, I can be least bothered about what kind of IP (dynamic or static) I’m using.

VPN Static IP is quite expensive compared to dynamic IP and probably the reason why almost no ISP assigns it by default. To ensure cost effectiveness, most ISPs use dynamic IP addresses.

Long story short, the primary difference between the two is that a shared IP address is shared with thousands of users, while a dedicated or static IP is unique and only assigned to a single user.

VPN – Static VS Dynamic IPs

In general, I don’t really care about what kind of IP address I use. However, when it comes to VPNs, having a static IP address can make a world of a difference.

Just like your ISP, VPN providers also own a bunch of IP addresses. And similar to ISPs, VPN providers also use the dynamic IP allocation model.

As I mentioned earlier, Static IP addresses bear an additional cost. However, owing to a static IP does come with its perks.

For one, having a dedicated IP all to yourself does vastly reduce the chance of you getting blacklisted on servers used by VoD services like Netflix.

Dynamic IPs, on the other hand, suffer from the trickledown phenomenon. For instance, if one shared IP address gets blacklisted, all the user sharing the same IP addresses will suffer.

So it’s obvious that static IP addresses are far more beneficial than their dynamic counterparts, however, surely there must be some flaws with it right?

Yes, there are…

Part of the reason why many VPN providers don’t offer static or dedicated IPs has to do with “traceability”.

Even though VPN providers offering dedicated IPs boast powerful encryption and no log policies, by simply going through customer account details, law enforcement agencies can easily pinpoint a user’s location.

Shared or dynamic IPs, on the other hand, allows VPN providers to dismantle any traceable information.

Dedicated IPShared IP
Personal IP address, dedicated to only one userSingle IP address used by multiple users
Fast Internet SpeedModerate Internet Speed
Easily Unblocks American NetflixRarely Unblocks American Netflix
Extra cost starting from $1.66Cost-effective

What’s the difference between Dedicated IP, Static IP and Personal IP?

Before I explain the understanding behind Dedicated and Static IP, you must know that all devices that are connected to the internet have an IP address, also known as Internet Protocol.

This is how your ISP knows your exact location.

  • Static IP is an IP that is assigned to a particular web server. There could be many Static IPs for a single web server.
  • Dedicated IP is a unique Static IP that is only assigned to you. To explain it in simple terms, consider a building as a web server. Each of the rooms in a building is a Static IP. However, if a single room is assigned to you, then it is known as a Dedicated IP.
  • Personal IP is also known as Dedicated IP.

Dedicated IP & Global Server Coverage

As I mentioned earlier, dedicated IPs do come with few implications. Aside from the traceability flaw, most VPN providers offer dedicated IP servers in only a handful of regions.

If you primarily unblock geo-blocked content, you must make sure your VPN provider offers a dedicated IP from that region by going through the VPN IP address list.

For instance, to unblock U.S Netflix, you’d need a dedicated IP that offers a United States IP addresses.

NordVPN offers dedicated IPs in the United States (Buffalo, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Matawan), Germany (Frankfurt), the United Kingdom (London) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam).

Similarly, PureVPN offers dedicated IPs in UK, Canada, Germany, US, Malta, Hong Kong, Australia and in Singapore.

There’s no point in purchasing a dedicated IP address if it’s not available in your region. Therefore always do a bit of research before you buy static IP.  If a VPN provider offers a refund policy, that’s even better.

7 Best Dedicated IP VPN Providers 2019

Now that you know the difference between dedicated and shared IP, let’s look at a few VPN providers that offer dedicated VPN IP addresses.

Bear in mind VPN dedicated IP is usually offered as an add-on and comes with an additional cost.

**Spoiler Alert**

You’re not going to find ExpressVPN in this list. That’s because there is no such thing as an Express VPN dedicated IP.

Anyways, let’s dive straight into the list of best VPN with static IP…

ProvidersPrice ($)Dedicated IP ($)More Info
Editor’s Choice
$2.99Per Month
$1.99/month for each IP
Covered 8 Countries
$2.99Per Month
$5.83/month for each IP
Covered 4 Countries
$5.00Per Month
$29.00/month for 70+ locations
Business Cloud Service
Ivacy VPN
$2.25Per Month
$1.99/month for each IP
Covered 8 Countries
$4.92Per Month
$1.66/month for US IP
Covered 9 Countries
$5.95Per Month
$7.99/month for each IP
Covered 45 Countries
Astrill VPN
$8.33Per Month
$5.00/month for each IP
Covered 24 Countries

1. PureVPN



PureVPN is a Hong Kong-based VPN service known for its dedicated IP feature. The users can connect from the list of 2,000+ servers available in 141 countries worldwide.

The provider offers a list of compelling features to the users. It is also included in the list of cheap dedicated VPN providers. Not only that, PureVPN dedicated IP is one of the finest in the industry.

Price: $1.99/month for each IP

Plan: 2 Years


  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Malta
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Australia

Why PureVPN is the best choice?

Here are some facts to prove it:

PureVPN has many exceptional features that take it far ahead from others. It provides VPN with dedicated IPs particularly for the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and many others.

Moreover, it allows a multi-login facility simultaneously from different places. PureVPN has many more features that facilitate users in a truly extraordinary way.

Find more features about PureVPN Dedicated and Static IP Service:

  • The service offers static IP addresses for the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Malta, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia
  • The service provides 31 days money back guarantee benefit to the users
  • The users should take huge benefit from the multi-login benefit
  • The service allows torrenting activities to the users
  • The service does not have free trial benefit for the users

PureVPN stands as the most economical and top-tier privacy solution for netizens who want static IP at an affordable cost.

PureVPN takes netizen’s data privacy to the whole next level with a broad range of strong encryption tunneling protocols (PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP & OpenVPN).

At present, PureVPN offers dedicated IP at an additional cost.

In addition to this, Wallet-friendly plans, zero-activity logging policy, and outstanding features offer a cutting-edge online experience to users, where they can freely unblock popular sites & on-demand entertainment services from anywhere.

With that said, limitless offerings are just a click away with PureVPN.

For further details, view our PureVPN review guide of 2019.

2. NordVPN


NordVPN is a Panama based online privacy service that has over 5,100+ servers in 62 countries. The provider offers different features that attract the eyes of the potential users straightaway.

Price: $5.83/month for each IP

Plan: 1 Year

Dedicated IP NordVPN Locations:

  • United States
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands

NordVPN is a well-known privacy protection solution that offers reliable online security with handy benefits.

With having countless servers spread across prime regions of the world, NordVPN dedicated IP offers instant access to thousands of blocked websites and services.

That said, NordVPN delivers unmatched data protection to users through cutting-edge tunneling protocols (SSL, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec).

On top of all, dedicated IP is an exceptional service offered by NordVPN. With this feature, subscribers can freely access Netflix without facing any restrictions.

Moreover, top-notch protection against DDOS attacks can also be achieved with NordVPN static IP.

At this moment, NordVPN offers dedicated or static IP at an extra cost, that is economical than traditional providers in the market.

View Nordvpn security guide of 2019 for more information.

  • The service offers static IP addresses for the United States (Buffalo, Los Angeles, Dallas), Germany (Frankfurt), United Kingdom (London), and Netherlands (Amsterdam)
  • The provider has attractive customer support benefit for the users
  • The service provides 30 days money back guarantee advantage to the subscribers
  • Allows up to 6 devices to connect to the same VPN
  • The subscribers have to pay extra amount for dedicated IP package

3. Vypyr VPN


VypyrVPN offers more than 700 servers. It is built with an automatic dynamic server switching feature that prevents any single server from getting overloaded.

Vypyr VPN is also one of the best-dedicated IP VPN services that offer dedicated IP addresses. However, this offer is only limited to their business clients.

Price: $349/year for 70+ locations

Plan: 1 Year

Country: (70) All server locations

  • Offers more than 700 servers in 35+ countries
  • Dynamic server switching
  • Compatible with different platforms and devices
  • Offers 3-day free trial
  • The provider has a strict refund policy for the subscribers

Is VyprVPNs Business Cloud Service the same as a Dedicated IP Service?

Testing for VyprVPN dedicated IP led me to discover that VyprVPN, in fact, does not offer a dedicated IP, yet it is specifically mentioned in its Business Cloud Service that it indeed does.


Upon purchasing the service when I encountered that there was no such settings option as dedicated VPN, I came across to its Live Chat service.

Therefore, I was explained that there is no such offer as Dedicated IP VPN being offered by VyprVPN.


However, the support representative was enthusiastic enough to explain me with all the details regarding a Business Cloud service against a dedicated IP VPN service, to which I was astonished to see that it was a better service than the dedicated IP address.

Business or VyprVPN Cloud let you access all of its 700+ servers with a unique dedicated IP.

It is designed in a way to reduce all the frustrations that a novice online user might face when visiting websites such as Netflix, Hulu, or other services that have strict geographical restrictions.

Overall, I found this service very fascinating than other VPN services present in the list. However, the exceptional service comes with a cost of $349 per year.

For more information, visit our VyprVPN review guide of 2019.

4. Ivacy


Ivacy VPN is another renowned provider that provides dedicated IP for VPN with global server coverage to the users. The provider is based in Hong Kong with 100+ locations in 50+ countries. The provider offers some amazing features that make the service interesting choice for the users. For further details for Ivacy dedicated IP VPN look at the information below:

Price: $1.99/month for each IP

Plan: 2 Years


  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • The UK
  • The US
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Malta

View our Ivacy review guide of 2019.

  • The service offers impressive customer support feature to the users
  • The service provides multi-login benefits to the subscribers
  • The provider has apps for different platforms
  • The service offers 30 days money back guarantee benefit
  • The users may experience connectivity issues sometimes

5. VPNArea


VPNArea is one of the cheapest dedicated IP VPN services users can opt to secure their online privacy.

The provider offers seven days of money back guarantee along with a list of other impressive features.

VPNArea dedicated IP service has a strong global presence in all the major countries worldwide.

Price: $1.66/month for US (different for each country)

Plan: 1 Year


  • US ($1.66)
  • Canada ($2.5)
  • Australia ($3.66)
  • UK ($2.5)
  • Netherlands ($2.5)
  • Germany ($2.5)
  • Romania ($2.5)
  • Sweden ($3.33)
  • Hong Kong ($3.33)

View our VPNArea review guide of 2019.

  • The service provides a multi-login feature to the subscribers
  • The provider offers apps for different platforms
  • The service offers 7 days money back guarantee to the new users
  • Offers unlimited bandwidth
  • The service does not provide free trial benefit to the users

6. TorGuard


TorGuard is another static IP VPN provider that offers 3000+ VPN servers in 55+ countries worldwide.

The provider allows you to obtain complete online freedom through static IP addresses of various countries.

TorGuard dedicated IP service also offers features like money back guarantee, impressive 24/7 live support and unlimited server switching.

Price: $7.99/month for each IP

Plan: 1 Year

Country: (45)

Australia – MelbourneAustralia – SydneyAustriaBelgiumBulgaria – BurgasCanada – TorontoCanada – Vancouver
Czech RepublicDenmarkEgyptFinlandFranceGermany – FrankfurtGreece
Hong KongHungaryIcelandIndiaIndonesiaIrelandIsle of Man
IsraelItalyJapan – TokyoLatviaLuxembourgMalaysiaMoldova
NetherlandsNew ZealandNorwayPolandPortugalRomaniaRussia – Moscow
Russia – St PetersburgSaudi ArabiaSingaporeSouth AfricaSouth KoreaSpainSweden – Stockholm
SwitzerlandThailandTurkeyUK – HampshireUK – LondonUSA – AtlantaUSA – Chicago
USA – DallasUSA – LAUSA – Las VegasUSA – MiamiUSA – New JerseyUSA – New YorkVietnam
  • TorGuard offers multi-login benefit to the users
  • The provider offers added DDoS protection to the subscribers
  • The service offers 7 days money back guarantee to the new users
  • Supports advanced encryption protocols
  • The users may face strict refund procedure
  • The users may find difficulties in installing the apps on their devices
  • The provider does not offer free trial feature

Setting up TorGuard Dedicated IP

If you’re wondering how to get a static IP address, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Once you get a TorGuard dedicated IP by subscribing from the table provided above at $7.99, you will receive an email from their representative.

The email will hold your dedicated IP for a particular country that you ordered. Once you have received the IP, follow instructions below:

Step 1: Open TorGuard app > Select More Settings


Step 2: On the top menu, click on Servers tab > Enter your Dedicated IP and Location > Click Add


Step 3: Select the Server > Hit Connect


It was easier to set up once you get its dedicated IP over your email address.

It is almost like a routine connection, but only addition of inserting your IP and selecting a location.

View our detailed TorGuard review for more information.

7. AstrillVPN


Last up in my list of best VPN with dedicated IP is Astrill.

Having a wide range of servers located across different countries, Astrill prides itself on being an optimal solution for one-click data privacy.

Moreover, the static IP feature of AstrillVPN allows netizens to explore the internet like never before. 

Subscribers can get AstrillVPN dedicated IP at an added cost, that is slightly expensive than other providers. However, high-speed connection, SSL 256-bit data encryption, reliable service, and easy-to-use clients available for multiple platforms (Windows, Mac OSX, iOS & Android) make AstrillVPN an excellent choice for those who don’t want to compromise on their data privacy.

  • 322+ servers in 62 countries
  • NAT Firewall
  • Supports Port Forwarding
  • No Bandwidth Caps
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Price: $5/month for each IP

Plan: Monthly plan

Country: (24)

View our AstrillVPN review for 2019.

USA DallasUSA FremontUSA Santa ClaraUSA (China optimized)USA Los Angeles
USA SeattleUSA PhoenixUSA New YorkUSA ChicagoUSA Oklahoma
USA AtlantaUSA MiamiCanadaUKNetherlands
TurkeyAustraliaHong KongKoreaSouth Africa

Free Dedicated IP VPN

I would certainly not recommend users to go for free VPN that offers a free static IP address based on the fact that there are plenty of VPN scams that lingers over a VPN industry as a threat.

In fact, a dedicated VPN server costs a significant amount of money, it is handed out different to each individual which makes it unique.

Imagine if a free VPN handing out dedicated IPs for free? It just can’t happen.

There is one thing that you can do to avoid being seen what you’re doing online and still be able to spend zero cost, is by using a free VPN.

Some of the VPN providers that I will list down below, do not keep any logging data.

They have a free version and as well as a premium version. The free version ultimately tempts you to buy a premium version, but it will never sell out your data.

Have a look at that list:

  • ZenMate
  • TunnelBear
  • Hola VPN
  • Hotspot Shield

How to Setup Dedicated IP VPN Services?

How to get a static IP with PureVPN.

For demonstration purposes, I am going to be using a dedicated IP address of PureVPN.

Therefore, you will need to install PureVPN and open the app once it is installed. No, go through the process mentioned below:

Step 1: Upon opening the PureVPN app, a screen will appear with different options, select Dedicated IP.

Step 2: It will ask you to insert Hostname.

Insert Hostname if you already have subscribed to PureVPN dedicated OR you can subscribe to it from the table provided above.PureVPN-Setup-Dedicated-IP-VPN-Setup-2
Step 3: Once you subscribe to get dedicated IP, you will receive an email.

Step 4: Enter Hostname > Now hit Connect!

How a Dedicated IP Improve your VPN Experience?

A dedicated IP for VPN improves your online protection to another level.

Moreover, you are able to secure all your devices from DDoS attacks.

Likewise, you can decrease latency along with lag that can affect your online gaming experience.

Here is the list of other benefits users can obtain through dedicated IP that includes:

  • Faster connection speed
  • Greater bandwidth allocation
  • Uninterrupted online experience

Including that, there are some other benefits of using a dedicated IP VPN described below:

Server Whitelisting

The server whitelisting process enables users to develop lists of trusted IP addresses.

By doing so, users can control and give access to trusted users only. Likewise, you can allow your trusted users to access your domains in a secure manner.

Through the assistance of dedicated-IP VPN, you can securely access your database after whitelisting your dedicated IP server.

Video Games

When it comes to playing video games, users can improve their online video gaming experiences through the IP global server of dedicated IP address VPN and decrease latency and ping.

Better Entertainment

Through dedicated IP, you can enjoy better entertainment experience since it allows you to attain faster connections.

Therefore, if you wish to enjoy the advanced level of streaming, you are must use a VPN with dedicated IP with a server having global coverage.

Online Banking Security

After using dedicated IP feature, you are able to secure all your online transactions like online banking, web surfing, and so on.

Thus, you must connect to a dedicated IP server to offer more protection to your online activities.

By doing so, you can attain peace of mind without facing any hassle.

Secure Remote Access

The dedicated IP advantage enables users to control other users’ network access.

Thus, you are able to authorize your employees to access the organization’s network securely.

Secure FTP Access

You can add an extra wall of security through dedicated IP for your website by reducing FTP access to your IP only.

Risk-Free Online Reputation

When you want to develop your online reputation among other users, you need to use dedicated IP.

This is because the usage of Personal IP address provides an impressive and risk-free online reputation to the users.

This way, you protect yourself from being banned on different websites due to the use of a shared IP address.

Home Security Camera Protection

Interestingly, the users can opt static IP address to set up their home security camera.

Moreover, you can use the same dedicated IP while on the go. By doing so, your home security camera will work with static IP address only.

How to Buy Dedicated IP VPN in 10 Simple Steps

Since its an add-on service, you will need to buy it via the following steps:

  1. Choose a static IP VPN provider
  2. Make an account on the provider’s website
  3. Next, select a pricing plan of your choice
  4. Add dedicated IP add-on to your package
  5. Now, choose a payment mode
  6. Make payment and checkout
  7. Download and install the VPN on your device
  8. Upon successful installation, open the VPN app, enter the static IP address in the required option and hit connect
  9. Wait few seconds till the VPN connects
  10. Finally, enjoy secured & protected online experience with your VPN

How can I check if someone is using my Dedicated IP?

If you’re really wondering if someone is using your dedicated IP, then do the following:

  • Host a server
  • Monitor the ports
  • Test all ports
  • If something goes wrong, then there’s something fishy!

Another way of knowing if anyone using your IP is to look over this website that will show you a history of your Torrenting downloads.

Dedicated VPN for Netflix

The largest American on-demand entertainment service Netflix prides itself on having more than 75 million active subscribers worldwide.

However, Netflix started to block VPN users earlier this year, when the majority of users were found using VPN for accessing media libraries of other regions.


Now, if this is the case for you and you’re seeing above message as an error, then, unfortunately, Netflix has identified you through its VPN detection mechanism.

But happily, you can still access the foreign media libraries of Netflix via any dedicated IP that offers a US IP address. Since this unique IP is under your control, there are very low chances that Netflix will flag the IP. In this way, it aids you in accessing foreign media libraries without any restrictions.

Similarly, if you wish to unblock BBC iPlayer, you need a UK IP address.

Get it Now

What is the Advantage of a dedicated IP address?

Despite being an additional feature, a dedicated IP address offers a list full of advantages, which subscribers can enjoy.

Here’re some of its key benefits:

1. Bypass VPN blocking of Netflix & Other on-demand entertainment services

For years, VPN has been serving Netflix fans by changing their geo-location and providing them access to exclusive TV series and shows available on US library.

However, Netflix’s new compliance law has banned thousands of users using VPN services and restricted them from accessing foreign media libraries.

The streaming site identifies your VPN connection by detecting your dynamic IP address, which might be associated with another Netflix account in the past or might have been used by another user using the same VPN connection.

To get around with the restrictions, a dedicated or static IP VPN comes into play. With a static IP, Netflix thinks that you’re originally located in the US and does not suspect that you are accessing the service using a VPN as the IP address has only been used by you previously. Easy…isn’t it?

2. Enjoy high-speed streaming

To achieve great streaming speeds, a static IP should be used as it is never shared among other users.

On the other hand, a shared IP address offered by a VPN is shared among multiple subscribers simultaneously, thus impacting your connection and streaming speed.

I suggest streaming lovers choose one of the specified static IP VPN services mentioned above and experience the blazing fast streaming speed.

3. Robust protection against DDoS & Reduced lag in online gaming

If you’re an online gameholic, then you may have encountered a DDoS attack in your life.

The Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attack is a nightmare for any gamer.

It is acclaimed for plaguing e-sports and online gaming battles for a long time and has been increasing ever since.

To get the best out from online gaming, a dedicated or static IP VPN offers 100% protection against DDoS attacks.

In addition to this, it also helps to reduce lag and latency that might disrupt your online gaming.

When you are connected to a normal internet connection, your gaming data packets have to travel through congested pathways, creating lag and delay during the process.

But with a static IP, all your data is routed through clear and uncongested pathways.

As a result, gamers enjoy the fast, lag-free and uninterrupted gaming experience.

4. Secure your online transactions

An unbeatable advantage of using a Personal IP includes top-notch protection of your financial transactions.

It allows you to perform credit card transactions with only a particular static IP assigned to you.

So, next time no hacker, identity thieve or any other cyber goon can make fraudulent transactions using your credit card credentials.

On the contrary, the dynamic IP VPN doesn’t offer adequate protection during e-transactions, as it is being shared with various users.

5. Being responsible for your own activities only

The problem with a shared IP address is that the same IP belongs to many users.

As such, if some user behaves inappropriately and that IP is banned by a website, then all users sharing that IP will be banned from access collectively.

A dedicated IP address, therefore, means that you don’t have to worry about being penalized for the crimes of another as you are only responsible for yourself.

6. Avoid suspicion from online services

Many web services and websites such as Google, PayPal, and eBay can disable your account if they detect your account being accessed by various different IP addresses.

This is done as a security measure as such behavior often represents a hacking attempt.

However, if you have a VPN with dedicated IP, you can always log in to these sites with the same IP address.

Thus, you won’t have to face the frustration of having your account disabled on a false suspicion.

Dedicated IP VPN Disadvantages

Although, you can get a comprehensive list of benefits through a VPN that offers dedicated IP feature. However, there is one major con you must bear in your mind while using such VPN services.

When you use a static IP address, your traffic remains separate as compared to the traffic of shared IP users. Hence, you are bound to rely on a low level of privacy.

There is no harm in using dedicated IP for specific purposes only. For other online tasks, you can opt shared IP addresses without a shadow of a doubt.

Dedicated IP VPN Twitter Reviews

I have provided reviews from Twitter to see what users have to say about Dedicated IP and its use in this social media platform.

To some extent shared IPs that you get via VPNs are also safe enough to browse the internet, bypass restrictions, and access video content from around the world.

Dedicated IP address VPN, on the other hand, is one level ahead of shared IPs. You get your own IP and there’s no chance of being seen online.

TorGuard happens to stream US Netflix without having to face any problem.

It is the only VPN provider that happens to cover 45 countries, the most by any provider.

It has always been a debate if any other user using a shared IP same as yours, then they are able to access your data. It is completely false. However, dedicated IP VPN will remove any of these misconceptions when you get your hands on it.

Dedicated IP VPN Reddit Reviews

Once again, I have provided Reddit users’ review on their take of Dedicated IP and what they think about this add-on provided by many VPN providers.

Dedicated IP is certainly more secure than a shared IP is because a VPN in itself is secured, at least the ones that I have mentioned in this guide.

They have no log policy, which means they would not store any of your data.

On top of that, shared IPs are used by hundreds or maybe thousands of VPN users.

That said, it is riskier to use these IPs than the one that is being used by yourself alone.

Makes sense?

Consider this, dedicated IPs are the fastest when it comes to their speed.

The speed of shared IPs is not even close to dedicated IPs because it doesn’t have unnecessary traffic.

There’s only you access the internet with it. If it were shared IP, surely there would be slow speed because many people accessing it at the same time.

Wrapping Up

With a static IP VPN, a user can access financial information, confidential data, and unblock unlimited geo-blocked streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Fox Go, BBC iPlayer) securely and safely.

It is a one-stop solution for movie lovers, privacy enthusiasts, business person gameholics.

Therefore, it is recommended for you to use a dedicated IP VPN to and reap the numerous advantages it offers over a shared IP address.

Was this article helpful? Let me know in the comments below!