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Dedicate IP VPN – Why does it cost more than an average VPN? This question has always intrigued me. However, after using static IPs from multiple providers for a week, I found them to be much better than shared IP VPNs.

If you’re not into features and just simply want to know what’s the best static IP VPN based on country, price, and provider, check out the tool below:

Just to give you an idea, here are a few benefits of paying extra for Dedicated IP servers:

1. Avoid getting blocked by Netflix or other streaming services

2. Bypass ISP throttling and enjoy high-speed streaming

3. Conduct secure banking without getting blocked

4. Avoid getting banned because of shared blacklisted IPs

5. Unblock hard to access websites and services

Although there are numerous benefits of using dedicated IPs, it can be hard to get. Not only is it a bit expensive, but also only a few VPN providers offer it. Don’t worry though, I’ve compiled a list below of some of the most affordable VPNs offering dedicated IPs just for you.

What is a Dedicated or Static IP address?

If you don’t know what does Static IP means, it is basically a single IP address that’s only used by a single person. With shared IP VPNs or shared IP address, you share your IP address with a bunch of other users. For instance, when you connect to a server location, you will pretty much share that server with hundreds of other users who are all sharing the same IP address. This is both good and bad. Sure it makes you more anonymous, however, it can also get banned or blacklisted quite quickly as well.

But this isn’t the case with dedicated IP addresses. If you go for a dedicated IP, your VPN provider will assign you a unique VPN IP address list that’s not going to be shared by others. Once you get a Static IP, all of your network traffic will get routed through that unique IP address allowing you more control.

That being said, as useful as dedicated IPs might sound, they are slightly expensive to get. For more in-depth information regarding IP addresses, check out this guide on what’s my IP address. So now that you know what is a dedicated IP, let’s discuss how it differs from shared IPs.

Difference between Shared IP & Dedicated IP

The difference between dedicated IP vs shared IP is pretty self-explanatory. Shared IP is basically a single address that’s shared among multiple users. On the other hand, a dedicated IP address is only specifically assigned to a single user and not shared by others.

In the case of shared or dynamic IP addresses, they are constantly changing. Dynamic IP addresses are more flexible and continuously change over time. Usually, a simple router or modem reset is enough to change your IP address.

In comparison, a static or dedicated IP address always stays the same. Unlike dynamic IP addresses, no matter if you reset your router or your modem, your static IP will still stay the same.

Moreover, unlike a dedicated IP address, you don’t have to pay an additional cost for dynamic IPs. Dynamic IP addresses offer a higher level of anonymity but can be blacklisted by the services anytime.

Dedicated IP addresses, on the other hand, are extremely effective at bypassing geo-restrictions, but, are also easily traceable by ISPs or other surveillance agencies.

What are the Advantages of a Dedicated IP Address?

No doubt, there are numerous advantages of using a dedicated IP. However, it also has its disadvantages. To help you see a clear picture, I’ve listed all the advantages and disadvantages of dedicated IPs below:

Dedicated IP Advantages

1. Securely work from home

The number one benefit of having a dedicated IP is remote access. A lot of people are now remotely working with the help of VPNs during the Coronavirus epidemic. Since most companies don’t allow employees to access company networks with shared IPs, it seriously pays off to get Static IPs.

This is not only a lot secure, but it also prevents employees from accessing company resources through public Wi-Fi. With a dedicated IP or static IP, you’ll get the freedom to access company resources from anywhere in the world as if you were physically present in company premises without the fear of getting blocked or hacked.

2. Avoid getting blocked by Netflix or other streaming services

If you don’t know, the content available on Netflix and other streaming services vary from region to region. This is why most people use VPNs to bypass geo-blocks. However, nowadays, Netflix is getting smarter and smarter at blocking VPNs.

By simply detecting your dynamic IP address, which might have been used by other users using the same VPN server as you, Netflix can immediately prompt you to an error message.

That said, a dedicated or static IP VPN service can help you get past this issue. With a dedicated IP, you can trick Netflix into thinking that you’re originally located in a country for which you bought the dedicated IP.

3. Bypass ISP throttling and enjoy high-speed streaming

Another issue associated with shared IPs is bandwidth throttling. Since a shared IP is used by multiple users, your ISP can significantly throttle your bandwidth thus affecting your connection and streaming speed.

To achieve faster streaming speeds, a dedicated IP is always the better option. Since a dedicated IP can only be used by a single user, you’re obviously going to experience blazing-fast streaming speed with no throttling.

4. Conduct secure banking without getting blocked

Another advantage of using a Personal IP is the top-notch protection of your financial transactions. Dedicated IPs give you the freedom to carry out banking transactions without worrying about your IP being shared by other users.

Dedicated IPs prevent hackers, identity thieves or any other cyber goons from making fraudulent transactions using your confidential details.

5. Avoid getting banned because of shared blacklisted IPs

When you share an IP address with a bunch of other users, you’ll likely get blocked by a lot of websites and services. For instance, your bank might not allow you to login simply because your dynamic IP might change over time.

Similarly, Netflix and other streaming services might also ban you because of blacklisted shared IPs. In comparison, a dedicated IP address always remains the same and not shared by multiple users. This way, you do not have to worry about being penalized or blocked.

6. Unblock hard to access websites and services

Many web services and websites such as Google, PayPal, and eBay may block your access if you constantly access these services with different IPs. This is done as a security measure as such behavior often represents a hacking attempt.

However, if you opt for one of the best VPN with dedicated IP address, you can always log in to these sites with the same IP address every time. Thus, you won’t have to face the frustration of having your account disabled on a false suspicion. These are all of the benefits of static IP. Now let’s look at the disadvantages.

Dedicated IP Disadvantages

When you use a static IP address, your traffic remains separate from shared IP users. While it’s good in a way, it makes it easier for anyone to link your online activities to you since you’re the only odd one out. Hence, your privacy might be much easier to compromise.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is no harm in using dedicated IPs. However, I would suggest using dedicated IPs for only crucial tasks like online banking and solely rely on shared IP addresses for streaming, torrenting and general browsing.

7 Best Static IP VPNs in 2020

So now that you know what is a dedicated IP VPN, for all your tech geeks out there, let’s dive straight into the list of 7 best VPNs that offer a static IP service. We’ll also cover how much does a Static IP cost in this section as well.

Spoiler Alert: You’re not going to find ExpressVPN on this list. That’s because there is no such thing as an ExpressVPN dedicated IP or ExpressVPN Static IP.

1. PureVPN – Best Dedicated IP VPN ($0.99/mo)

PureVPN is one of the cheapest dedicated IP VPN in the industry. For $0.99/mo, PureVPN offers personal IP addresses in 8 countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Malta, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia.

In terms of features, PureVPN offers 2,000+ servers available in 140+ countries worldwide. In addition, PureVPN boasts strong encryption and tunneling protocols like PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP & OpenVPN for ultimate security.

Best of all, PureVPN Static IP and subscription plans come with 31 days money-back guarantee and can be used on 5 diverse devices with just a single account.

Cost of PureVPN Dedicated IP

You can get this cheap dedicated VPN in 8 countries for just $0.99/month each additional over your standard subscription plan.

  • USA – ($0.99/mo)
  • UK – ($0.99/mo)
  • Canada – ($0.99/mo)
  • Germany – ($0.99/mo)
  • Malta – ($0.99/mo)
  • Hong Kong – ($0.99/mo)
  • Singapore – ($0.99/mo)
  • Australia – ($0.99/mo)

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2. NordVPN – Most Versatile Private IP VPN ($70/yr)

For $70/yr, NordVPN offers dedicated IPs in the US (Los Angeles, Dallas, Matawan, Buffalo), Germany (Frankfurt), UK (London), Netherlands (Amsterdam), and France (Paris).


Aside from NordVPN’s dedicated IP that offers instant access to thousands of blocked websites and services, NordVPN also offers cutting-edge tunneling protocols like SSL, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec.

On top of all, NordVPN offers Double VPN, Internet Kill Switch and Cybersec that’s also backed by 30-day refund policy and 6 multi logins. As for usability, NordVPN dedicated IP servers work great and I have had no issues with them at all.

Cost of NordVPN dedicated IP

NordVPN offers one of the fastest dedicated IPs in 5 different countries. Currently, NordVPN dedicated IP costs $70 on a yearly basis. As you can see from the prices below, NordVPN static IP is not the cheapest.

  • United States – ($70/yr)
  • Germany – ($70/yr)
  • United Kingdom – ($70/yr)
  • Netherlands – ($70/yr)
  • France – ($70/yr)

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3. Ivacy VPN –  Most Secure Static IP VPN ($1.99/mo)

Ivacy offers dedicated IPs in 7 countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, US, Australia, Canada, and Germany for the price of $1.99/mo.


If we talk about features, Ivacy offers 1,000+ locations in 50+ countries and top-notch features like Internet Kill Switch, refund policy, leaks protection, Netflix unblocking, 24/7 live chat and obfuscated servers.

Best of all, Ivacy offers 5 multi-login, 30-days refund policy, and compatibility with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and tons of other devices.

Cost of Ivacy VPN dedicated IP

Ivacy VPN’s Static IP cost starts from $1.99/month additional over your standard subscription plan and is available in 7 different countries. After PureVPN, Ivacy is another cheap static IP VPN you can get.

  • Hong Kong – ($1.99/mo)
  • Singapore – ($1.99/mo)
  • UK – ($1.99/mo)
  • US – ($1.99/mo)
  • Australia – ($1.99/mo)
  • Canada – ($1.99/mo)
  • Germany – ($1.99/mo)

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4. VPNArea – Most Impressive Dedicated IP VPN ($20/yr – $44/yr)

VPNArea offers dedicated IPs in 11 countries like the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Sweden, Hong, Kong, Bulgaria, and Singapore for the prices starting from $20/yr – $44/yr.


VPNArea might not be all that renowned but still packs in some pretty decent features. To start off, VPNArea offers Servers in 65 countries, 6 multi logins, Double VPN, Stunnel and VPN protocols like IKEv2. Best of all, VPNArea also offers a 30-day refund policy.

Cost of VPNArea dedicated IP

VPNArea offers dedicated IPs in 11 countries. The pricing plans range anywhere between $20 – $40 per year depending on the country you choose.

US – ($20/yr)Romania – ($30/yr)
Canada – ($40/yr)Sweden – ($40/yr)
Australia – ($44/yr)Hong Kong – ($40/yr)
UK – ($30/yr)Bulgaria – ($30/yr)
Netherlands – ($30/yr)Singapore – ($40/yr)
Germany – ($30/yr)

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5. TorGuard – Most Strong Private IP VPN ($7.99/mo)

TorGuard is the only VPN provider in this list that offers the most dedicated IPs. You can get dedicated IPs in 36 different countries for the price of just $7.99/mo.


TorGuard is another static IP VPN provider that offers 3000+ VPN servers in 55+ countries worldwide. Not only that, but TorGuard also offers 8 simultaneous connections, 24/7/365 support, unlimited bandwidth and much more.

Cost of TorGuard dedicated IP

TorGuard offers dedicated IPs in around 35 countries. Much like other VPN with static IP, the prices for TorGuard’s dedicated IPs are standard across all counties and costs just $7.99/mo.

Australia – ($7.99/mo)Hong Kong – ($7.99/mo)Norway – ($7.99/mo)
Austria – ($7.99/mo)Hungary – ($7.99/mo)Poland – ($7.99/mo)
Belgium – ($7.99/mo)Iceland – ($7.99/mo)Portugal – ($7.99/mo)
Brazil – ($7.99/mo)Israel – ($7.99/mo)Romania – ($7.99/mo)
Bulgaria – ($7.99/mo)Italy – ($7.99/mo)Spain – ($7.99/mo)
Canada – ($7.99/mo)Japan – ($7.99/mo)Sweden – ($7.99/mo)
Czech – ($7.99/mo)Latvia – ($7.99/mo)Switzerland – ($7.99/mo)
Denmark – ($7.99/mo)Luxembourg – ($7.99/mo)Thailand – ($7.99/mo)
Finland – ($7.99/mo)Mexico – ($7.99/mo)UAE – ($7.99/mo)
France – ($7.99/mo)Moldova – ($7.99/mo)UK – ($7.99/mo)
Germany – ($7.99/mo)Netherlands – ($7.99/mo)USA – ($7.99/mo)
Greece – ($7.99/mo)New Zealand – ($7.99/mo)

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6. Trust.Zone – Economical VPN for Static IP ($1.95/mo – $3.24/mo)

Trust.Zone only offers dedicated IPs in 3 countries. The good thing is that you can get dedicated IPs in the US, UK, and Germany with a 68% discount. Prices range between $1.95/mo to $3.24/mo.


Trust.Zone is a Seychelles based VPN service that works with US Netflix and even a flexible 10 days money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied. In addition, Trust.Zone offers compatible apps for Windows, Android and for a few other platforms.

Other than that, Trust.Zone supports 256-bit military-grade encryption and can be used on 5 diverse devices at the same time. Since it offers so much versatility, it wouldn’t be wrong to call it one of the best static VPN.

Cost of Trust.Zone dedicated IP

Currently, Trust.Zone offers dedicated or private IP addresses in just three countries. The prices for Trust.Zone dedicated IPs ranges between $1.95/mo to $3.24/mo after a 68% discount.

  • Germany – ($1.95/mo)
  • United Kingdom – ($3.24/mo)
  • United States – ($2.27/mo)
  • United States – ($3.24/mo)

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7. Astrill – Excellent VPN for Static IP ($5.00/mo)

Similar to TorGuard, Astrill also offers a ton of dedicated IPs. You can get dedicated IPs for 23 different countries for just $5.00/mo.


In addition to offering dedicated or private IPs, it also offers high-speed connection, SSL 256-bit data encryption, reliable service, and easy-to-use clients available for multiple Windows, Mac OSX, iOS & Android. Best of all, Astrill VPN comes with a built-in Kill Switch and excellent support for Netflix and P2P.

Cost of Astrill VPN dedicated IP

The static IP price of Astrill VPN costs $5.00 per month and is available for 23 countries around the world.

US – ($5.00/mo)Finland – ($5.00/mo)Poland – ($5.00/mo)
Hong Kong – ($5.00/mo)France – ($5.00/mo)Russia – ($5.00/mo)
UK – ($5.00/mo)Hungary – ($5.00/mo)Sweden – ($5.00/mo)
Austria – ($5.00/mo)Italy – ($5.00/mo)Canada – ($5.00/mo)
Belgium – ($5.00/mo)Lithuania – ($5.00/mo)Korea – ($5.00/mo)
Switzerland – ($5.00/mo)Luxembourg – ($5.00/mo)Turkey – ($5.00/mo)
Denmark – ($5.00/mo)Netherlands – ($5.00/mo)Australia – ($5.00/mo)
Estonia – ($5.00/mo)Norway – ($5.00/mo)

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How to Choose the Best Dedicated IP VPN?

Although you can simply use the tool above to find a cheap dedicated IP VPN hassle-free, there are a few pointers that you can manually look for when you wish to buy static IP. Here’s what you should look for in Static IP VPN providers:

  • A good selection of dedicated IP addresses
  • powerful encryption
  • Affordable pricing
  • Blazing fast speeds
  • 24/7 customer support

Although there are a few other things you should look out for, the list of pointers mentioned above should help you pick the right dedicated VPN for your needs.

Wrapping Up

With a doubt, dedicated IP addresses are really helpful. It can not only prevent you from getting blocked on company networks but also offer you faster speeds compared to shared IPs. Best of all, you wouldn’t have to share your IP with other users.

That being said, dedicated IPs do have disadvantages as well. For instance, since static IPs can only be used by a single person, it can make it easier for ISPs to track and uniquely identify a person using it. But overall, dedicated IPs do have their perks. You will have to pay an extra price, however, you do get more privacy.

With static IPs now becoming widely available, you can purchase static IP for as low as $0.99/mo and unblock unlimited geo-blocked streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Fox Go, BBC iPlayer) securely and safely. Let me know in the comments if you have more questions regarding what is dedicated IP and I’d be more than happy to answer them.