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What is a DDoS Attack?

DDoS, also known as, Denial-of-Service, is one of the most common forms of hack attacks and is done to prevent the user from accessing his desired network. In a DDoS attack, the services of the host are temporarily suspended. There have been many DDoS attacks in the past and the intentions behind each attack may differ from the other.

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PureVPN has introduced its dedicated DDoS protection services for the users. The Canadian and French servers have been upgraded to protect your machine and device against the DDoS attacks. It doesn’t matter how complicated the attack is, the DDoS protection service of PureVPN fends it off with ease.

We have taken a screenshot of some of the best features of PureVPN’s DDoS protection service. Have a look at it below.

purevpn ddos ip protection



Anti-DDoS Attacks Protection

More and more cases of DDoS attacks are being registered nowadays. Probably due to the fact that the access to latest technology is no big deal anymore and anyone can attack anyone without getting caught easily. As discussed above, the reasons might vary but the outcome is same i.e. suspending the host server for a short period of time.

There are few VPNs that come with DDoS protection, however, it is recommended to choose one that truly fulfills the promise of providing anti-DDoS protection service to its users.  Considering the upward wave in the recent DDoS attacks, it has become a necessity to protect your own or your server’s IP address from all sorts of hack attacks.

PureVPN DDoS Protected VPN


Why is it necessary to have Anti-DDoS Protection?

Would you be comfortable using a machine or device that is known for its vulnerabilities against DDoS attacks? If you nodded, then you might go ahead but if you said no, then you have more likely made the right call.

Nobody would want to use a device that threatens his IP address. Following are the best case scenarios where the DDoS protection service is more likely to be applicable.

(1) Business Websites

Have you ever noticed a sudden outage on the order page while shopping online? That is probably due to the fact that the server is experiencing a DDoS attack. If you own a business website and want to keep it safe from the threats of DDoS attacks, we recommend you to get the best VPN with DDoS protection service.

The outage for a short period of time can cause your customers a lot of trouble eventually leading them to some other e-commerce website. Therefore, it is recommended to all the e-commerce business owners to equip their servers with the VPNs that provide DDoS protection to keep their IPs safe and secure.

(2) Online Gaming

Are you an avid fan of online gaming? If you are, you must know about DDoS attacks. People use DDoS attacks to send extra traffic to your server in order to slow it down. Reason? Well, when you are busy playing games online, your server puts some extra efforts to provide you lag-free gaming experience.

Call it cheating or an unfair tactic, gamers do this all the time to “take an edge” over their opponents. Only last year, a hacking group “Lizard Squad” claimed to have DDoS attacked the servers of PlayStation Networks, Xbox and other online gaming stream services. With the anti-DDoS protection service, you can enjoy attack-free online gaming!

(3) File Sharing Networks and Torrent Websites

Let’s admit the fact; there are two types of web services that are most vulnerable to DDoS attacks, the file sharing networks and torrent websites. If you are hosting one of these, chances are you will most likely receive ‘a bulk of requests’ every day. Besides the normal traffic, there are thousands of ‘fake’ requests that try to bring your server down.

It is highly recommended to the owner of such websites to opt for a VPN that provides best DDoS protection services to its users. Not only the ‘fake traffic’ will go away but the server’s performance will also increase because of the anti DDoS protection.

(4) Online Stock Market

Are you a professional stock market trader? Have you ever experienced the technical failure to trade your shares on time? Do you know why does that happen? That’s because someone has DDoS attacked your server’s IP or your own IP address.

It doesn’t matter if someone has done that deliberately or not, all hells break lose on you when you suffer losses due to your incapability of selling or purchasing the shares on time. If you are someone, who actively monitors the trading patterns of the stock market, we would definitely recommend you to get your machine and device protected with the best DDoS protection service.


Ignoring the threats of DDoS attack is nothing but a foolish idea. The recent attacks on Sony and other gaming Networks suggest that we are still vulnerable to such attacks. With PureVPN’s best DDoS protection service, one can shield his device and machines to avoid such attacks.