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Stretching from ice-cold glaciers to dry dusty deserts, Chile is one spectacular place to visit. While the country brings you close to nature, it also isolates you from the rest of the world.

While the Chilean General Law of Telecommunications (Article 24H and 24I) forbids ISPs from blocking access to foreign websites and services, streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer among others are inaccessible from within Chile.

Aside from partial geo-blocks, one major reason why you’d want to consider using a VPN in Chile has to do with protecting your personal data.

To be more clear, Chilean ISPs are required to retain online data by law. Not only that, data mining and selling of personal data is a big issue in Chile.

So keeping that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of best VPNs for Chile that are not only secure but also affordable.

But first, a brief overview…

  • PureVPN – A super secure VPN with 2000+ servers, powerful encryption at an affordable price point.
  • Surfshark – A super affordable VPN with 800+ servers that you can use in Chile.
  • NordVPN – A massive VPN service with over 5600 servers to help you unblock anything in Chile.
  • ExpressVPN – A Superfast VPN with over 3000 servers all over the world.
  • CyberGhost – A reliable VPN service with powerful encryption and 3200+ servers worldwide.

Best VPNs for Chile

According to statistics, 60% of the Chileans use smartphones, and almost 83% of the total population uses the internet.

Considering partial online restrictions, and mining of personal data, I suggest you guys opt for a VPN that’s designed to work best in Chile.

If you are concerned about your online privacy and want unrestricted access to the internet, make sure you check out the best VPNs for Chile below:

1. PureVPN


First up, we have PureVPN. This is a Hong Kong-based VPN service with over 2000 servers in 140+ countries around the world.

These servers are optimized to offer powerful encryption and protocols to anonymize your online identity and grant you access to blocked websites in Chile.

Accessing websites like Netflix, Hulu, TVN, or La Red is a total breeze with PureVPN.

Not only that, you can browse the web without any restrictions, post anything you like, and share your opinions without worrying about a thing.

Best of all, PureVPN is very budget-friendly and only costs $2.95/mo. PureVPN is also covered by a full 31-day refund policy.

For more details, you can read our PureVPN Review.


2. Surfshark


Another super secure VPN you can use in Chile is Surfshark. If you’re on a strict budget, Surfshark is perfect for you. Why? Well, because this VPN service starts from just $1.99/mo.

Even though Surfshark is by far the cheapest VPN in the industry, it packs in tons of features and powerful performace to compete with top VPN providers.

Not only that, but Surfshark also offer top of the line encryption, protocols, and800+ fast servers to help you unblock anything with and outside Chile.

Just like other VPNs in this list, Surfshark also offers a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

For more details, you can read our Surfshark Review.


3. NordVPN 


If we talk about some of the most renowned VPNs in the world, you can’t help but mention NordVPN. After all,  this VPN provider offers over 5600 servers worldwide.

Aside from just massive server count, another reason why NordVPN is popular is because of its obfuscation technology. These specialty servers are desinged to bypass harsh geo-restrictions.

Another feature that I particularly admire about NordVPN is its double VPN feature. If you don’t know, this feature can encrypt your network traffic twice, making it even more secure.

Despite offering so many servers and powerful features, NordVPN only costs $2.99/mo. Even more noteworthy is NordVPN’s a solid 30-day money-back guarantee.

For more details, you can read our NordVPN Review.


4. ExpressVPN 


Superfast VPNs are really hard to come by. If speed is your first priority, ExpressVPN might be perfect for you. It’s not just me, ExpressVPN has a global reputation of being the fastest VPN in the market.

Not just that, ExpressVPN offers over 3000 servers worldwide, and bulletproof privacy without compromising on security.

Speaking of security, ExpressVPN comes packed with features like Kill switch, zero-knowledge DNS, Split tunneling and others to help you stay safe in Chile.

But there’s just one caveat. ExpressVPN is not cheap by any means. Even their cheapest plan will cost $8.32/mo. But if you ask me, the extra price is totally worth it.

That said if you don’t feel like purchasing an expansive VPN, you can try out the service with their 30-day money-back guarantee.

For more details, you can read our ExpressVPN Review.


5. CyberGhost


The last VPN in this list, we have CyberGhost. This Romanian VPN service with a very lowkey reputation. If you want something that can keep you safe and help you access blocked websites, CyberGhost is perfect for you.

Aside from that, CyberGhost has over 3200 servers all over the world. This provider is also praised for offering industry benchmark encryption and protocols to help you secure your privacy anywhere in the world.

Despite being jam-packed of security features, CyberGhost is very reasonably priced. If you opt for their cheapest plan, you’ll only have to pay $2.75/mo. But best of all, CyberGhost is covered by a full 45-day money-back gaurantee.

For more details, you can read our CyberGhost Review.


Limitations of Using the Internet in Chile

The net neutrality legislation is already in place in Chile. So, there is “supposed” to be no restriction on the internet contents over there. At least, that’s what many of us would say or think.

But just how exactly is the Chilean government treating its citizens when it comes to the internet?

You guessed it right. Chile’s internet freedom is as good as China’s. Yup, despite the net neutrality, the freedom of expression is not found in Chile.

Rodrigo Ferrari, a blogger, might be serving a good amount of time in prison just because he was running a parody account of Andronico Luksic, a wealthy Chilean businessman, on Twitter.

Theoretically, everything on the internet is treated fairly in Chile. Practically, everything is not. Chile has stated very clearly that it will take down anything that does not comply with its moral or principle policies.

If the net neutrality were well and truly in place in Chile, there would not be any limitations on freedom of speech and freedom of expression over there.

While reviewing the cyber laws in Chile, we found many users complaining about their inability to access some torrenting and P2P websites.

Chile has clearly defined in its policies that the ISPs are ordered to pass on the details of the users who are involved in copyrights infringement.

Watch Streams Services With a Chilean IP address

There is a lighter side of the VPNs in Chile as well. If you are a streaming fan and want to get access to the latest TV shows and movies on Netflix and other streaming websites, you can use a VPN that offers US servers.

This way, you can easily access the US library of Netflix and other renowned streaming services even if you are trying to access it from Chile.

Not only that, by attaining a Chilean IP address, you can also access local channels like Canal 13TVN, or La Red from outside the country.

Free VPN for Chile

Although, free VPNs are full of disadvantages since they sell your data to third-party marketers. As a result, they make their both ends meet eventually.

Conversely, there are handfuls of VPN services that still secure users’ privacy without charging any bucks. Here is the list of VPN Chile free providers that includes:

Wrapping Up

Chile might appear to be an internet-friendly country on vacation brochures, but their cyber policies are quite dreadful in reality.

Only the case of Rodrigo Ferrari made headlines but who knows how many Ferraris are being scrutinized and penalized for projecting their emotions and expressions freely on social media.

It is high time, that the Chilean users get a VPN for Chile, and truly feel liberated on the internet.