Best VPN for Vietnam in 2018

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There is no denying internet censorship and region blocked content both have curbed our online freedom a great deal. Likewise, government surveillance agencies and online snoopers are also playing their destructive roles in invading our privacy.

As a result, the importance of quality online security services like VPN is growing day by day. Therefore, Vietnamese users have to preserve their privacy at any cost by using efficient VPN services. Through our guide on best VPN for Vietnam, users can secure their privacy to another level.

To get protection all the time while performing different online tasks, explore our best VPN list to regain your online freedom.

Best VPN for Vietnam in 2018

A country that has been involved in years of war against the US is now fighting a self-imposed cyber war. The Bamboo Firewall aka the regulation of the internet services and access by the Vietnamese government is too hard to ignore.

A VPN for Vietnam robes your IP address under a protected “virtual cloth” and provides a pseudo IP address that is hard to track. The Vietnamese VPN bypasses the surveilling eyes of the Bamboo Firewall and gives you the freedom to post anything you want on the social media with ease.

We have selected some of the best VPNs for Vietnam, and are sharing them with you so you can get to write anything you like on the social media websites.

Here is the list of our chosen Vietnamese VPN services that includes:

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1. PureVPN offers servers in Vietnam

PureVPN - Best VPN for Vietnam in 2018

PureVPN is a Hong Kong based VPN provider offering its services in 140+ countries through 2000+ servers worldwide. Moreover, you can experience a list of comprehensive features on your devices like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and routers.

PureVPN Pros

  • Offers 2000+ servers in 140+ countries
  • Provides 256-bit military grade encryption
  • Delivers local VPN Vietnam IP address feature to users
  • Has an impressive customer support feature for users

PureVPN Cons

  • Does not offer a free trial benefit to users


2. NordVPN offers free trial to Users in Vietnam

NordVPN - Vietnamese VPN Service

NordVPN is a Panama based online privacy service delivering its innumerable benefits through 4800+ servers in all the major countries. Likewise, it offers internet kill switch and DNS leak protection benefits that allows local Vietnamese users to secure their privacy.

NordVPN Pros

  • Provides 4800+ servers in 60+ countries
  • Offers an efficient customer support advantage to users
  • Has an impressive kill switch benefit for users

NordVPN Cons

  • Connectivity issues may spoil the fun of users at times


3. ExpressVPN delivers excellent customer support to Vietnamese Users

ExpressVPN - Best Vietnamese VPN

ExpressVPN is another VPN service providing its numerous online privacy benefits through 2000+ servers globally. It offers other salient advantages that include DNS leak protection, no logging and others. This way, you can secure your privacy while residing in Vietnam hassle-free.

ExpressVPN Pros

  • Provides 2000+ servers in 94 countries
  • Offers 256-bit military grade encryption to users
  • Compatible with all major platforms

ExpressVPN Cons

  • Offers expensive pricing plans to users


4. IPVanish offers user-friendly apps to Vietnamese subscribers

IPVanish for Vietnam

IPVanish is another VPN service that offers complete online security and anonymity to Vietnamese users. Furthermore, you can safeguard your online tasks from government and ISPs surveillance through DNS leak defense and kill switch benefits.

IPVanish Pros

  • Offers 256-bit AES encryption to users
  • Provides 1000+ servers in 60+ countries
  • Supports torrenting activities of users

IPVanish Cons

  • Based in the US


5. Ivacy – Cost-effective plans for users in Vietnam

Ivacy VPN for Vietnam

Ivacy is a Singapore based VPN provider offering its various services in all the major countries of the world. It also provides a list of immaculate features that allow Vietnamese users to secure their privacy hassle-free. After connecting to Malaysian and Philippines servers, users in Vietnam can attain online anonymity instantly.

Ivacy Pros

  • Offers 450+ servers in 100+ locations
  • Provides dedicated apps for Vietnamese users
  • Has an excellent customer support function for new and existing subscribers

Ivacy Cons

  • Does not offer a free trial benefit


Why Do You Need a VPN in Vietnam?

A VPN has become an indispensable way to overcome Vietnamese online censorship. After using a VPN in Vietnam, you can spoof your online locations to new heights and get local VPN Vietnam IP accordingly.

Furthermore, you can protect your privacy while using public Wi-Fi within Vietnam.  By doing so, you can counter different online threats in the right direction. A Vietnamese VPN service masks your original IP address and transmits your data through secure and private network.

Hence, you should use a VPN if you are residing in Vietnam to attain maximum online protection and anonymity.

Which Websites and Apps Can I Unblock with a Vietnam VPN?

A Vietnamese VPN will allow you to access banned websites and apps hassle-free. Yes, you have read it correctly. Through a VPN of your choice from the above list, you can unblock and watch your preferred media content on YouTube and other best torrenting sites.

In addition, you can gain access to Facebook and Twitter with a VPN according to your own terms.

Benefits of Using VPN in Vietnam

Interestingly, the advantages of using Vietnamese VPN are unlimited. Here is the list of various benefits that includes:

  • Complete online privacy – When you use a VPN in Vietnam, you are able to protect your online activities from hackers and ISPs.
  • Access blocked sites – Through a VPN, you can access various blocked sites in Vietnam anonymously and securely.
  • Bypass ISP throttling – You can overcome ISP throttling hassles in Vietnam through a VPN in no time.

Other Benefits of Vietnamese VPN

There are other benefits of best VPN Vietnam as well. Since the freedom of expression is curtailed in Vietnam, people look for options where they can voice their opinions freely. Unfortunately, the other sources (read: websites) are also blocked by the Vietnamese government.

The VPNs for Vietnam do not only protect you from the malicious and online spying agencies but they also give you access to some of the finest websites and streaming services of the world. You can watch hundreds of Hollywood in Vietnam by connecting a Vietnamese VPN and tuning into Netflix and Hulu etc.


What is Decree 72?

Vietnam has been rubbing the restrictions and forceful censorships on the faces of its Netizens for a long time now. The Decree 72 law was introduced in September 2013 and states that the users shall not be allowed to post anything that questions the credibility of Vietnamese government.

Just like the Middle-Eastern countries, Vietnam forbids its users from expressing their opinions on the internet through social media and personal blogs. But unlike the Middle-Eastern countries, Vietnam has a strict policy for the global websites as well that target the Vietnamese people.

If you run a website that functions globally, and want to approach the Vietnamese Netizens, you would need at least a single server in Vietnam. The reason behind isn’t too hard to guess. The Vietnamese government wants to make sure if you are complying with its policies or not. In short, it takes total control of your Vietnamese version of the website.


Is VPN Legal in Vietnam?

Yes, you can avail a VPN in Vietnam for all the right reasons. It means you can subscribe to a VPN service because owning a VPN is a legal activity. Thus, you can secure your crucial data from the vicious eyes of online snoopers and use public Wi-Fi stress-free. However, you should use a VPN service that offers stealth mode feature.

You can also opt a VPN that offers internet kill switch and DNS leak protection benefit. By doing so, you can use a VPN in Vietnam anonymously.

VPN Vietnam APK


Fortunately, you can avail your desired VPN apps that work best in Vietnam. Thus, you can download and install VPN apps on your Android devices hassle-free.

Here is the list of VPN services that provide the option of APK file download feature to their users:

  • Vietnam VPN
  • Aptoide

Vietnam VPN

The Vietnam VPN APK provides Android VPN client for Vietnamese users. As a result, they can secure their privacy and access banned websites and apps in the country anonymously.


Vietnamese users can secure their online privacy once they have downloaded and installed Aptoide VPN Android app. After downloading the APK file, users can unblock their preferred sites in Vietnam instantly. Interestingly, you do not need to spend a single penny to accomplish your objective.

Check out our best free VPN guide to know about other VPN that do not charge any subscription fee.

Internet Censorship in Vietnam

At present, Vietnamese government has taken all the steps to circumvent Vietnamese netizens online freedom. Therefore, you cannot access certain apps and websites within Vietnam straightaway. Likewise, you can find yourself in the hot waters of legal troubles if you access copyrighted content without a VPN.

Similarly, you can indulge yourself in big hassle if you try to access banned sites and app through proxies. Therefore, we have curated our list of best VPN for Vietnam that allows you to secure your privacy and perform various online tasks securely.

After choosing an appropriate Vietnamese VPN service, you can bypass internet censorship issues in Vietnam quite easily.


Final Thoughts

Vietnam has been progressing in the recent past under the communist government, but unfortunately, its government has been working on ways to snatch the freedom of expression away from its Netizens. You cannot live peacefully if you dare to raise your voice against the suppression of freedom of expression in Vietnam.

To make sure all such issues do not bother you and you are free to access anything you want, it is recommended to you to use a best VPN for Vietnam. It hides your IP address and enables you to access all the blogging services, social media and entertainment websites anonymously.


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  1. Patrick J. Burt says:

    Yeah there is major internet censorship within the country. The Vietnamese government actively prevents people from accessing websites which are critical of the government, and they also block websites for other political parties and human rights organisations.

    I have been to Vietman using PureVPN and it was working fine for me no issue in browsing, streaming and torrenting.

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