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Ask any American or a European a question about blogging and he will tell you hundreds of positive things about it. Ask any Vietnamese citizen what blogging means? And you would be surprised to hear what he has to say. Vietnam has been listed as an “Enemy of the Internet” by Reporters without Borders since 2006.

Since the implementation of Decree 72, Vietnam has been more aggressive in making arrests and blocking the access to the content that “deems” to criticize the government or its policies. Vietnam has been restricting the access to Vietnamese and other websites for years now under the label of “measures for national security”.


Best VPNs for Vietnam

A country that has been involved in years of war against the US is now fighting a self-imposed cyber war. The Bamboo Firewall aka the regulation of the internet services and access by the Vietnamese government is too hard to ignore.

You can always make use of a VPN in Vietnam. A VPN for Vietnam robes your IP address under a protected “virtual cloth” and provides a pseudo IP address that is hard to track. The Vietnamese VPN bypasses the surveilling eyes of the Bamboo Firewall and gives you the freedom to post anything you want on the social media with ease.

We have selected some of the best VPNs for Vietnam, and are sharing them with you so you can get to write anything you like on the social media websites.

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What is Decree 72?

Vietnam has been rubbing the restrictions and forceful censorships on the faces of its Netizens for a long time now. The Decree 72 law was introduced in September 2013 and states that the users shall not be allowed to post anything that questions the credibility of Vietnamese government.

Just like the Middle-Eastern countries, Vietnam forbids its users from expressing their opinions on the internet through social media and personal blogs. But unlike the Middle-Eastern countries, Vietnam has a strict policy for the global websites as well that target the Vietnamese people.

If you run a website that functions globally, and want to approach the Vietnamese Netizens, you would need at least a single server in Vietnam. The reason behind isn’t too hard to guess. The Vietnamese government wants to make sure if you are complying with its policies or not. In short, it takes total control of your Vietnamese version of the website.

Infamous Imprisonment of Le Quoc Quan

Le Quoc Quan is a human rights activist who has voiced his opinions more frequently about the violation of human rights in Vietnam. Quan was convicted by the Hanoi court in October 2013 on the charges of tax evasion. Although he claimed to be innocent, the court upheld its decision of sentencing him to jail for 30 months with a fine of $59,000.

Many linked his arrest with the police and government trying too hard to control him for his “erratic” behavior on the social media. Quan is a catholic, and wrote more often about how the state media hides the human rights issues that are prevailing in the Vietnamese society. The activists all over the world have come out supporting Quan including John McCain, one of the senators of United States.


Malware Attacks on Journalists and Bloggers

As if the restrictions were not enough, the Vietnamese is notoriously known for attacking the social media bloggers and foreign journalists with malware attacks in order to filtrate (read: censor) their reports. The Associated Press has confirmed that its reporters have been subjected to various malware and hack attacks by the Vietnamese government in January 2014.


Other Benefits of Vietnamese VPN

There are other benefits of best VPN Vietnam as well. Since the freedom of expression is curtailed in Vietnam, people look for options where they can voice their opinions freely. Unfortunately, the other sources (read: websites) are also blocked by the Vietnamese government.

The VPNs for Vietnam do not only protect you from the malicious and online spying agencies but they also give you access to some of the finest websites and streaming services of the world. You can watch hundreds of Hollywood in Vietnam by connecting a Vietnamese VPN and tuning into Netflix and Hulu etc.



Vietnam has been progressing in the recent past under the communist government, but unfortunately its government has been working on ways to snatch the freedom of expression away from its Netizens. You cannot live peacefully if you dare to raise your voice against the suppression of freedom of expression in Vietnam. Quan is a living example to take a hint from.

To make sure all such issues do not bother you and you are free to access anything you want, it is recommended to you to use a VPN in Vietnam. It hides your IP address and enables you to access all the blogging services, social media and entertainment website.

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