Top 5 VPNs of 2016 for PayPal to Prevent Hacking Attacks

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PayPal is one of the most secure methods of transferring money online. It is meticulously structured and carefully regulated to the point of being perfect. There are verification processes for everything, and no operation can take place without (at least) a two step security check.

However, your data is insecure during the time when it is travelling from your system to PayPal – particularly if you are using public WiFi while conducting a transaction on your PayPal.

You cannot trust any ordinary VPN service provider when you are looking to secure your PayPal transactions. I recommend that you use nothing less than the best VPN for PayPal transactions if you want to secure and take responsibility for the transaction of hard earned money.

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PureVPN is one of the VPN industry’s most reliable VPNs and is known for it’s around the clock customer support. PureVPN makes for an excellent VPN for PayPal use on account of its 450+ server strength spread out across 100+ countries, up to 256-bit military grade encryption and a large variety of protocols. Subscriptions start from $9.95, and access to all servers is included in every pricing plan.

So my paypal was hacked by some asian fashion store…. — tam (@tambobambo) March 4, 2014

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IPVanish is a highly steadfast VPN with 180+ servers spread out across 65+ countries as well as OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP protocols.

IPVanish also has apps available for iPhone, iPad and Android besides clients for Windows and Mac.

Subscriptions start from $4.87, and access to all servers is included in every pricing plan.

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Express VPN

Express VPN is one of the renowned service providers in the VPN industry. Express VPN offers you geographically dispersed servers in 75+ countries. Express VPN supports OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP and PPTP protocols. These are the sophisticated tunneling protocols that ensure safety of your precious data and hinder hacking assaults. Thus, to prevent PayPal hacking assaults, Express VPN is also an excellent option to consider. View our ExpressVPN Review guide for further details.

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HideMyAss is one of the VPN industry’s strongest VPN service providers. It is powered by over 850+ VPN servers located in over 170 countries. HideMyAss is an excellent VPN for PayPal use because it has excellent device compatibility, OpenVPN, L2TP, & PPTP protocols, and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Subscriptions start from $6.55,and access to all servers is included in every pricing plan.

lol my paypal account got hacked. JOKE’S ON THEM: AIN’T NO MONEY IN THERE.

— Ben (@Starfarts) March 5, 2014

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Ironsocket is an all-in-one VPN service that is ideal for use when securing online transactions. Ironsocket offers 50+ VPN servers in over 35 countries and comprehensive protocol support (PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and SSTP).

Ironsocket accepts PayPal and many other payment methods including Perfect Money, CashU, Paymentwall, WebMoney, Bitcoin, and AstroPay.

Ironsocket is fully functional on all mobile devices and makes an undisputed place in this list with VPN servers optimized for Torrent and P2P.

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The Hacking of Your PayPal Account

Hacking a PayPal account is no one-day exercise. It takes time, and focused patience. You will be targeted, and the cyber criminals will start to observe everything you do and say online. If you do not use a VPN to encrypt your data, they will be able to collect your unsecured data to understand your priorities and your preferences.

In order to hack your PayPal account, they will hack any other account you have in order to gather information about you. This will include your Facebook account, your email account, your twitter account, your smartphone contact list, and just about anything else that belongs to you and is password protected. They will use these to determine when you use PayPal, and the kinds of passwords you keep, and eventually manage to crack into your account.

Once they crack into your account, they will know that PayPal sends transaction messages to the user whenever a transaction takes place. And so they will make sure that they wipe out your balance in one hit. That is the cost of staying unsecure and unencrypted. If your data is not being encrypted and tunneled you might as well hand the cybercriminals your PayPal account login details on a piece of paper with a note saying ‘You are welcome’ – because believe me when I say that they are out there thanking you for not using a VPN for PayPal.


PayPal is no Federal Reserve

PayPal is great, but it can be better. Think about it! It is easier to hack PayPal than it is to hack bank accounts. Banks have massive systems in place to secure online transactions; whereas PayPal is a lone service provider.

While PayPal is commendable for the service quality it has delivered and established a name for its services and service quality, it cannot possibly provide you with the same level of security. When you are converting your hard earned money into the goods you always wanted, you don’t want cyber criminals to grab your data during transmission. Once they grab your PayPal credentials, they can buy anything they want, cash it, and make off with it before you can say jack.


Why to Trust No One but VPN for PayPal

You can’t trust anybody with your financial information. The thought of access to easy money without any effort is appealing enough to sway anybody. A VPN for PayPal is the best way to secure your PayPal transaction because not even the VPN service provider itself will know what you are doing inside your data tunnel. Your data will be encrypted and fully secure – and nobody will be able to intercept it. It doesn’t get any more secure than this!



You want to be very very careful with your PayPal account. If it gets hacked, it will be because somebody managed to find out your login credentials by hacking into your data stream. And when that happens, you will end up somewhat like this:

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