VPN for iOS 8 Protects Your Apple Devices from all Malwares

VPN for iOS 8 Protects Your Apple Devices from all Malwares

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If there was a word in Apple’s lexicon to define this year, it would be ‘disastrous’. From the iCloud hack to the release of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, nothing seemed to work for Apple. Each and every tactic Apple has tried to make up for the mess has backfired catastrophically.

Apple must be desperately looking forward to the next year. The year 2014 hasn’t been kind to it and Apple has been riddled with criticism due to the coding error in iOS 7, the iCloud hack and the design of iPhone 6 – with the latest demerit on Apple’s report card being the exposure of vulnerabilities to malware like Wire Lurker and Masque Attack.


Apple Facing the Heat

Despite of all the claims made by Apple, it is clear that the Apple users remain vulnerable to malware threats lurking around the internet. It was only earlier this year when Apple announced (read: pleaded guilty) that the iOS and OS X skipped a key validation step and had a coding error in SSL and TSL encryption.

Even though Apple came up with a fix/patch and made it available for iPhones and iPads with iOS 7, many users still remained vulnerable to hacking and phishing attacks due to the coding error. If that wasn’t enough to mock Apple’s security, the iCloud Hack (The Fappening), in which pictures of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna were leaked, gave Apple a good-hiding.

With the launch of the iPhone 6 and iOS 8, Apple had hoped for good results. Instead it received everything but a positive review. The failure in design and the security flaws in the iOS 8 made a mess of Apple’s tall claims of the best security.


Why You Need a VPN for iOS 8

Everyone was looking forward to iOS 8 and had hoped for something better than iOS 7, but instead they updated their iPhones and iPads to an iOS that had some of the most embarrassing security flaws in Apple history. In case you haven’t been exposed to the chaos as yet, I dare you to try using the QuickType feature – you will be amazed at some of the results!

And if this tweet does not convince you that there are flaws, wait till you see this video where a man tries to get past the iOS 8 security defenses and succeeds gaining access.

Even though it took a few attempts to get past the defenses, it is worth noting that he eventually managed to penetrate through.

Now think of it this way – what if someone else gets hold of your phone? What if he sneaks in to your phone and gets access to ALL your information? That’d not only be audacious but also an undeniably heinous crime!

In May 2014, few individuals from UK and Australia reported that their iPhones had been hacked and locked by a group called Oleg Pliss. The group locked the phones of the victims and asked for a ransom of $100 and £100 to unlock them. Classic example of what happens if you stay unencrypted.

Therefore it is advisable to equip your Apple device with the best VPN for iOS 8 because it protects you and your data.


Best VPN for iOS 8

If you are concerned about the security of your device, maybe it is time for you to equip your device with an iOS VPN. It will not only protect your device from Trojans and hacking threats but will also protect the sensitive information stored on your iPhones and iPads in the process.

The VPNs for iOS 8 make sure all your internet traffic (including your credentials) is encrypted so that you and your data remain untraceable, safe and secure from cybercriminals. People with valuable data equip their devices with best VPNs for iOS 8 not just to protect their devices but also to unblock the blocked websites.

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How to set up iOS VPN

You might experience some glitches after updating your iOS to the latest version regarding the VPN. A window might pop up, consisting of two lines with the first one already filled-in and the second one asking for your VPN password. To combat this problem, make sure to go to settings and remove the VPN profile.

Once you have done it, reboot your device and install the app again and configure the VPN manually. You can configure the VPN for iOS 8 by following the simple steps:

  • Tap the grey gear (Settings)
  • Select the ‘General’ option
  • Now select the Network tab
  • You will see VPN written over there, click on it
  • Now select Add VPN Configuration
  • You will be given with several protocol options to choose from, select one of them to connect
  • Now add your VPN provider’s details and descriptions and click on ‘save’.


Author’s Recommendation

The problems that have haunted Apple this year are too many to list here. With problems from design to security, it has been a terrible year for Apple and the barrage of ordeals seems to be never ending.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Apple has never faced such pressure before. The technical glitches and security flaws in iOS 8 prompted many users to switch to Android, while others have opted for VPNs for iOS 8.

The best VPNs for iPhone or iOS 8 helped many users when Apple was subjected to hack attacks this year. They stood like a rock between the users and hackers/malwares in the virtual world.

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