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VPN Colombia & Internet Censorship

The layman users are unaware of the advantages that a VPN Colombia offers to them. Perhaps that is the reason why the internet users in Colombia are reluctant to share their opinions freely; they have subjected themselves to self-censorship. Even though there are no laws stating that the meta-data of the users should be recorded, the ISPs are instructed to monitor the activities of the user.

Should the ISPs find anything ‘illegal’, they are required to report the user to the government. The journalists have suffered the most due to such practices, since they are always subjected to threats by the cartels, mafia and influential figures. The users may have the internet freedom on paper but when it comes to the real world, Colombia is just as harsh as any other developing nation towards the internet!

Best VPN Colombia – Why You Should Use Them!

The internet access in Colombia may be unrestricted but when it comes to using the internet anonymously, there is no guarantee that no one will be watching you browsing or surfing the internet. Your ISP may not only be watching you surf through the realms of internet, but it might also be taking notes of your browsing habits.

The Colombian VPN services do not only offer you maximum anonymity, but they also make sure to protect you from the threats of ISPs and government tracking you down. Apart from anonymity, you can also use the VPN Colombia to pass through the gates of US servers and access the popular video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu that are otherwise blocked in Colombia.

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Watch Netflix & Hulu with a Colombian VPN

A Netflix or Hulu VPN will be required as the two US based video streaming services are highly geo-restricted and yet popular all over the world because of the streaming content they share with their users. From latest TV shows, dramas, documentaries to movies, everything is available for streaming if you have a valid subscription to either of them and connected through a US IP address.

Since streaming Netflix and Hulu remains a challenge in Colombia, the users switch their IP addresses to US IP addresses only by connecting to a US server through a VPN service or a proxy server. But when it comes to selecting a service with the best quality, the Colombian VPN remains a popular choice in Colombia.

Why You Need a VPN Colombian Server?

Colombia is only the second Latin American country where more than 50% of the users have access to the internet. Getting a Colombia IP VPN for yourself may not be such a bad idea especially if you hail from the Colombian region or the adjoining areas. It may not only be used to make your downloading and streaming safe, but it can also be used to bolster your connection speed.

The- VPN services can also be used to decrease the lag in your game, giving you an overall better gaming experience. Connecting to a Colombian server from the adjoining regions may kill your ping dramatically and enable you to enjoy the online gaming at much faster pace!

Colombia IP VPN – Will it Work outside Colombia?

There are some Colombian services that are inaccessible outside Colombia. Take ClaroVideo for example, it works on the same model on which Netflix and Hulu work. It detects your IP address and gives you access to its contents. To watch ClaroVideo outside Colombia, you will only need a VPN service which provides access to Colombian servers as well.

Freedom of Speech in Colombia

As mentioned above in the introductory paragraphs, Colombia still remains a dangerous place for online bloggers and journalists who subject themselves to self-censorship.

68*A+ VPN Colombia can prove out to be a great tool for journalists and bloggers since it encrypts your data traffic and keeps it untraceable. But it is very important for the journalists and bloggers to use a pseudonym while covering a sensitive topic, since a VPN service can only protect your online identity over the internet.

VPN Colombia Android

Since major of the smartphone holders are Android users in Colombia, we feel it mandatory to mention here that they are most vulnerable to outside threats of hacking and online tracking. There are many VPN services for Android in Colombia that are known for providing high quality security and maximum content accessibility.

The VPN services which we have listed in our list provide VPN clients for Android smartphone users, means you will only have to download and install their apps from GooglePlay and enter your credentials to get going with them. In case you don’t find one, you can also set the VPN up on your device manually by following the basic step guide.


The VPN Colombia is a great tool to have if you are a fan of restricted video streaming services or you want to browse through the contents of the websites that are otherwise blocked in your region. It is used to provide a blockade free access to ensure all the contents are available to the users in Colombia.

Even though the restrictions are not strict, there remains a threat for the journalists and bloggers in Colombia. The VPN services can also be used to make safe transactions to ensure the transactions go smoothly and remain safe from any glitches. The servers can also be used to ensure that the expats of Colombia have access to their favorite TV shows and video streaming services that are restricted for viewership in Colombia only.

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