15 Rocking Torrent Sites for Music Lovers

15 Rocking Torrent Sites for Music Lovers

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Attention Torrenters!!
Using torrents without a VPN is like shooting yourself in the leg! Whether it is for downloading movies, music, comics, or TV shows, copyright trolls and ISPs are in hot pursuit of torrent users. With the best VPN for torrenting, your identity remains hidden and no one can read the contents of your internet traffic through encryption.

Nothing in the world is as peaceful as listening to favorite music and achieving an instant peace of mind.

Not only music puts you in soothing and good mood, but recent studies have shown that music do a lot more than just affecting your brain. With tons of benefit, getting your favorite track from internet is not an easy task until you know the best torrent websites for music.

For users ease, we have conducted an in-depth research and came up with following torrent sites for music which offer a ton of best-of-the-time tracks. Whether you have a taste in pop, rock, metal, classic or opera, these websites will deliver you the best which you deserve.

15 Best Torrent Sites for Music

If you happen to be a great music lover, you have arrived at the right place. This is because you can access to your favorite music torrenting sites to fulfill your music desires instantly. Here is the list of seven best torrents sites you can use to listen to your favorite music be it classical, jazz, rock and so on.


6 Best Torrent Sites for All Music Genres

Fortunately, nobody can deprive you from the right of accessing your favorite music songs through torrents. Through the help of three best torrent sites for all music genres list, you will unleash your listening desires to the next level. The list of three best torrent sites for all music genres includes:


Waffles.ch is an amazing torrent sites for music, not only will you find latest songs but also other torrent applications for Mac, Windows and Linux. The music offered by Waffles.ch is always in high quality and you can get music files in both 128kbps and 320kbps.

This site is hands down one of the best dedicated site for music, which is evident from the fact that it offers FLAC music files, which provides some of the most premium listening experience thanks to its superb audio quality.



No matter what genre you are in to Soundpark has definitely got you covered. The site offers old time classics, EDM, pop, house music and everything in between. Their search feature is also very quick and comprehensive, so no matter if your query is vague you will definitely be able to get relevant results. This makes Soundpark a must “go to” sites for music.



Now Music-Torrent.Net is rather amongst the more visually pleasing music torrenting site. The site has a very minimalistic design with large album covers making the overall browsing experience extremely satisfying. Besides the cool interface, you can expect to find all the latest songs by famous artists neatly organized in categories depending on their genres.


The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is one of the oldest torrent site that has a remarkable reputation among music lovers and torrent users. The fans favorite torrent site provides an enormous collection of media, where users can search torrents of popular rock, jazz, opera, pop, classical and much music. Moreover, Pirate Bay is considered as a top torrent hub after the shutdown of Kickass and Torrentz. You can also use Pirate Bay VPN for anonymity and security.



Requiring no formal introduction, ExtraTorrent prides itself as a popular standalone torrent site. With having over a million of active users, ExtraTorrent offers a diverse range of media library. The site has an amazing fans following with tons of videos, songs, movies, TV series waiting to be downloaded with just a single click. Multitude of torrents, superior quality music albums and a large number of seeders make ExtraTorrent a perfect spot to get unlimited media.



Rutracker is another hit torrent site with over 13.6 million active users and 1.5 million of total distribution of 2,595 petabytes. However, the only drawback is that Rutracker is based in Russia, thus requires a translator like Chrome auto-translator and Firefox translator addon. Interestingly, Rutracker has been blocked in various regions and requires a VPN for unblocking.


3 Best Torrent Sites for Classical Music

When it comes to listening your favorite classical music songs, nothing beats the importance of best torrent sites for music. This is because you can easily download and start listening to your desired songs straightaway. The list of three best torrent sites for classical music includes:

Sky Torrents

When you want to search the classical music torrent hassle-free, nothing beats the importance of Sky Torrents. Moreover, you can also find music that covers different genres like rock, jazz, opera, pop and much more.



TorrentDownloads is another classical music torrenting site that enables the music fanatics to search and listen their favorite songs. Surprisingly, you can use the site if you want to explore songs that belong to other categories of music like pop, opera and others.



When it comes to exploring high quality classical music torrents, you should use Toorgle. The micro torrent site allows you to search your required torrents with the help of 450+ torrent websites that cover the music niche in detail.


2 Best Torrent Sites for Jazz Music

Luckily, you can still access to your desired songs that cover Jazz music genre. After downloading your preferred jazz songs from the list given below, you are just a click away to fulfill your listening needs to the next level. The list of two best torrent sites for jazz music consists of:


If you do not know about Isohunt, you have made a mistake. The site offers an attractive interface that enables you to find your desired jazz music torrents instantly. It does not matter in which country you live as the site caters the needs of millions of torrents users worldwide.



What makes RARBG different from the other torrent sites is the availability of verified content. In addition, you can easily download your preferred music torrents because the site provides specific media library that caters jazz music niche.


2 Best Torrent Sites for Rock Music

When you want to listen to your desired songs that focus primarily on rock music genre, you should consider downloading torrents from the below mentioned list. Here is the list of two best torrent sites for rock music that includes:

BT Scene

BT Scene is another impressive torrent site that comes up with the feature of rock music availability. Furthermore, the clean and user-friendly interface of the site helps the rock music lover to find their desired music torrents instantly.



iDope is a replacement of Kickass Torrent that you may assume as another torrent site for rock music. If you want to use a music torrent that specifically covers the niche such as rock music, iDope becomes an interesting choice.


2 Best Torrent Sites for Pop Music

Being a true music lover, you can undermine the impacts of pop music songs by any means. This is because the pop music genre has millions of followers worldwide. From the list of two best torrent sites given below, you can start listening to your favorite pop music songs straightaway.


Torrents.me is one of the best torrent sites you will ever find on music category. Moreover, the site allows you to figure out your required content through the help of two different languages. These languages are English and Spanish. In addition, Torrents.me fetches content from other torrent sites that make the life of every pop music lover quite easy.



Monova caters the needs of pop music lovers by offering relevant torrents on its websites. The site offers a dedicated search engine that helps you to find your required pop music torrent straightaway. However, you need to register yourself before using the site according to your own terms.


How to Anonymously Download Music Torrents

But Behold!  Your ISP & copyright sharks are watching you..

Torrenting music torrent or any copyrighted torrent file in general is illegal in many regions around the world. Because of their illegal nature, your internet service provider, copyright holders and regulatory authorities track your torrenting activity and can prosecute or fine you on the offence you commit. .

They can dish out penalties as soon as you try to download a track one of the ways they identify your identity and location is through your IP address. The IP address is visible to all torrent users downloading the same file.

Therefore, you must make sure your torrenting activity is completely private. You can achieve this anonymity by hiding behind the security cloak of a best torrent VPN. A VPN would allow you to create an encrypted tunnel between you and the sites you visit.

This way you can download all the latest music torrent without paying a dime by using a secure and private connection of your VPN service provider.

Torrent Sites for Music Reddit

Since torrent, files can contain malwares it is very important that we choose wisely which torrent site we want to use. While on the look for music torrent sites on Reddit, we saw multiple comments of people suggesting great torrent sites for downloading music.

In A Nutshell

The best available torrent sites for music have been unleashed, users can search download and listen all time favorite songs, albums and artists through best torrent websites for music. However, there are more torrent sites on internet that offer free music, but most of them are traps set by copyright holders to catch and penalize torrenters.

We suggest users to download the torrents of favorite music through specified sites only and stay 100% safe against copyright trolls, viruses, malwares, hackers & spy agencies. In this situation, the role of best VPN for torrenting comes in handy since it saves you from the hot waters of legal trouble.

Do not forget to share the post and keep your friends safe too. You can share your feedback in the comments section below. Cheers!

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