5 Best Secure VPN Services of 2016

We talk about VPN services and the protection they provide you to combat lurking threats on the internet. And yet so often we ignore the fact that many VPN services compromise on security in an effort to provide you faster connections.

As silly as it may sound, there is absolutely no denying the fact that many VPN providers are now more concerned about providing you access to blocked content. A very small number of VPN providers has stuck to their original objective of providing impenetrable security in parallel with 100% access to the blocked websites.

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Most Secure VPN Services

Wondering how these providers are considered the best secure VPN services? The truth is that these providers are exceptionally well known for their encryption support and tunneling. This is made possible through the use of military-grade encryption protocols (including OpenVPN). Not only are their services are reliable, but their VPN software and VPN client (software) are also considered secure.

Before we move on to describe these providers in detail, we would like to highlight the top 3 factors which were considered while ranking the secure VPN services to create this list.

  • The protocols were given a thought for obvious reasons;
  • the logs policies were also kept in mind
  • and last but not the least, the encryption supports were given significant importance.



PureVPN is your key to gain ultimate security and maximum anonymity on the internet. It is the most secure VPN service of all and is the only VPN service provider that provides diverse protocol support to all its users. It offers a variety of protocols through which you can tunnel your traffic to keep it safe from cyber demons. These include PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and SSTP.

PureVPN gives you 450+ servers with 75000+ IP addresses to connect to. It has the largest collection of servers in the UK, US and Canada. It is compatible with all popular devices and operating software, and can also be configured to function over routers.

PureVPN stands out in the small crowd of high quality VPN services thanks to the unique split-tunneling feature it offers. In addition, it has a very strict policy on keeping no logs and maintains that it does not record online activities. PureVPN gives you encryption support of up to 256-bit, that along with its protocols, help make it a leading secure VPN service.

You can purchase all of the PureVPN services for as low as $4.16/month on a 12-month plan. If you are interested in the 6-month plan, you will have to pay $44.95 making it $7.49/month and should you go for the monthly services, you will have to pay $7.95/month.



The second most secure VPN service to qualify for a position in this list is IPVanish. Like all full-featured services, it tunnels your traffic through OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec protocols, and provides 256-bit encryption support to keep your data safe. This secure VPN service gives you the liberty to choose any of the 180+ servers for your connection.

Compatibility was never an issue for IPVanish because it is compatible with all leading devices, routers and operating systems. The customer support staff is present 24/7 to answer questions and offer assistance. It does not keep any logs and does not track your activity on the internet.

The IPVanish package is available in three denominations to all its users. You can choose from the monthly, yearly or quarterly plans as per your needs. The yearly package costs $58.49 making it $4.87/month. The quarterly package costs $20.24 making it $6.75/month. While the monthly package costs $7.5/month.



It would be highly contemptible if we ignore ExpressVPN while talking about the best secure VPN services. With a strong protocol and encryption support of up to 256-bit, it made an undisputed position in our rankings. ExpressVPN connects the user directly with OpenVPN (the safest protocol of all). But also gives you the choice to connect through either one of PPTP, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN.

It gives you 97+ servers in 78 countries and provides secure yet user-friendly VPN software. ExpressVPN provides 24/7 Customer Support to all its users and assists them with setting up ExpressVPN on their devices.

Keeping in line with premium VPN services, it does not keep any sort of logs and keeps your data safe from the hackers.

ExpressVPN provides three packages to its users, with the 12-month plan, costing you $8.32/month. The 6-month plan will cost you as low as $9.99/month and the monthly package will cost you $12.95/month.

express VPN


We got a lot of flak for placing HideMyAss in this list. But we decided that HMA qualifies because it tunnels traffic with L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, OpenVPN and SSTP protocols, and provides 256-bit encryption support to all its users. You can’t argue with that.

HMA provides 835+ servers in 180+ countries. Some people argue that HMA keeps a record of logs which is still an allegation under debate. We placed it here because HMA openly claims on its website that it does NOT keep records of your online activities.

To top it off, this secure VPN service provides a 30-day money back guarantee to all its users and costs as low as $6.55/month on a 12-month plan. The half-yearly plan costs as low as $8.33/month while the monthly plan costs $11.52/month.



Next to make a spot on this exclusive list of the most secure VPN services is Ironsocket. Just like IPVanish, Ironsocket also tunnels your traffic through OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec protocols and provides strong encryption support of 256-bit. It provides you 50+ servers in 35+ countries and gives you unrestricted access to all blocked websites and streaming services.

Ironsocket is not only compatible with leading smartphones and operating systems, but is also compatible with all routers as well. The user friendly nature of the service is evident from the fact that Ironsocket receives payments made through  American Express, Paypal, Master Card and Visa Cards.

Another major reason because of which we have ranked Ironsocket as one of the best secure VPN services is that it does not keep any logs in providing improved and enhanced security to all its users. Should you opt for the 12-month plan, you will have to pay as low as $6.99/month.



We have listed all the best secure VPN services and have also highlighted how they are providing you with much better security than other small timers. All of the above mentioned VPN providers let you access the geo-restricted websites and channels, and also provide you the best security to make sure you are not haunted by the evils of cyber space.

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