17 Best NYAA Alternatives to Download Anime

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The mainstream anime torrent hub NYAA.se has been shot down in the line of copyright infringement. But, don’t lose hope! As today, in this guide, we will unveil the Best NYAA alternatives that will serve you the best anime shows including Sakura Quest, Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, Fukumenkei Noise, Dragon ball, Naruto, and much more. Even kickass torrents was down but now its back again and we hope the same for NYAA.


best NYAA Alternatives

It has been few hours since Anime fans around the world have started facing annoying message when accessing popular anime torrent site NYAA.se. Furthermore, the blockage is not limited to NYAA.se, and thus all their subdomains including NYAA.eu and NYAA.org. are blocked at the moment.

Now, if you try to access NYAA.se, you will be shown the following message:

the requested URL could not be retrieved

To free torrent users and anime lovers from mere distress, we have listed below top NYAA alternatives or learn about the best anime torrent sites, which offer top-of-the-line anime. Not to mention, these NYAA alternatives will not let you miss lovable anime videos until NYAA is backup again. 

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But Before You Proceed!!
Beware Anime fans! These NYAA alternatives offer abundant anime, but downloading them without a VPN for torrenting can get you into trouble. To overcome this issue, a VPN hides your true identity and makes sure ISPs cannot read the contents of your web-traffic.

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Best NYAA Alternatives

1. AniDex (General)
2. AniRena (General)
3. Anisearch (Meta / Aggregator?)
4. Anime Tosho (Tokyo Toshokan / Nyaa mirror)
5. ThePirateBay (General)
6. Doki (Manga Fansub)
7. FFFansubs (Anime Fansub)
8. Haruhichan (Anime)
9. HorribleSubs (Anime Fansub)
10. Minglong (Meta RSS site / open tracker for some anime fansub groups)
11. TheHylia.com
12. OneJAV (JAV)
13. Pantsu Nyaa (Nyaa mirror)
14. Shana Project (Anime)
15. Sukebei Pantsu (Nyaa mirror)
16. Tokyo Toshokan (General)
17. TV-Nihon (General)

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In-Depth Look at NYAA Alternatives

Here is a closer look at some of these alternatives:

Horrible Subs

Horrible without any doubt is the best NYAA alternative. Interestingly, Horrible Subs is one of the sites who has confirmed blockage of NYAA on their homepage. While Horrible Subs offer similar media as NYAA.se, the site has comparatively more appealing interface than any other anime sharing site. The first impression of Horrible Subs captures users with exclusive downloads of Sagrada Reset, Natsume Yuujinchou Roku, Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasuka, Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine, and more popular anime series.

Horrible Subs is an alternate of NYAA

Anime Sharing

As the name indicates, “Anime Sharing” is a media-sharing site that stands second to NYAA.se. With an informative homepage and sleek interface, Anime Sharing looks similar to PirateBay. The search engine allows you to explore torrents of desired anime series instantly. On top, Anime Sharing maintains an Alexa rating of 3445 and receives millions of visitors on a daily basis.

Anime Sharing is an alternate of NYY


The popular anime search engine “AniSearch.ru” offers one-touch access to unlimited anime torrents counting Naruto, Natsume Yuujinchou Roku, Youjo Senki – Saga of Tanya the Evil, and thousands of more. Not to mention, the site has a considerable reputation among anime lovers and has been operating since 2012. In addition, you can find all the popular anime videos in HD quality on Anisearch.ru.

AniSearch.ru is another alternate of NYY

 Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is one of the largest torrent hubs around the world. The site has been thriving torrent lovers for last few years. Although Pirate Bay has faced various shutdowns in the past, but still the site has regained its existence and audience. That said, Pirate Bay offers hundreds of torrents for popular animated series and games too.

Pirate Bay is another alternate of NYY


ExtraTorrent stands next to largest torrent sites and offers torrents of popular animated series, movies, shows, and more media. One of the added advantages of ExtraTorrent is their well-designed search engine that offers hassle-free exploration. Not to mention, ExtraTorrent has a fine range of anime movies collection which is incessantly growing.

 ExtraTorrent is NYY alternate

Torrent VPN

When will NYAA Be Back?

Anime lovers from all around the world are bombarding social media and forums with posts about when will the leading anime torrent website to be up again? The answer is disturbing as the current Whois status of NYAA.se is marked with “serverHold”, which means the domain has been suspended for severe copyright violations. Therefore, we can’t predict the exact duration of the blockage. But, NYAA alternatives are the best way to keep watching favorite anime series.


Without a doubt, NYAA was a leading-edge site that was popular for anime series. However, the mainstream anime sharing site is no longer available and there is nothing anybody can do to access it.

However, the top NYAA alternatives mentioned in this guide offers complete episodes from the latest anime series, so that you don’t get a chance to miss NYAA again. On a side note, if you are worried about downloading torrents and want to remain anonymous over the internet, be sure to use a VPN for torrenting.

If you find this guide helpful or want to suggest more NYAA alternatives, then feel free to comment below.


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