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Internet Censorship in Denmark

The censorship on internet is not something unheard of in Denmark. The censorship of websites and other services is increasing, but to some extent, rightly so. Denmark has maintained a strict policy of blocking the access to all the websites that promote child pornography and unlicensed gambling websites and file sharing services.

The general sentiment about the increasing restrictions is mostly negative. People have taken their frustrations to various forums where they are using the threads to vent out their anger over the government’s decision to block the file-sharing services as well. Some Danish Netizens have argued that the censorship started off with a good purpose but lost its way somewhere in between.

Censorship of Facebook & Google in Denmark

Such aggressive has been the censorship that the authorities have also accidentally blocked the popular social networking websites like Facebook and search engines like Google in the past. The websites went out for a few hours before they were unblocked again but what was worth noting was the fact that Denmark’s policy of no-tolerance was exposed.

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Recent Bans on Popular Torrent Websites

Judging by reading the discussions on forums, we have concluded that nothing annoys the Netizens of Denmark more than the fact that the censorship had nothing to do with sites like AllofMP3 and MP3sparks but they also were victimized due to increased restrictions. And in case you didn’t know The Pirate Bay was already blocked due to copyrights infringement issues.

Recent news however suggests that popular torrenting websites like Kickass Torrents and RARBG have also been blocked in Denmark. The reasons are clear to everyone; the Rights Alliance does not want the individuals to get their hands on pirated stuff. It wants to encourage the people to buy more and more legal content.

While the move can be defended by the producers and distributors of the digital content in Denmark, we think the general users are most affected by it. But now that the ISPs have been ordered by the courts to block the access to all the torrenting websites, they are obligated to abide by the court orders. Hence using torrent sites is easily achievable using a VPN.

How to Unblock Websites and P2P File-sharing Services?

The whole idea of using a VPN for Denmark may seem redundant at first. But once it gets going, it does not only unblock ALL the websites that are blocked in you region, but it also allows you to download torrents at high speeds while keeping you hidden from your ISPs and government.

That’s right, a VPN service works like a magic charm in Denmark. It enables you to connect through one of its servers and makes sure you are safe and invisible while you surf the internet with more freedom and authority. We recommend all our readers to use a Denmark VPN if they are to enjoy all the benefits on the internet.

5 Best VPNs in Denmark

As said above, there are many benefits of using a VPN service in Denmark. For example, if you are a student and researching on a topic that is not available online but its e-book is available on torrent, you can connect your VPN service and download it with ease.

The Denmark VPNs are designed to protect you from internet throttling, snoopers, hackers and online surveillance agencies. We have made a list of all the VPN providers, while keeping your needs in mind that are definitely going to provide you an overall better user-experience.

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Unblock Netflix US at Cheaper Rates

We are compelled to say this, but the Danish Netflix users pay more for less content, when compared with the US Netflix users. Netflix was made available in Denmark in 2012 when it was released in Nordic countries. Not that the users are being ripped off, but they are definitely being provided with unpopular content against the money they are paying.

The users, however, can get connected to a VPN service in Denmark, and unblock Netflix US by paying less money. In return, not only are they able to access the vast library of Netflix but they are also able to enjoy all the perks that a US user of Netflix enjoys while sitting in Denmark.


We endorse the idea of filtering the access to child pornography and appreciate the steps taken by “Save The Children” organization. However, we do find it necessary to mention that the extensive censorship on websites and P2P services are not going to help the cause.

Yet we feel that the producers and distributors are within their rights to protect their data from piracy. If you are someone who is looking for a permanent solution to unblock the restricted websites and file sharing services, we advise you to connect to a VPN for Denmark. You will not only be able to unblock anything and everything but you will also be safe while surfing the internet.

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