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Are you searching for top wireless DD-WRT routers for 2017? Do you wish to upgrade a Dual-band router to Wireless AC or Tri-band router? If yes, then you’re at right place.

In the continuous developing cyber world, latest gadgets and tech innovations are releasing every now and then. That said, Internet routers are among top developments of digital age. An internet router plays an essential role in assuring high-speed connectivity, stable performance and reliable network connection at all times.

Now, if you’re wondering what exactly is a DD-WRT router, then it is nothing other than a simple internet router flashed with an amazing firmware known as DD-WRT. The simple upgrade enhances performance, capability, privacy and overall online experience of users up to great extent. Read on to know more about routers, list of best DD-WRT router, installation and configuration of routers and much more.

What is a DD-WRT Router?

DD-WRT is an open source firmware which was developed to achieve the best out of your current router. When installed on your router, DD-WRT upgrade an ordinary router to a full-fledge business-tier router, that is capable to perform tasks of an high-end router. However, similar to Android rooting, DD-WRT firmware replaces the stock firmware provided by vendor. But, the trade off is more worthy in aspects of better network connection, functionalities, accessibility and online privacy.

Advantages of DD-WRT Router – Why use a DD-WRT Router?

Till now we have discussed how DD-WRT can improve you cyber experience. Now, when it comes to individual advantages, here’re the top benefits of using DD-WRT flashed routers:

  • Add on Network Storage: A DD-WRT installed router with USB port is fully capable of reading hard drives and USB flash drive. Thus, you can create network storage in this way
  • Install a VPN: One of the best benefits of using DD-WRT flashed router is that you can freely install a VPN service on DD-WRT flashed router. After installing VPN, you can access thousands of geo-restricted sites and services (HBO Now, Fox Go, CNBC, BBC iPlayer and more) on your mobile devices, laptops and smart TVs which are connected to router
  • Add Network Printers: In addition to USB flash drive, printers, scanners and copiers can also be connected and accessed with DD-WRT installed routers
  • Caching Domain Network Servers (DNS): Caching DNS can accelerate hostname lookup, thus speeds up access to favorite sites
  • Increase Wireless Connectivity Range: Among unbeatable benefits of DD-WRT flashed router is the increased wireless range. This means that you can connect any device from extended distance after flashing your router

 Best DD-WRT Router List 2017

Now that you know about the top benefits and advantages of using DD-WRT flashed routers, here’re the best DD-WRT Router list 2017 that will take your online experience to whole next level:

Asus RT-AC5300

Asus RT-AC5300 is the monster of modern-day internet routers. With three bands of blazing fast speed, up to 5300 Mbps is offered by Asus AC5300 DD-WRT. Also, eight antennas resemble tentacles of speed, out of which four work for transmitting and remaining work for receiving. That said, Asus RT-AC5300 is preferred for 4K streaming, gaming and exploring media on internet. The router costs around $399.99 and is categorized among higher-end routers.

NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S R7800

The Nighthawk X4S R7800 comes equipped with most powerful processor ever. The 1.7 GHz Dual Core Broad-com processor offers flawless processing during streaming, gaming and visiting various sites at a time. Nighthawk features a sleek design where four external antennas ensure seamless transition and reception. Fortunately, Nighthawk can support up to 10-12 users at a time with full-fledge network consumption. The router cost about $379.99 and ready for OpenVPN and PPTP clients.

Cheap DD-WRT Routers

Apart from top-tier internet routers, there’re some cheap routers which offer exceptional features and cutting-edge online experience to netizens. Here’re some of the cheap and best DD-WRT routers which you can choose:

Asus RT-AC56U

Asus RT-AC56U is a popular router for general usage. The router has plain and simple design, where it can be tucked around wall-corners. Also, Asus RT-AC56U features 2 USB ports, allowing users to connect hard drive and printer at a same time. Surprisingly, Aus RT-AC56U costs only $101.99 and is preferred as an excellent solution for those who’re looking for a cost-effective router.


The overlooked router NETGEAR AC1450 is better than many routers in the market in terms of features, offerings and performance. The router comes equipped with 800MHz dual-core processor, 256 MB Ram and three antennas for enhanced connectivity. NETGEAR AC1450 costs about $109.99 and offers transfer rate of up to 975Mbps at 5GHz.

How To Install DD-WRT Router – How To Setup VPN On DD-WRT Router

Now, if you’re looking for how to flash your router with DD-WRT firmware and explore the unseen benefits, then we have included a step by step guide for your ease. This guide features in-depth information about how to install DD-WRT router and provides assistance with DD-WRT router installation procedure.

Also, above listed guide will help those who are searching for how to setup VPN on router and OpenVPN or PPTP installation. The OpenVPN protocol protects your online privacy with top-grade encryption, while securing your online transactions and browsing activities. The PPTP protocol on another hand is preferred for streaming and unblocking only. As PPTP protocol offers 128-bit encryption that is suitable for fast streaming and accessibility. That said, you can setup any of the specified protocol on your DD-WRT router as per your digital needs.

After installing VPN on router, you will achieve an impregnable online protection and access to thousands of geo-restricted sites and services including HBO Now, Fox Go, Nine Network, BBC iPlayer and many more from anywhere in the world. For more information, read our VPN routers blog.

Final Words

We hereby wrap our guide for best DD-WRT routers 2017. In this guide, we have highlighted how DD-WRT flashed router works, advantages of using a DD-WRT installed router and best DD-WRT routers of 2017. Also, we have listed a step-by-step guide for DD-WRT firmware installation and VPN configuration on router. I hope that provided information will help each and every tech-savy person around. If you have any query regarding best DD-WRT routers, then feel free to comment in box below.