Best 10 NSA-Spying Memes & their Online Privacy Solutions

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Most memes and graphics are complete horse manure, but those about the NSA tend to have a strong back story in them. Here is a roundup of the 10 most interesting memes about the NSA currently making rounds on the internet.

Meme No: 10

Obama teams up with broadband and telecommunications companies operating in America, to successfully spy on Americans. When I am feeling down, nothing works better than a cola and a good meme to cheer me up. This particular one serves the purpose perfectly.

nsa meme

Meme No: 9

Is it just me, or is it really sheer irony that the band that sang this famous song was called the ‘Police’? This meme shows the NSA’s headquarter in Fort Meade, Maryland, with lines from Police’s most famous song around it. It is scary how perfectly the line fits into the NSA context. The NSA should probably consider the song an organizational anthem, because the next line in the song is ‘Oh can’t you see! You belong to me!

nsa meme

Meme No: 8

This meme makes me want to kick all my friends with an iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 introduced finger-print unlocking as a way to lock the iPhone 5’s screen. There were apps available for this purpose before, but thanks to the iPhone 5, the feature reached massive acceptance. This means that your iPhone stores your finger print; and the iPhone is notorious for being the NSA’s little bug. No surprise that the technology came under heavy criticism for being one of the modern ways in which the common man’s increasing reliance on technology is making it easier for the NSA to spy.

nsa meme

Meme No: 7

This innocent and seemingly forgettable little meme is something that is enough to keep privacy advocates up at night. We all know that the NSA is spying, but have we ever stopped to think how much of our data is actually being recorded? Is it only our messages? Or is it only our calls? Or only our emails? Or has the NSA been able to tap into our hard drives like malware? Don’t forget that the NSA did put 1.5 billion dollars into its Bumblehive project to create a storage space of 1 trillion terabytes.

nsa meme

Meme No: 6

This meme is a nice laugh, but it is one of the few that make you wonder, and actually make you sadder the more you think about it. The meme is a sugar-coated reminder that NSA’s spying is not something to we should take lightly. The NSA knows everything we do and think, and while this might sound harmless to some, I invite you to recall how it feels when somebody starts staring at you (and everything you are doing) for no apparent reason. It is the invasion of privacy in its most fundamental form.

nsa meme

Meme No: 5

Compared to the others, this is a very light hearted meme that I frequently share with my friends. It is a meme for people who have only recently come to learn about the extent of NSA’s spying. Simply put: the NSA is everywhere. You don’t have to email, post or upload data for the NSA to find it. If you are typing it out, you can bet your barnacles the NSA is reading it!

nsa meme

Meme No: 4

I guess most people won’t get this meme. But I added it to the list nonetheless because I believe it directs us to the next level of NSA surveillance that we should fear. For the NSA, data collection is stage 1. But while we spend day and night fighting NSA’s data collection tactics, it is really NSA’s data analysis that we should fear. Everything you Google, post and upload is not simply saved; it is saved as a part of your preferences/priorities/interests. The NSA is not simply spying on you; it is also studying you – through all the data that you create/share.

nsa meme

Meme No: 3

This particularly humorous meme will send singles laughing! The meme shows a girl and a boy doing what every teen does at least once in his/her life and what every adult misses doing: flirting on the phone. What they don’t know is that everything they are saying is being heard by the government. This meme makes me wonder when the NSA will go from spying on us and studying us, to intervening in our lives.

nsa meme

Meme No: 2

This is a particularly hilarious and partially upsetting meme with a simple lesson for all of us: the NSA knows you better than you know yourself! And it is not impossible considering the fact that NSA’s surveillance has been going on for decades. With that much data, the NSA must be able to develop family trees, track friendships and tap into our most closely guarded secrets. Where does the NSA draw the line on surveillance?

nsa meme

Meme No: 1

Facebook has 1,310,000,000 users, out of which 48% log-in every day through different methods including desktops, smart phones, tablets, etc. Users install 20 million apps, share 1 million links, and send 3 million messages every day. The amount of data we put out on Facebook is more than enough to develop a profile of what we like, where we live, what we eat, what games we play, what teams we love, what brands we prefer, who we love, who we hate, who we support, and who we are. With the NSA refusing to rethink its approach, perhaps it is time that rethink about our addition to social media networking.

nsa meme

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