AVG VPN Review 2019 – A VPN Which Guarantees Online Privacy

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  • Privacy
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  • Torrenting
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$4.42 Per Month

Online privacy protection is important for encrypted digital lifestyle because millions of Internet users across the globe suffer loss of private documents and hard-earned money due to security vulnerabilities. That’s why, It has become most urgent need to have well-engineered protection structure in place.

In this unprejudiced AVG VPN Review comparison, we’re going to share the complete information about ins and outs of an outstanding VPN providers which has served Millions of users across the globe. Plus, you can go through our further VPN Reviews for iron-clad security and incessant protection of your online privacy.


  • Free Trial Version for 30 Days
  • Ease-to-Use and Minimalist User-Interface
  • Satisfactory Security
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Good at Unblocking Geo-restricted Websites
  • Few Server Locations
  • Unsatisfactory Customer Support
  • No Live Chat Support
  • Lack of Advanced Features

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AVG VPN Review – An incredible Service with Competitive Advantage

AVG VPN review 2019 discloses that this service has impressive feature for users in free trial. Yes that’s correct. It does provide ease of compatibility with Android TVs so that you can enjoy unstoppable binge-watching.

It is available in multiple languages with outstanding benefits in terms of encryption and protocols. So chances are AVG VPN will satisfy its clients without costing fortune.

Pricing & Plans


As per our AVG VPN review, it is comparatively expensive VPN provider which can be quick turn off for users. Unlike other VPNS, AVG VPN is sold at different prices for all platforms either it is Windows, Mac or Android.

But, unsatisfactory thing is that it could be used on one PC, smartphone or tablet at the same time. Whereas, you can use many logins with one account on other VPNs. For example, with PureVPN, 5 logins could be made with just one account. So, it is the flaw which could disappoint AVG VPN users greatly.

Windows / Mac

  • One Month service for $7.99
  • 1 year service for $59.99
  • 2 years’ service for $109.00
  • 3 years’ service for $159.99


  • $ 1.49 for 1 Month
  • $ 19.99 for whole year


  • $ 2.99 for 1 Month
  • $ 35.99 for whole year

Online Payment Methods

This AVG VPN review discloses that this service offers merely two payment modes: Credit Card and PayPal. Unfortunately, this notable service doesn’t offer Bitcoin option in its payment modes which means that you get zero chances for making anonymous payments.


We will suggest this VPN provider to add Bitcoin with other payment methods. So that more and more users could benefit from it. In our experience, it’s a payment mode which customers take seriously while opting for service. The easier payment methods would be, the happier customers will feel with the provider.

Refund Policy/Money Back Guarantee

According to AVG VPN review, this service follows client-friendly approach when it comes to refund policy. You can get your money back within 30 days without any kind of deduction.

Although, it does offer trial version. However, users of PayPal will still need to pay $0.45 in order to get their accounts validated.

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Compatibility Review


According to our AVG Secure VPN Review, this service adheres to one-size-fits-all-formula because it is comfortably compatible with all operating systems i.e. Windows and Mac. Likewise, it provides apps for Android and iOS. Rest assured, with easy-to-understand installation guides, it would be piece-of-cake for you to install this VPN on your smartphones and computers.

The big drawback with this VPN service is that it can’t be installed or inserted into the Router. Similarly, AVG VPN Crack is not compatible with Smart TVs. But, you don’t need to feel disheartened because this VPN works well on Smart Android TVs, just download the app from Google Play and you are ready to use it with ease.

Server Spread

To be honest, list of server locations is really bad. This AVG VPN review provides us a very important information that this service has servers just in 29 cities in 21 countries. It is even lesser than to Avast VPN which is located in 33 countries.

A thing worth-noting here is that out of these 29 cities, it has 7 locations based in the US only. So, if you want to avail product with wide selection, better try your hands on any other product.

Protocols and Encryption

Anonymize yourself from the preying eyes of the intruders and hackers with AVG VPN which is made up of first-rate protocols and encryption.

For instance, it is armed with OpenVPN that is known as safest protocol which paves the way for flawless security of your devices. Technically, it is open-source that means anybody can verify the code. It is especially helpful in fixing security holes and taking the performance to the next level.
If you are MacOS user, then, making use of AVG VPN will be of great use because it offers IPsec protocol built for best performance and getting desired results.

As far as encryption concerns, AVG VPN is matchless because it consists of 256-Bit AES Encryption for perpetual security with complete anonymity. Apart from this, it makes use of Open SSL and certificate authentication for lasting protection.

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Trial Version

Meanwhile analyzing AVG VPN review, we used trial version of this service. It really worked best for 30 days without hassle. In fact, it was quite easy to download on computer as we didn’t have to go through cumbersome installation process. No matter, either you’re using trial version or premium one, its features work equally best on all operating systems and devices at the same time.


AVG VPN Review 2019 showcases that it is incalculably handy service to enjoy streaming with zero difficulty. AVG Secure VPN permits Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transfers. Just select server from the AVG VPN list to perform Torrenting from anywhere securely with full anonymity.

An important thing which you must bear in mind that Torrent client doesn’t connect to all servers. That’s why, users face problems sometimes in getting connected for streaming their favorite shows, seasons, movies and sporting events.

Privacy Policy


This AVG VPN review reveals that this service provider has crystal clear and easy-to-understand privacy policy for the users. No one can deny from the fact that privacy policy is one of the crucial players of the any VPN’s success.

That’s why; AVG VPN takes the privacy of users very seriously. Rest assured, none of your information is shared with any third-person or any organization at any cost. Also, this VPN service takes all important steps for the permanent security of the users’ personal information in correct ways.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer service, AVG doesn’t contain various options. You cannot start live chat which is really very discouraging for any user. All you can do is to submit a support ticker and keep waiting until you don’t get complete reply via e-mail.

The only best way to reach out to the technical support staff at AVG VPN is ‘Telephone Call’. If you want to get something fixed or want to ask something quick, the only chance you can avail is paid call. You will not find such customer service elsewhere which asks customers to pay just for getting quick fixes. Funny isn’t it?

  • For Simple Fix, you will have to pay $79 in which you can just avail 1- time call for basic help that covers 1 device at a time along with free diagnosis.
  • For Complex Fix, user gets advanced help with free diagnosis at the cost of $119 per call.
  • For Total Care, you will get $199/year or $0.99/ per month. You will unlimited fixes for all problems, whereas it covers 3 devices with facility of free diagnosis.

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User Interface

This AVG VPN review worth its salt when it comes to user-interface. Undeniably, it is extremely user-friendly software with well-designed interface. Since, server location selection and ON/OFF switcher are pretty similar and that is a good thing. Long story short, user interface is pretty straightforward, expressive and quite impressive at the same time.


Just open settings (the cog wheel icon in the top-right menu), in fact, you don’t need to do much for setting up. Either you want to enable/disable auto-connect or enabling/disabling Window Windows systray notifications. That’s all.


Alternative to AVG Secure VPN

Maybe, this VPN service could trouble while unblocking streaming websites. And, at this stage, users look for fruitful alternatives. We have reviewed VPNs and SmartDNS services for your convenience.

1. Smart DNS Proxy Review
2. SaferWeb Review
3. GeoSurf Review

Wrapping up

This comprehensive AVG VPN review provides crystal clear insight of a VPN service which promises to protect users on public Wi-Fi. Though, it is not equipped with high-end features alike NordVPN and ExpressVPN, or it doesn’t contains large list of server locations, but still it could be reasonable choice.

Whereas, if you want permanent protection and online privacy for a month without making a payment of single dime, then, counting on VPN would be good selection.

Share you feedback about the service in comments section below and add value into the story.

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