Abdul Rehman
Abdul Rehman

Abdul Rehman is a technical prodigy. Ever since his humble beginning, he always enjoyed taking things apart just for the hell of it. The word “why” never seemed to leave his side. Naturally being a tech worm and having a passion for how things work, he majored in computer science to further pursue his career in Cybersecurity.
Throughout his academic journey, he realized that he also had a neck for technical writing and being an out spoken person that he is, writing provided him with a perfect medium to express his boiling views and opinions regarding the world of online privacy and security.
Rehman is also an aspiring online privacy advocate and sympathizes deeply with the Anonymous group. He believes the internet should be a place to express ones inner opinions and thoughts without being victimized by the dictatorship of online bullies.
Other than being an online privacy narc 5 days a week, Rehman also enjoys fishing, long walks by the beach and relaxing with his beloved dog on the weekends.

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