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Best L2TP VPN for Dummies Updated April 2018

The L2TP (Layer to Tunneling Protocol) protocol is the protocol of choice for individuals unsure about internet security. The protocol is also favored by paranoid people like me who will believe in any conspiracy theory they read – particularly those about governments and aliens covertly observing humans and their data in the pursuit of global domination.

However, the L2TP VPN protocol is not included in the list of best VPN protocols. This is because the users may opt OpenVPN protocol to attain speed and security under one roof.

If you want to learn about L2TP VPN, the first thing you need to know is PPP (Have to learn to walk before you can run). PPP stands for ‘Point to Point Protocol’ and is a commonly used link-layer protocol.

What is a protocol? (Save time – Jump this paragraph if you know the answer) A protocol is a set of rules and guidelines that are followed by both systems involved in sending and receiving data. This helps both systems communicate effectively, reduces the time required for data exchange and eliminates the need for the users at both ends to interfere. The resultant formation makes protocols a basic building block of all network communication connections.

l2tp vpn

The PPP is used by PPTP and L2TP alike, and essentially comprises of three parts:

So that is where the basic L2TP infrastructure takes root from. However, the L2TP protocol is not very strong on its own, which is why you will mostly find yourself reading the term ‘L2TP/IPSec’ instead of ‘L2TP’ alone.

How Does L2TP VPN Work

The L2TP VPN essentially buffs up the PPP VPN. A traditionally functioning PPP will present a scenario in which data packets will be vulnerable during transmission from the client to the server (and vice-versa). The implementation of the L2TP VPN means that each data packet being transmitted will be subjected to an L2TP header. Upon receiving the data, the server will demultiplex the L2TP packets. This might sound like a bit of extra hard work and is known to lessen speeds, but the security it can provide (in WiFi powered internet sessions for instance) is priceless.

L2tp packet exchange

In tech-terms, the creation of the L2TP protocol means the combination of Cisco L2F and the Microsoft PPTP protocols. Bear in mind that L2TP VPN will weigh down on your CPU’s processing power because encapsulating data twice is a processing-intensive activity. Add the fact that 256 bit encryption is as near-mandatory addition to the L2TP VPN, and you are looking at greater security at the cost of reduced speed.

Double Encapsulation

Double encapsulation is one of the fundamental reasons because of which L2TP VPN gained popularity over PPTP VPN in VPN use. Of course L2TP VPN cannot stand up to OpenVPN in a comparison, but it can take on PPTP VPN any day!
The first encapsulation of data takes place when the L2TP VPN functions much like a PPTP VPN and carried out encapsulation as if normal PPTP was in place. This is then topped off with the second encapsulation thanks to the IPSec. Encryption keys for the encapsulated data rely heavily on Data Encryption Standards if not on Triple Data Encryption Standards.

Reasons to Use a VPN Client for L2TP VPN

L2TP VPN runs into complications when users try to use it over routers or when excessively heavy firewalls are in place. This causes the L2TP VPN speed to fall to the point that it undermines the utility of the protocol altogether. L2TP VPN can also prove to be challenging if you try to set it up and manage it yourself.

Our advice is to use the best VPN app that provide you with client software (a VPN connection manager) for your device. This will eliminate complications for you and let the software take care of all the complicated decision making and inter-software cooperation that takes place at the back end. Using a VPN client for your device will provide you with the comfort of plug and play VPN.

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L2TP VPNs can prove to be somewhat irritating for individuals looking to switch servers frequently during VPN protected internet sessions. Using L2TP VPN with IPSec protection (which is normal for L2TP VPN use) forces authentication to rely on your IP. Every time you switch a server, expect a connection-wide communication of your new IP to cause lag.

Using a VPN client will help you gauge server traffic load for available servers and pick out servers with the right ping, upload speed and download speed for you. Doing so can help you compensate for the loss of speed you can expect to experience when you use L2TP protocol.

Connect to L2TP VPN by Using IPsec/L2TP VPN Protocol

The task of installing L2TP VPN through IPsec/L2TP VPN protocol is straightforward. This is because you do not need any rocket science to complete the installation process successfully. Here is how you can do to install L2TP VPN on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

VPN on Windows Step by Step Guide

  • You should right click the network icon on the bottom right side of the screen and click “Open network and sharing center”
  • You should click on “Set up a new connection or network” option given on the “network sharing center”
  • Choose “Connect to a workplace”>Use my internet connection(VPN)
  • You should open the VPN servers list and select a VPN server you wish to use
  • You should copy the DDNS hostname or IP address and paste it on “internet address”
  • Once you have pasted the internet address, check “do not disconnect now, just setup so I can connect later” option provided on the lowest part of the screen
  • Now insert ‘VPN’ on username and password fields once the username and password appears on the screen and check “remember this password” option
  • When you see “ the connection is ready to use” message on your screen, you can click “close” button however you should not click the connect now button
  • Go to “network and sharing center” > change adapter setting
  • Now right click the icon you have develop previously and click “properties”
  • From the properties screen, you should click the “security” tab
  • You can use the “network tab” if you have Windows XP
  • Select “layer 2 tunneling protocol with IPsec on the “type of VPN” drop-down list
  • You should click the “advanced setting” and click on “use pre-shared key for authentication and insert VPN on the key field
  • You should double click the newly established VPN connection setting and fill username and password fields automatically if you have activated password savings option in the earlier steps
  • If it is not the case then you should insert “VPN” on username and password fields
  • You should click on “connect” to begin the VPN connection process
  • Once you have created the VPN connection, you will observe a VPN connection icon on your screen
  • The VPN connection status should appear “connected”

VPN on Mac Step by Step guide

The same goes for Mac devices as you can install the L2TP/ IPsec VPN on your Mac devices hassle-free. Here is how you can do to achieve your installation mission:

  • From the top right side, click the network icon>open network preferences
  • You should click the + button given on the network configuration screen
  • You should choose VPN as interface, L2TP over IPsec, as VPN Type, and click the “create” button
  • A new L2TP VPN configuration will be developed, you should specify hostname or IP address
  • You should open the VPN servers list page, click one relay server that you wish to avail
  • You must copy the DDNS hostname and or IP address and paste it to the server address
  • Once you have stated the server address, you should insert “VPN” on the account name available besides the server address field
  • You should click the “authentication setting” and wait to see authentication message on your screen
  • You should insert “VPN” in password field and on the shared secret field, after providing click OK
  • You must check the VPN status>Advanced
  • Click the “send all traffic over VPN connection”> click OK
  • You can connect to the VPN connection after clicking the “connect” option
  • The VPN connection status should appear “connected”


VPN on Android Step by Step guide

You can install L2TP/IPsec VPN on your Android devices accordingly. Here is the list of actions you should perform and these are:

  • Through the “settings” application>wireless & network>more>VPN
  • Click “add VPN profile” to develop a new VPN connection setting
  • Once you observe a new VPN connection screen, insert your preferred name for the VPN connection, select “L2TP/IPsec PSK” in the “type” field
  • You should state the hostname along with IP address of the public VPN relay server
  • Now open the VPN servers list then click on one VPN server you wish to use
  • Copy the DDNS hostname or IP address and scroll down the configuration screen
  • Click “show advanced option” and specify “VPN” on the IPsec pre-shared key field
  • State “” on the forwarding routes field and make sure to insert forwarding routes correctly
  • You must tap the “save” option then save the VPN connection setting
  • You can use the newly created VPN connection anytime from anywhere
  • From VPN connection setting, tap the settings option
  • You should insert the username and password then state “VPN” on username along with password fields and check save account information
  • You should tap the VPN connection
  • Once you have established the VPN connection, you can see the connected VPN setting after seeing VPN activated message on your screen


VPN on iOS Step by Step guide

The iOS users can install L2TP VPN setup through L2TP/IPsec protocol according to their own terms. Here is how you can achieve your installation objective:

  • Through the iOS screen, you should go to the settings app
  • You should open VPN from General option and go to Add VPN Configuration
  • An L2TP VPN connection setting will be developed and you will see configuration screen
  • You should specify the hostname along with IP address and open the VPN servers list
  • You should copy the DDNS hostname or IP address and specify the server field
  • You should insert the VPN to “account”, “password” and “secret” fields
  • Once you have inserted “VPN”, you should tap “save”
  • You can begin the VPN connection through a newly created VPN connection
  • You can tap the VPN to initiate VPN connection and you can see the VPN connection status on your screen


L2TP Technical Details

The users should explore the technical details of L2TP VPN protocol to use the protocol from anywhere instantly. Here is the list of L2TP protocols that consists of:

  • It applies 256-bit military grade encryption
  • The said protocol offers double encryption benefit due to IPsec protocol
  • The L2TP protocol is also compatible with the Linux platform


Pros of L2TP VPN

  • Compatible with all the leading platforms
  • The L2TP VPN client offers user-friendly interface
  • Offers advanced and efficient encryption standards

Cons of L2TP VPN

  • The said protocol works slowly as compared to other tunneling protocols
  • L2TP VPN protocol is much cumbersome as compared to other protocols like OpenVPN


At the end of the day, the L2TP VPN (for all intents and purposes), becomes an upgraded (bulked up) version of the PPTP protocol. It is the preferred (and most widely available) type of VPN protocol on account of the extensive compatibility it incorporates – as well as the heavy duty data security it provides.

If you are looking for a VPN protocol that can guarantee security and are not particularly concerned about losing a bit of speed during your internet session, then the L2TP VPN is the VPN of choice for you. It is recommended for business and pleasure applications – individuals who shop online (whether frequently or rarely) as well as those who are in the habit of making business related financial transactions.


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Top 5 Wifi VPN Providers in 2018

Why you need a public Wifi VPN?

Read on and you would know what are the stakes associated with using a public Wi-Fi and how to overcome those risks.

Table Of Contents

  1. Top 5 VPN for WiFi in 2018
  2. What is a Publicly Available Wi-Fi?
  3. Where are these Wi-Fi available?
  4. Why a public Wi-Fi is insecure?
  5. What Information is at Stake?
  6. Secure your Information from Being Stolen on a Public Wi-Fi
  7. Public Wi-Fi VPN – The Ultimate Solution
  8. How to Use VPN on Public Wi-Fi? 
  9. How to Bypass Media and Other Websites Blocked in Schools 

Tapping data is no longer complicated! Data is everywhere and anybody with half a software kit and a little brain can grab it right out of thin air. Take your favorite public WiFi hotspot for example.

Ever wondered if the neighbors have a nosy teen who happens to be a really good cracker? Ever got the feeling that the barista at your coffee shop is a night-school IT student who cracks WiFi sessions for fun in his spare time? To protect your WiFi sessions from apparent and unknown threats, you need WiFi security in the form of a WiFi VPN!


List of Top 5 VPN for WiFi

Here is list of best WiFi VPNs that will protect your personal information on your device and prevent your online data from hackers:

Rank Providers Price ($) Discount More Info
$1.91Per Month
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1. PureVPN

Public Wifi VPN

PureVPN is the best VPN amongst all that will guard your online privacy and activity when on public Wi-Fi. It has the strongest 256-bit encryption to keep your online activity safe. It also offers you a dedicated IP and allows you to torrent anonymously. Check out our detailed PureVPN review for more information.


  • 750+ servers
  • 256-bit strong encryption
  • Internet Kill Switch
  • Protects 5 devices simultaneously
  • 24/7 live chat


  • Only 7-day money-back guarantee


2. NordVPN

VPN for School Wifi

NordVPN offers an advanced security with double encryption that protects your online security even when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi. It further offers you complete privacy and internet freedom by allowing you to bypass geo-restrictions. It will keep snoopers and cybercriminals away from your device. For more information, check out our NordVPN review.


  • Protects 6 devices simultaneously
  • Double encryption
  • Over 3,200 servers
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Private and secured Wi-Fi connection


  • Double encryption keeps your internet a bit slow


3. IPVanish


IPVanish promises to deliver private internet connection with the help of its AES-256 bit encryption. It keeps your online activity safe even when you are downloading torrent files. Further, it gives you access to censored websites and apps. For more information, check out our IPVanish review.


  • Private internet connection with secured Wi-Fi
  • AES-256 bit encryption
  • Torrent anonymously
  • Zero traffic logs
  • Unlimited bandwidth


  • Only 7-day money-back guarantee
  • A US-based VPN provider


4. PrivateVPN

Private VPN for Public Wifi

PrivateVPN protects everything from your Wi-Fi connection to your online activity. Public Wi-Fi’s aren’t safe, but PrivateVPN keeps you safe by masking your IP address. Enjoy a lightning fast internet with PrivateVPN and unblock geo-restricted media. For more information, check out our PrivateVPN review.



  • Keeps online activity and devices safe when on public Wi-Fi
  • IPv6 leak protection
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Kill Switch feature
  • 30-days money-back guarantee


  • Questionable logging policy


5. Ivacy

VPN for Publicly Available Wifi

Stream anything and anywhere with Ivacy. It keeps you entirely safe when using internet on public Wi-Fi’s with 256-bit encryption. It also keeps your online data secure with enhanced security. It stops 3rd party spying and has a strict zero log policy. Check for detailed Ivacy review for more information.



  • Blazing-fast speed
  • Split-tunnelling
  • Protected online data
  • 275+ servers
  • 5-multi logins


  • Only 7-day money-back guarantee


Still wondering what a VPN can do to keep you safe? We decided to borrow a word or two from the experts to get an answer for you.


What is a Publicly Available Wi-Fi?

Publicly available Wi-Fi’s are located in public places where people could gain easy access to the internet. You encounter public Wi-Fi’s in your daily life when visiting public places. Due to the nature of these Wi-Fi’s, many people access the internet. Mumbai city has over 500 Wi-Fi hotspots which is the highest number of count for any city.

Where are these Wi-Fi available?

The most common places where these Wi-Fi’s can be found includes:

Whenever any Wi-Fi is easily accessible to anyone and is located in a public place, is said to be a public Wi-Fi. The reason why the internet is available to public for free so that their customers would spend extra time at their restaurant or shop. Extra time means more sales for shops.

Why a public Wi-Fi is insecure?

Public Wi-Fi networks are insecure because it doesn’t require you to enter a password for its access. These are un-encrypted connections, which means snoopers and cybercriminals can gain access to anyone’s device who are using the Wi-Fi at the time. These snoopers can gain hold of your accounts, credit card information, pictures, and videos.

Other than your phone being hacked by snoopers, there is another possibility that you become a victim of main-in-the-middle attack. Snoopers can intercept the data being transferred from your device to another and can eavesdrop your communication.

Malware are easily injected by hackers onto your devices that means everything you do on your device is easily recorded. Lastly, fake hotspots or Wi-Fi’s are created to tempt users to access them. As a result, a malware is injected and users are most likely to hack your phone.

What Information is at Stake?

As we have made you aware why a public Wi-Fi is insecure, there is another thing that you need to be aware. You must know which information is likely to get affected when snoopers try to inject malware, or get access to your device. These are listed below:

All the above information is easy to access once hacker gets hold of your device within public Wi-Fi. Many cases emerge in tourist attraction and when boarding airplanes. In both situation, you are desperate to use an internet and require a Wi-Fi connection.


Secure your Information from Being Stolen on a Public Wi-Fi

There are several ways to protect your online data and device while using a Wi-Fi network, but the one that stands in the top of the league is a Wi-Fi VPN. It encrypts your online data and so does your IP, which means none of the users on the particular Wi-Fi network will ever know you’re using the same network.

When connecting to a VPN, not only snoopers or hackers would be able to know that you exist over the Wi-Fi, but not even the business owner will be able to know your existence. Your privacy and security is protected at all times.

You can further take various precautionary measures before connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Some of these listed below:


Public Wi-Fi VPN – The Ultimate Solution

The important most factor that protects your online activity and device is to get a Wi-Fi VPN. Nothing gives you the best online protection than a VPN because it complete hides you on the internet and none would ever know that you exist online.

Further, tourist are an easier target for cybercriminals because they’re constantly wanting to share updates on social media and therefore require an internet connection. As a result, tourists become frequent victim of this hack and all of their data is stolen. A recommended advise, always use a VPN when travelling abroad.


How to Use VPN on Public Wi-Fi?

Here are the steps on how to use a VPN on public Wi-Fi:

Step 1: Select a Wi-Fi VPN from the list provided in the table below

Step 2: Subscribe and download the desktop or Android app

Step 3: Insert Username and Password, then connect to any country’s server

Step 4: Now connect to a public Wi-Fi VPN and now your online privacy and data are protected.

Step 5: Once you are done using a Public Wi-Fi, select ‘Forget’ option on the Wi-Fi


School Wifi VPN to Bypass Blocked Websites in Schools

To prevent students to spend much time on the internet, schools normally block social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and similar others. These limitations are enforced by school administration so that students must focus on their studies.

However, a VPN for School can easily bypass blocked websites in schools and let students access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many social media websites. A VPN provider will change your IP address and allow you to bypass geo-restrictions.

Sometimes school wifi blocks VPN; in that case you have to confirm it with VPN provider that whether it could break the blockage or not.

Further, when you subscribe to a VPN for School, you can unblock streaming websites such as YouTube or Netflix, while also play games by unblocking gaming websites. Accessing to WhatsApp will be made easy and so does Torrent websites. Even the best free VPN for School would do the trick.


The NSA’s Take on WiFi Hotspots & VPNs

In a report published in June this year, the National Security Agency (NSA) recommends using a VPN service provider when connecting to publicly available WiFi hotspots . In the report, the NSA acknowledges the additional cost of subscribing to a VPN service but does not consider this to be a reason that outweighs the importance and benefits of a good VPN service.

In my experience, subscribing to a VPN provider that charges no more than $4 per month is much better, and wiser, than putting your bank details, credit card number, and personal information on the line every time you decide to check your mail while connecting to a public WiFi hotspot.

The report titled Best Practices for Keeping Your Home Network Safe, highlights that the underlying security infrastructure of most publicly available wireless hotspots is often weak . This is because hotspot providers seldom go beyond investing on the speed and bandwidth of their WiFi hotspots.


A Word on WiFi VPN from the Files of the FCC

An online report published by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), titled The Cyber Security Planning Guide, recommends that businesses providing internet-based remote access to users should exercise caution. The FCC recommends the use of VPN as a tried and tested method that can provide the security and access authentication required for a corporate infrastructure.

The report gives special attention to the need to ensure adequate security and encryption when using/setting-up a WiFi in business settings. Note that the FCC (established in 1934) is the US government’s response to the evolving threats that come forth with developments in communications technology.

In the same vein, a report by the Chief Information Officers Council this May asserts that the cryptographic strength that must be in place for a wireless network (WiFi) to be secure can only be maintained through a VPN!


Protect Yourself with a VPN in the Wireless Future

The WiFi wave is picking up momentum. Very soon all our connections will be wireless and the government recommendations quoted above confirm that a VPN is no longer a luxury – it is a necessity.
VPN and Wifi
I often review VPNs; and while every time I find few people displeased with a VPN provider, I also find a group of wise people who would rather be displeased with a VPN than robbed during a WiFi session!



My Final Advice?

Don’t compromise on the security of your personal and financial information; because without a VPN, you are just a sitting duck for data snoopers. Your privacy is in your hands!

Key Takeaways on Using a Public WiFi VPN

Suggested services in this article work best as either a school wifi, hotel wifi VPN or a public Wifi VPN.


Usenet vs Torrent Exposes Unequal Contenders


Usenet and Torrent are the two platforms where you are able to download copyright material. Choosing a preferred way of downloading a content can be difficult as each of these platforms contains advantages and disadvantages.

In this guide, we have outline each aspects of the two different platforms i.e. Usenet vs Torrent, and made sure you understand the legality issues with both the providers.

There are certain risks attached while using a Torrent or Usenet. However, we have further outline the solutions to get pass those risks and safely download a content.

Usenet downloading process

There is a simple downloading process in Usenet unlike that of a Torrent. Once you get a Usenet download client, connect it with a Usenet service provider. Now choose the file that you wish to download according to your internet connection. The download will start through a secure SSL encrypted connection.

Usenet risks

If you happen to download content via Usenet, you will face zero risk because it uses SSL as encryption. The persistent use of Torrent can get you in trouble with the law enforcement, but there is no such case with Usenet.

So far, many court hearings have been heard but none has gone against provider’s favour.  Therefore, you can expect Usenet providers are safe and will be present for a longer-term period.

Comparing Convenience

Using a Torrent is much more easier and cost-effective than using a Torrent. That is because there are no charges involved and accessibility is not an issue. Everything is open to everybody who is willing to share the data they download. Every time you use a Torrent, you become a part of a peer-to-peer network. The two-way transfer technology that Torrents utilize was once known as one of the most efficient data-sharing methods in cyberspace. Using best torrent sites saves you time and energy if you use a VPN along with it.

Usenet’s popularity remained somewhat limited in comparison to Torrent, mainly because Usenet is comes in a paid version as well as in a free version. Needless to say, the paid version is much better than the free model; and it is precisely this fact that has kept Usenet from going viral like Torrents.

Usenet, however, does have certain plus-points that Torrents fail to offer. Besides being extremely fast to download, Usenet servers are rarely in violation of laws and are therefore safer to use. Also, you do not have to rely on multiple peers when downloading from a Usenet server. In the Usenet scenario, you are connected directly to the Usenet server and there are no interruptions in between that may possibly inhibit data transfer. Hence the fast downloads.

In case you are familiar with either one (Torrent or Usenet), Usenet files are called .nzb while Torrent files are called .Torrent. Once downloaded, Usenet files usually come in the form of RAR files (archives) and can be unpacked once downloads complete. Unlike Torrents, there is no involvement of ratios (upload/download rations) at any point since users are not required to upload content in order to improve downloads.

Anybody with the slightest exposure to Usenet and Torrent will tell you that it is pointless to have a Usenet vs. Torrent discussion if the issue of download limits is not discussed. Torrents may have certain factors to keep an eye on, there is a need to understand that they are essentially free and you do not have to pay (for a monthly subscription or a block of download capacity) as you have to in the case of Usenet.

The Never-Ending Race Between Torrent and Usenet

Torrents first came into the lime light when movie companies began to take action against them. This served as negative publicity and knowledge about Torrents went viral. The targeted operation that was supposed to bring down Torrents helped to spread Torrent use like wildfire. The development and acceptance of Torrents was so rapid that that data availability of Torrents increased (and continues to increase) exponentially. As more people got on the Torrent bandwagon

Both Usenet and Torrent use download clients to function as download managers. These download managers are usually free to download and are differentiated by slight contrasts in the interface and small variations in the availability of features.

However, Torrent clients are far less complicated when compared to Usenet clients. This can be (once more) attributed to the generally wider public acceptance of Torrents in comparison to Usenet.

Usenet advantages and disadvantages

Anonymity is the greatest advantage while using Usenet. When you happen to use SSL encryption on your connection, the only thing the outsiders will see that you are connected to a Usenet server, but will unable to see your download content.

The other greatest advantage that every internet user must know is the speed of its download. When using Usenet, you download directly from the network backbone of the internet. Meaning, it consists of a fiber technology that allows the data to travel in the form of light pulses.

From all above, you will never get into trouble with law enforcement even if you download free copyright material, because they would never able to know what content you download.

The major disadvantage Usenet has is that its not free as the likes of Torrent. Accessing Usenet costs money i.e. around $10 to get unlimited download plans. Once you have paid the bills, you can download as much as you want.

What is Torrent?

When visiting a Torrent website, you search for the content or software that you desire and download its Torrent file that are also called pointer file. Now, there is a specific Torrent software that converts the Torrent file into a usable file. These software are called uTorrent, BitTorrent, etc.

Once the torrent file is uploaded onto a Torrent software, it starts downloading via P2P network. It swarm the internet and find for users that have the same file and connects to their dots until the file is completely downloaded.

Torrent Risks

There are certain risks when you are downloading torrent files. Since you are downloading copyright material for free, you can get into trouble with law enforcement. However, not until you use the best VPN for torrenting. A VPN will keep your online identity anonymous.

There are different types of letters when you have violated copyright laws. There is one copyright infringement letter, while the other is illegally downloading letter. The law enforcement is able to detect your online activity because of your IP. A VPN will hide you IP, thus making your online activity anonymous.

Torrent advantages and disadvantages

Torrents are easy and free to use and that could be its greatest strength. After downloading a Torrent software and a Torrent file, you’re good to downloading the content that you desire. It will also show you the downloading speed and the seeds you’re getting.

When Usenet takes down the content of your choice, then you are left with only one option i.e. download Torrents. You will not need to worry about DMCA takedowns, as most Torrent websites do not abide by that rule.

The security is a major concern when it comes to Torrent. There is a strong possibility that you can download a fake Torrent file that contains malware. However, there are some Torrent websites that scans all the Torrent file before a user uploads, but still there are Torrent websites that does not take security into consideration.

Further, your internet activity can easily be tracked unless you use a VPN. Copyright infringement letters will started to pour in if you are not careful while using Torrent.

Drawbacks of Torrents vs Limitations of Usenet

Torrents may be great, but Torrent downloading technology is essentially unregulated. The lack of regulation makes Torrents a somewhat dangerous download method to use. You may be engaged in copyright infringement without ever knowing it until it is too late – at which point you will have already downloaded the content and will have essentially committed a felony.

Usenet is no bed of roses either. Data on Usenet is not as easily available as it is on Torrents. Remember that Torrent data keeps increasing because anybody can upload data to be shared via Torrents. In comparison, data available on a Usenet server is smaller simply because the number of people using Usenet is less than the number of people using Torrents.

No Usenet vs. Torrent comparison can be complete without pointing out the fact that data availability in the case of Usenet does not generally last for more than a few years (depends on the Usenet data retention server’s policy), after which it is removed from the Server. Remember that data stays longer on paid Usenet servers than it does on free Usenet servers. Some free servers don’t hold data for more than a few months.

The Legal Catch

Movie production companies often crack down on Torrents by placing parts of Torrents files online, laced with trackers. Since Torrents function by sharing files in parts, complete files do not have to be uploaded and only parts of the file suffice. This allows them to receive a notification when anybody is downloading a file, and the utilization of Geo-IP enables law enforcement to track you if multiple offences are recorded.

Usenet poses somewhat less strict legal impositions. That is because even though users are allowed to upload data, the server manager is able to determine the legitimacy of uploaded content and remove unlicensed content. Essentially, server managers take responsibility for the data they host (Unlike Torrents where there is no centralized hosting). As a result, it is rare for users to ever violate any copyright laws while downloading content off a Usenet server.

Protect Yourself Either Way

It doesn’t matter what firewall or antivirus you have up, it is hard to tell if the file you are downloading via Torrent is legitimate or not. Also, on the off chance that you end up downloading a Torrent tracker planted by a movie production company, make sure you always use a VPN to cover your IP. Otherwise the movie production house will contact law enforcement with knowledge of your IP, which law enforcement can use with cooperation from ISPs to track down specific users.

While we are on the subject of comparing Usenet vs. Torrent, it is imperative to note that bulk downloading means you will be online and connected to a particular data path for an above-average length of time, giving cyber criminals the time needed to zero-in on you and break into your data transmission. When downloading via Usenet, you are very much secure and do not have to worry about security issues. Unless of course you are downloading via a public WiFi in which case a number of security threats apply.

DMCA Takedowns

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) protects service providers from being legally responsible for the contents uploaded by its user. If the copyright holder of the content are aware that their content is posted on a website for download, they can request for DMCA takedown.

The service provider is bound to honour the copyright holders’ right and follow the law and may remove the content. Usenet users may get frustrated to see that their content is not available on Usenet for which they have paid it increases their frustration.

Usenet vs Torrent Review

Most users suggest that Torrent is the first choice that should come to any user. If only they do not find the latest content, then it is preferable to shift to Usenet. That way, you will get the latest content to download.

It might concern many internet users that Usenet costs money. If you want to download stuff from Usenet, you are bound to spend some money, but downloading Torrent is just free. So, that remains a major difference with Usenet vs Torrent.

Now You Know – Pick One

If you believe in VPNs as security solutions (or are already using one), then I would advise you to stick to Torrents. Your IP is covered, your data is encrypted and using Torrents will give you access to far more data than Usenet servers will ever be capable of delivering.

If you are not a VPN fan (or are considering leaving VPNs) then I suggest you use Usenet as your bulk data download source. You will face a certain data limitation, but at least your online safety will be guaranteed. Before you put on the ‘I use Usenet’ shirt, make sure you spend some time comparing Usenet service providers in your region. Usenet servers are shutting down so this might prove to be slightly difficult but a bit of searching should (hopefully) provide you with some good alternatives to consider.

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The ABC of How to Download Torrent

File sharing is controversial and is criticized by many, while at the same time millions of users still use the internet to download torrents. Torrenting is a fun way to watch all the latest media content, read books, listen to music, and install software applications.

Torrent file is a pointer file that are downloaded from Torrent websites. These files are then uploaded to a torrent software, this is where the copyright content is downloaded directly to your system. Here in this guide we provide an easiest method on how to download torrent.

Before you get started, we remind you that watching free copyright material can compromise your online identity. Protect your online data, privacy, and activity by using the VPN for torrenting.

What is a Torrent?

Torrent, in general, is a fast-moving stream of water. However, the term has now become common for streaming Movies and TV Shows, or software downloading. A torrent fil is none other than a Zip File or an Extension File for separate each Movie, TV Show, Music, software, or application.

The torrent file contains information that are used by a BitTorrent software such as the likes of uTorrent, BitTorrent, or any other similar software. These software extract torrent files and download a particular movie, TV shows, program, or application on personal computers.

Since these torrent file contains free copyright materials, therefore are restricted in many different countries. However, you can use best VPN for torrenting so that your online activity remains safe.

How Bittorrent File Sharing Works

BitTorrent networking adopts Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing method. Torrent downloads many different small bits from various sources instead of downloading a large bits from a single source. This helps in faster downloading.

Another thing that you need to understand about BitTorrent file sharing is that it is all about swarming and tracking. The swarming method splits a large file into tiny bits and then shares it across a swarm of linked users. Tracking is the process where specific servers find these swarm of linked users.

These swarm members would then convert these files into usable files. During the entire process, .torrent file act as a pointer that helps user find other users, while enforcing quality.

How to Use Torrents

To download torrent, you require a special software that could read .Torrent File or the magnet file. Once you have downloaded torrent software, you can upload the .torrent file that you have downloaded from many Torrent website. It will ask you to download the torrent and meanwhile provide you with statistics on how much of the file is downloaded, seeders, and the downloading speed.

Fancy downloading a torrent? You’ve come to the right place for a crash course in torrents. In this article, I will give you a rundown of the following torrent download related areas but feel free to jump to your desired section. Then you can download your favorite content from best torrent sites.

Step 1 – Understanding Torrents
Step 2 – Accessing Blocked Torrent Websites
Step 3 – Finding Reliable Torrents And What To Look For
Step 4 – Downloading Torrents And Managing Torrent Download

Step 1 – Understanding Torrents

Using a Torrent is essentially nothing more than file sharing between people. The only difference is that it takes place over the BitTorrent protocol.
The BitTorrent protocol handles data-sharing differently than other protocols that handle the data sharing when you use other data transferring services.

Take your email for instance. Your email uses the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and the Post Office Protocol to respectively send and receive email. How do these differ? The line that divides your email protocols and your torrent is the difference in size and continuity of data transfer.

Your email needs to send data only once – during which there is one computer sending data to one computer.

You can put as many people as you like in the address bar, but the transmission to each will take place individually; which is why everybody gets his/her own copy of your email. The BitTorrent protocol seeks to establish a connection instead of firing off one-time rounds of data to pre-designated recipients. The BitTorrent protocol over-simplifies sender and receiver identification, and over-complicates the actual sending and receiving of data between them. Confused?

SCENARIO 1: Imagine a private music teacher teaching one student – you are the teacher. When you ask your student to play a song, your student plays it for you, but all you get is a one-instrument solo. Your student plays and expects you to receive a one-instrument solo.

SCENARIO 2: Now imagine a setting in which you have a hundred students sitting in front of you; each with a different instrument. When you ask them to play a song and each one of them plays their instrument, you end up with a complete and beautiful song. In this case, each student will be essentially playing individually, but the combined product that you will receive will be of a full-fledged song instead of a one-instrument solo.

The first scenario explains how data transfer takes place over your email. The second scenario explains how data transfer takes place over BitTorrent. You are welcome!

Step 2 – Accessing Blocked Torrent Websites

Once you become familiar with torrents, you will make two observations. The first: torrents are the best way to find and download movies, software, games, songs, e-books and just about everything that can be put on a hard drive. The second: effective and efficient torrent download is impossible without a VPN. Every time a torrent website becomes mildly popular, it is immediately thrown to the cyber dogs and subjected to blocks and bans by ISPs and courts around the world. Using VPN for torrenting to download torrents is the best one-shot gun-shot solution.

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When selecting a VPN to facilitate torrent download, there are a few factors that need to be given priority. Simply any VPN provider won’t do. A torrent friendly VPN will provide you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited download, a full range of protocols, adequate encryption (at least 256-bit), and 24/7 tech support.

I always recommend starting by messing with tech support. If you get live-chat tech support, ask the VPN provider if they facilitate torrent download. If they respond in affirmative, ask them for a server list displaying loads. This is critically important because it will impact your download speed. There is no such thing as a man who does not appreciate a good download speed.

Split-Tunneling is a great way to use a VPN during Torrent download. If your VPN service provider provides you Split-Tunneling, you will be able to ensure that only the only data sending/receiving that takes place through your VPN is that which is required for your torrent download session. This way, your torrent will be able to benefit fully from your VPN service while the rest of your internet activity (and all data sending/receiving involved) takes place through your ISPs general traffic. All of the activity is essentially still taking place over the internet of course, but by using your VPN’s split tunneling feature, you can ensure that your torrent gets its own personal internet highway.

Anybody can post anything on a torrent website and the same applies to downloading. There are no regulations and no requirements that individuals have to fulfill before uploading and/or downloading torrents.

Step 3 – Finding Reliable Torrents And What To Look For

Before you download a torrent, make sure you spend a little time trying to understand the Torrent website’s rating scale. Almost every good torrent website has a rating system to rate the reliability of available torrents. This works in parallel with a rating system to rate the reliability of torrent uploaders.

For instance, the famous Pirate Bay website has a rating system in which colored skills represent the reliability of the torrent uploader. The skull system is easy and user-friendly. If you don’t remember what reliability level a certain colored skull represents, a simple mouse-over should suffice and show you what the skull stands for. The green colored skull represents a ‘VIP’ user, the purple colored skull represents a ‘Trusted’ torrent uploader and the blue colored skill represents a ‘helper’.

However, simply considering the uploader’s reliability rating for torrent quality is not enough. Also look for a Download count and go through the comments section to understand how post-download user experience fared. You will be able to learn more from user comments than you will be able to glean from the torrent description provided on the website.

This is just one example and there may be different rating systems on each website. Some torrent websites, such as KickAssTorrents, go the extra mile and verify torrent content and quality for torrent downloaders. If the website allows users to ‘upvote’ and ‘downvote’ torrents, I suggest you steer clear of them as a measure of the torrent’s reliability. This is because different users choose to cast their votes at different points in time. Some do it to identify that they downloaded the torrent, and some do it to express what they think of the subject of the torrent’s content. The reasons can range from a pure desire to help others to casting a vote for the sake of clicking.

Seeders are computers on the network that are giving data while peers (also called leechers) are computers on the network that are recieving data. Try to find a torrent that has a large number of seeders. A torrent with a large number of seeders will generally also have lots of comments in the comments section.

Instead of looking at the positive and negative votes on a torrent look at the torrent content. See if the files (and their file sizes) in the torrent are adequate considering the content that the torrent title promises to deliver. Remember, anybody can put just about anything in a torrent and upload it under just about any name. If you come across a potential hoax or malware threat, be sure to report it immediately to the website administrator.

download torrent

Step 4 – Downloading Torrents And Managing Torrent Download

So you selected a VPN to access the best torrents out there and you found a torrent you think is good enough to download? The next step is to install a torrent client. A torrent client is a centralized torrent management system that works as the command center for all your torrent downloads (yes, you can download multiple torrents at a time). Torrent clients work essentially like airport terminals. Only they route torrent data traffic instead of aircraft. You cannot possibly download a torrent without first downloading a torrent client.

When you download the torrent of your choice from a torrent website, the torrent client will kick in and ask you to identify where you would like to download the torrent. The torrent file you download is not the data you are looking for – instead it contains information on the data scatter for the torrent components. Executing it using the torrent client will essentially activate a download sequence in your torrent client where you will be able to monitor and control the progress of the download.

Through the torrent client, you will be able to see the following data transfer metrics for each torrent you click on (in your torrent client’s torrent list):

  • Time elapsed so far in torrent download
  • The estimated time remaining for your torrent download to finish
  • The downloaded data size
  • The uploaded data size
  • The number of systems broadcasting the torrent – seed count
  • The number of systems receiving the torrent – peer count
  • Upload and download data limit may also be visible

Keep an eye on the left hand side of the torrent client. It will divide your torrents into categories with respect to the torrents you have downloaded, the torrents you are seeding and the torrents you have completed. Besides this, you will also be able to see active and inactive torrents. Frequent torrent downloaders will be able to learn how to see the individual download progress for each file in the torrent as well as the status of peers on the torrent’s network.

Where to Find Torrent Movies and Music

When you have downloaded torrent software and have understood how torrent file sharing works, then you have to find Torrent websites that could lead you to the right pointer files. Check out for the best Torrent websites that will let you find torrent Movies, TV Shows, Music, Books, and so much more.

There are torrent websites that contains many different categories of Torrents, while some of the torrent websites contain specific materials. Search a name of the movie in the search bar of these websites and download the pointer files. Once the download is complete, head towards the Torrent software and upload the pointer file. You will be able to watch any media content once the download ends.

How to Spot Fake Torrent Files

Torrent websites contain Torrent files that can be uploaded by anyone on the internet. Anyone can upload a malware and conceal it under fancy movie or music name that could attract a torrent user. Once that file is downloaded, your system gets compromised and is watched by cybercriminals and snoopers all around. The sad part is, any new torrent user will fail to notice fake torrent files.

Here are some of the ways to spot fake torrent files:

  • Higher seed, but few comments
  • Always check the verified status
  • Only trust AVI and MKV files for Movies
  • Never trust WMA, WMV, TAR, and ACE files
  • Always read comments
  • Confirm the movie release date from IMDB

One way to spot fake torrent file is to check their seeds along with its comments. Spammers uses the tool to increase their number of seeds up to 10,000 and that will want you to click on the file. However, it will have only a few comments which will mean the file is fake.

Also, do check for the verified status. Major torrent websites employ a committee that confirms whether a torrent file is a fake or works perfectly well. Further, you can check the movie release date on IMDB website because fake files are mostly found under the movie title that hasn’t been released to tempt people into downloading.

You should take notes that AVI and MKV files are trustable, but never trust WMA, WMV, TAR, and ACE files. Lastly, whatever you do, always read comments.

How to Download Torrent Safely

Torrenting is preferred by many when it comes to watching pirated materials whether it be Movies, TV Shows, Books, Music, or Software Application. As a result, torrent sites are restricted in many countries because it hosts copyright materials.

It is very likely that you can download torrents without anyone knowing that you surf a particular torrent websites. The best VPN for torrenting will keep your online identity anonymous, while its strong encryption would mask your original IP. That is how you can torrent safely wearing an invisibility cloak.

How to Download Torrent Reviews

Advertisements could really haunt torrent users when downloading torrents. They could pop-up from all ends, thereby creating a negative perception about torrents. Search your way for the best torrent download websites.

Torrent websites could be blocked in your country and that is why we have a VPN to unblock these websites. Download torrents all you can with a VPN and stay safe online.

Wrapping Up

On a related note, torrent clients are now available for just about all platforms and devices in existence. You don’t need to switch on your laptop to download a torrent when you can do it on your smart-phone. But be careful because VPN and data packages differ when hand-held device based data transfer is involved. Generally speaking, there are two precautions that you need to take when downloading torrents on hand-held devices (these include smart-phones, tablets and phablets)

  1. Unless you are using a WiFi, double check with your cellular service provider on download tariffs and limits.
  2. Make sure that your chosen VPN provider offers unlimited data download on your device. Download limits for devices and computers tend to differ in some cases.


What is Usenet and how it works **Updated 2018**

Usenet works just like a decentralized computer network. It allows you to download your required file. Likewise, you can use the network to perform the task of file sharing straightaway. Furthermore, you can access and download binary files along with text posts.

Previously the network was mainly opted by the university students all over the US to share messages and files with each other. The users also took huge benefit of Usenet by sharing news and updates in timely manner.

What is Usenet?

In this guide, we will help you to comprehend the meaning of Usenet in detail. In addition, you will understand the notion “What is Usenet” all about.

If you are a regular torrent user, then it is time for you to graduate in using Usenet and learn the difference between usenet and torrent. If you have never used torrents, then this article will help you understand how you haven’t missed out on much and that there is a better option out there.

Usenet became visible around the same time when Bill Gates came out with his BASIC interpreter and was such a big hit that it ended up being copied and distributed among programming hobbyists like teen girls around the world went crazy over Justin Bieber’s “baby! baby! baby! oooooooh!”. This happened almost five years before anything called Microsoft Windows came into existence – so somewhere around 1979. We’ve come a long way because BASIC is now the programming language of choice to teach kids in High School! Need I say any more?

Let’s start with the most commonly use download techniques: torrents! If you have ever used a torrent, you know how a download manager works. If you have never used a torrent, I have the pleasure of telling that you can come out of your Nuclear Fall-Out Shelter and give torrents a try – the Mayans were wrong about the world ending in 2012.

The most commonly identified similarity between a torrent’s download manager and a Usenet download manager is that they both work by letting you select what you want to download and when you want to download it. Everything else that follows is essentially automated.

These download managers (sometimes also called clients, newsreaders, applications, or simply software) are your gateway to access Usenet forums. In Usenet’s specific language, the Usenet client is often called a News Grabber (no, no news bulletins or headlines are involved at any point).

What do I mean by Forums? Usenet is not your regular data download center. Content is classified into specific categories and is available in the form of discussion threads that come together to form forums. Fret not my fellow netizens! This basically means that you will have to do a bit of scrolling around if your Usenet client is not state-of-the art.


Usenet clients are usually open-source (read: free). Some commonly used Usenet clients are Binreader, PAN newsreader, NZBGet, HelloNZB and SABnzbd. I think this would be a good time to clarify that NZB is a file extension (which is a pointer/identifier used to distinguish between file types) that helps retrieve posts from Usenet servers like ‘.doc’ and ‘.docx’ are popular Word Document extensions, and ‘.torrent’ is the file extension for torrent files.

Not interested? Not a lot of people know this, but forums were the big thing before emails, instant messaging and VoIPs like MSN and Skype. Large messaging boards (more like bulletin boards) existed in cyberspace and people could post their messages on those community-like bulletin boards from across the world. Before emails became popular, these bulletin boards were the hippest thing around.

How A Torrent Works & Fails


You use your browser to search torrents and download a torrent file once you’ve found the one you like. You download the torrent file (usually to your desktop) and once you execute the torrent file, your Torrent client kicks in to manage the download for you. ‘Download management’ is a fancy word for the process in which your torrent client uses the information in the torrent tracker. What is a torrent tracker?

A torrent tracker is a file containing the IP addresses of all the people who have your desired file (or pieces of it), and then downloads those pieces for you while putting them together for you at the same time.

FUN FACT: This is the part where the cops kick your door in and the movie studios kick your teeth in for downloading content without paying for it.


You see the movie studios often setup fake servers to fool torrent trackers into registering them as download-worthy users. Simply put, they bait and wait When the torrent tracker goes to the systems in red, white and blue to download a file for you, your IP address is recorded.

Once your IP address has been recorded, the crack-down begins with warnings, followed by internet blocks at the ISP level if you still keep downloading (or keep getting caught downloading) content off torrents. That is if the movie studio goes chooses to go to your ISP, which it will only do if it doesn’t want to make an example of you by going to court instead.

How Usenet Works & Wins


Using Usenet is similar to using torrents. You start by using your web browser to search for NZB files on NZB search engines – of which there are countless on the internet. Using VPN encryption when searching for NZB files on the internet will make you virtually invisible because neither your ISP nor anybody intercepting your data will be able to decrypt the data transmission and decipher what you’re up to.

On finding your desired content, you will be required to download the NZB file for the content (which you will probably download to your desktop, much like you would with a torrent). Executing the NZB will lead your Usenet client to kick in and will handle your data correspondence with the Usenet server for that file from that point onward.

The speed at which the Usenet server will transmit data to your Usenet client at this point will be many times more than what is observed in the case of torrent downloads.

The two seperate boxes identifying ‘Sickbeard TV PVR’ and ‘CouchPotato Movie Grabber’ are popular automated NZB search-and-download software. They correspond with your Usenet client and stay on the alert for the availability of any content that you desire. As soon as it is available, the software uses your Usenet client to download the desired content for you. ‘Sickbeard TV PVR’ works to identify and download television series while ‘CouchPotato Movie Grabber’ does the same for movies.

The Small Service Characteristics That Matter


Usenet servers almost always offer a significantly higher download speed than that which your ISP will provide you. That means you get to download faster and can also rely on the speed to sustain when you activate multiple downloads.


Usenet helps you stay under the radar. When you download content via Usenet, you manage to reduce the odds of getting caught like you would get caught downloading torrents. The nature of the technology is such that it performs encryption and anonymization actions as part of the process.


The presence of an SSL connection between you and the Usenet server is a traditional component of Usenet services. This means that not even your Internet Service Provider knows what you’re downloading when you download files off the Usenet servers. Usenet is an all-in-one service. That means you don’t have to setup heavy-duty firewalls and anti-virus before you begin downloading.

Content Availability

Usenet servers prefer to keep content available regardless of the popularity (unlike Torrent hosting websites/servers that tend to remove unpopular content). However, this characteristic is generally only seen in premium Usenet servers. Regular Usenet users will tell you that it is not wise to download files that are visible on a free Usenet server after that Usenet server’s official retention time for files has passed for that file. You may end up downloading corrupt files because Usenet servers keep making room for new content and therefore tend to purge older less-popular (or down-voted) files over time.

Download Folders

Usenet clients download files by connecting to Usenet servers. During download, files are stored in ‘Temporary Download Folder’ and are only moved to ‘Completed Download Folder’ once the download has fully completed. Most Usenet clients will let you may select these two folders for your convenience.

Why the discrimination between download folders? Because your Usenet client will download the file for you and assess it to make sure that it is not broken and/or incomplete before it serves it out for you. If any broken and/or incomplete parts are found the Usenet client will repair and/or complete them before moving the file to the ‘Completed Download Folder’.

How Does NZB Search Work?

When a user upload files to Usenet, the files are further broken into different parts. Therefore, the users will notice different message ID for each part. In this scenario, the role of NZB search becomes important.

An NZB file is the Usenet equivalent of BitTorrent torrents file. If the users download an NZB, it means the files available on Usenet are being downloaded. An NZB file has the information required to download and reunite each message.

NZB Files

Interestingly, the users will find NZB files in RAR format in huge number. However, you will need a tool like WinRar to unpack them straightaway. Moreover, the Usenet applications conduct the task of unpacking NZB files in RAR format by default.

In addition, the users can obtain another interesting feature when they opt Usenet. Yes, you read it correctly. You may consider the amazing benefit in the form of “PAR” files. When you want to download large binary files, there is a strong likelihood that your files may be corrupted.

Therefore, the PAR files or parity files allow you to take a big sigh of relief. This is because you can secure your files from any damage. It means the parity files have desired information to rebuild corrupt files. Thus, you will not need to download the whole file again.

Usenet Providers

When it comes to exploring the Usenet providers in detail, you should not underestimate the importance of “Backbone”. It is the chief provider of Usenet servers. It means Backbone owns and operates a comprehensive list of servers along with hard disk arrays that develop the infrastructure of Usenet.

Backbone allows the posts to be stored on it. Similarly, it spreads the posts on the other servers with backbone of various organizations. The resellers work after getting access from a backbone provider. Interestingly, the resellers collaborate with other services like VPN or customized software provider for browsing and downloading through Usenet. However, the users should not overlook the role of another Usenet provider.


Yes, you have guessed it right. The hybrid providers are more in use due to their diverse network and retention features. The Hybrid providers like Backbone do not have huge servers. In addition, they do not have longer retention. They lease access through one or more than one backbones.

Surprisingly, they run their own server farm that is smaller as compared to the backbones. The server farm has shorter retention too. The whole scenario suggests you can still download the files even if it has been taken down on a backbone’ server. This is because the files may exist on the reseller’s own server farm.

How to Select a Usenet Provider

Still, the users can face issues while downloading the files in the form of incomplete files. Here is the list of attributes you should consider while opting a Usenet provider. The list consists of:

Usenet Indexers

The Usenet indexers enable the users to explore Usenet and download files. If you wish to participate in discussion groups and read posts, you do not need indexers as much. To accomplish your file sharing mission through Usenet, you will need to have an efficient indexer.

You can assume the indexing software as search engines for the internet. This is because it downloads the headers for Usenet posts. Likewise, it indexes the posts and offers NZB files. Therefore, the downloading process for the users turns out to be an interesting activity.

Fortunately, you can select different NZB search engines to download files instantly. Here is the list of best NZB search engines that includes:


Usenet & NZB Software

When you want to download files from Usenet, you need to automate your setup. Hence, it would not be surprised to note holy trinity in various Usenet discussions. This is how you can establish a setup of Usenet. The Usenet setup includes:

Advantages of Usenet Downloading

Fortunately, the users can obtain a compelling list of advantages by downloading files through Usenet. Here is the list of Usenet downloading advantages that includes:


What is the difference between Usenet and Newsgroups

The users may find the difference between Usenet and websites in the form of decentralization. Moreover, Usenet works just like a complex and massive community. On the other hand, newsgroups work as an organization tool for the community.


Usenet Reviews Reddit

Reddit is by far the most popular interactive platforms for the users from all over the world. Luckily, you can find an effective discussion about the pros and cons of Usenet on Reddit in detail. Interestingly, you can search your desired anime indexer on Reddit without any hassle.

Wrapping Things Up

We expect you would like our detailed guide on “What is Usenet and how it works”. Thus, you can download your desired files without the fear of getting DMCA and copyright infringement notices. Interestingly, you should not bother yourself about the downloading speeds.

It means you can download files at much faster speed as compared to downloading speeds of torrents. Therefore, you should select Usenet if you want to download files hassle-free from anywhere.  Still, you should connect to a VPN service when you have to download file downloading through Usenet.

By doing so, you can secure your online privacy from ISPs and enjoy downloading files process at faster pace. Got any special requests you want us to add in the upcoming article or simply want to know more about Usenet.

Hit us with your questions and queries in the comments section and we will get back to you pronto!




Invisible browsing VPN Review 2017 – VPN that Ensures Online Safety

Comparison: PureVPN vs Invisible Browsing VPN

VPN Providers purevpn_comparison cyberghost
Price $2.92/mo $4.83/mo
Servers 500 Servers in 140 Countries 137 Servers in 147 Countries
Multi Login 5 3
Money Back Guarantee 7-Days 15-Days
Encryption Level 256 bit 256 bit
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
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Invisible Browsing VPN Plans & Pricing

ibVPN or invisible browsing VPN offers users a neat little pricing plan that is designed especially for VPNRanks readers.

This is one of the all-in-one packages that ibVPN offers, which is priced at yearly basis, and includes complete access to all 130+ ibVPN servers across 47countries. All three plans come with multi-protocol support, and guarantee complete compatibility for all devices (including smartphones).However, each VPN package differs in terms of number of servers available, simultaneous connections, and certain additional features.

Invisible Browsing VPN also offers a package that only has SmartDNS and proxy, but no VPN service. This package is specifically designed for users looking to unblock streaming services and websites.

The price that ibVPN charges for a one-month subscription might seem slightly steep, but the 12-month subscriptions are comparatively much cheaper. We have tested ibVPN to check if it is worth spending and we have to admit that even these prices are nothing against the features and services that it is providing to its users!

ibvpn review

Unique Selling Proposition of Invisible Browsing VPN

There is a chance that my editor will disagree with me on this (and probably edit this part out), but ibVPN does not have a unique selling proposition as compared to the best VPN providers in the industry. It has DNS service but you don’t get access to ibVPN DNS services for free unless you either buy the one of the two high-end packages that ibVPN offers. The other way to access get ibVPN’s DNS service is to subscribe separately to it – hence my reluctance towards considering it a unique selling proposition.

Some ibVPN reviews will argue that ibVPN’s hyper-segregated pricing plan is its unique selling proposition, but I don’t buy that. Creating an over-complex pricing plan cannot be equivalent to delivering a unique feature good enough to be a selling proposition.

ibVPN Servers

ibVPN has some neat server management going on. At the time of writing this invisible browsing VPN review, the VPN service provider had 130+ servers up and running in 47 countries.

This is an industry where competition is evolving rapidly and if you have less than 100 servers you will have a tough time attracting in customers when you stand against other VPN service providers who have over 200 servers.

One could argue that a server is only as good as the load it can take or the IPs that it can offer. ibVPN seems to be offering no more than 2000 dynamic IPs.

The way I see it, (and other ibVPN reviews will agree with me) segregating customers on the basis of their need for a VPN will help ensure that customers have to share their servers as little as possible.

Considering the fact that ibVPN is the only VPN service to create such a complex assortment of package plans, I think this is a very bold approach on the part of ibVPN since most VPN service providers choose to offer flat package plans that only differ with respect to subscription duration – and I can appreciate the method behind the madness.

ibVPN Review

Invisible Browsing VPN Speed Test

To carry out this speed test, I used Invisible Browsing VPN’s Ultimate VPN package (VPN + SmartDNS + Proxy). While using a 100 MBPS internet connection, I obtained the following ping, upload and download speeds.

ibVPN Review

In comparison, while using a 100 MBPS internet connection, I connected ibVPN to its US Houston server and obtained the following results.

ibVPN Review

If you can stand the extra ping, ibVPN.

ibvpn review

Invisible Browsing VPN New Addition in DNS Channels

ibVPN is consistently working hard to include more and more TV and radio stations in its list of DNS channels. Currently it offers more than 100+ channels, of which, six channels from Italy, Romania, Australia, United States and Netherlands were added recently. You can select one of the packages that offer both VPN and DNS services, if you are interested in both.

With ibVPN’s DNS you can unblock more than 100 channels from all over the world including the top entertainment, news, business and sports channels from the US and the UK.

Kill Switch

The Kill Switch option provided by the ibVPN is a bit different from other VPN providers. While others give you the option to disconnect all the network activities when your connection drops, ibVPN gives you an additional option to add applications that need a proper internet connection to work.

So if your VPN connection ever drops, you cannot only halt the internet connection but you can also stop the applications until your VPN connects again.

Proxy Servers

If you are looking to unblock the content in a few specific regions, you can use ibVPN’s proxy servers. ibVPN offers proxy servers in US, UK, Germany, Ireland and Netherlands. However, you should note that the proxy servers won’t be able to protect you from the surveillance and hackers.

Browser Extension

Invisible Browsing VPN has recently launched its very own browser extension. The extension is compatible on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. The browser extensions are available in the ultimate package (VPN + SmartDNS + Proxy). You can also sign-up for a free trial, which is applicable for 6 hours, and try out the browser extension.

TOR over VPN

Invisible Browsing VPN offers another feature that adds an extra layer of security. When you subscribe to their ultimate package, you get the option TOR over VPN. What it does is that first encrypts your data and routes it through VPN server, then sends it over a TOR node. This adds extra security to your data security and you won’t require any additional software to use TOR.

ibVPN Customer Support

The ‘Help Center’ link located at the top of the page leads to ibVPN’s customer support page. There is a separate ‘Contact’ link as well – located in the footer of the webpage.

ibVPN History

ibVPN is owned and run by Amplusnet. Romania based Amplusnet has been offering online privacy solutions (through ibVPN) and custom software development services (Amplusnet Offshore Development Center) since 2003.

The physical address of the company is:

ibVPN offers VPN and DNS services with package plans ranging from 1 to 12 month subscriptions.


The FAQ is a one-page help section with answers for common questions on accounts, trials, technical specifications, payment refunds and logs. Other ibVPN reviews might argue that ibVPN could have done with a larger FAQ section but I feel that the current size of the FAQ section is sufficient. It addresses all the areas that a FAQ section should address with concise and comprehensive answers.

How to Setup Invisible Browsing VPN

The ‘How to Setup’ page is essentially the tutorial page and gives you a table full of tutorials to help you setup your ibVPN.

Invisible Browsing VPN Forums

ibVPN offers its own forum section where users can inquire about different issue or have a general discussion. There numerous topics you can check out on Invisible Browsing VPN forum.
Knowledge Base
The knowledge base us less of a knowledge base and more of an extended FAQ section. I for one was not satisfied with the quality, presentation and size of the knowledge base.
Remote Assistance
The way ibVPN uses the Remote Assistance feature swept me off my feet. The feature lets you get a Remote Assistance appointment for a 30-minute duration. ibVPN lets you select the day and time for Remote Assistance from a large number of available time-slots.

ibVPN Review

ibVPN uses TeamViewer to run Remote Assistance so expect that you will have to download it before you can get ibVPN to help you through that method.

Just about every VPN service provider offers remote assistance these days, but placing it on top as a help center feature is a wise way to go about it.
Live Chat
The LiveChat is only online for 16 hours every day but the LiveChat widget at the lower right of your screen is usually visible even if no customer representative is online. In such cases, the chat window will ask you to leave your name, email address and question, and get back to you on email as soon as a customer support representative becomes available.

I tested it out and noticed that response time for such queries is usually no more than one to two hours and very rarely goes beyond that.

In case a customer support representative is available for assistance, the LiveChat window will indicate the time you will have to wait by displaying the number of people in queue before you.

ibVPN Review

ibVPN Payment Methods

ibVPN’s check-out page asks you to provide basic information and asks you to select your desired payment method from the list provided at the right side of the webpage.

ibVPN Review

As you can see, ibVPN accepts a wide variety of payment methods.

Once you have selected your preferred payment method, clicking on ‘Go to payment’ redirects you to a new webpage depending on the payment method you selected. Basically, you will be forwarded to the payment gateway of the selected payment method. I found it slightly uncomfortable that I was required to enter in most of my information twice – once before and once after clicking ‘Go to payment’.

ibvpn review

All payment methods come with a 15-day money back guarantee.

ibvpn review

ibVPN’s Compatibility

ibVPN’s ‘How to Setup’ page shows that ibVPN offers extensive compatibility with Windows, MacAndroid and Linux platforms. In addition, ibVPN also provides tutorials for setting up its service on DD-WRT routers.

ibVPN clients are available for Android, Mac, and Windows.

ibVPN Review

ibVPN’s website provides an excellent representation of platform and device compatibility with respect to the protocols that ibVPN offers for each.

ibVPN Review

Tutorials Provided by Invisible Browsing VPN

I am a big fan of the ibVPN tutorial page. You can access it by entering the ‘Help Center’ and clicking on ‘How to Setup’. The web page is highly well structure and well presented.

The tutorials are presented with screen-shots and are in extensive detail. Processes have been explained with just enough detail to ensure that users do not get confused. I guess this is what ibVPN was doing for most of its 10 years.

Tutorials are available for Windows, Mac, Android, Linux platforms as well as DDWRT routers – for every available protocol.

ibVPN Protocols and Encryption

ibVPN offers PPTPL2TP, OpenVPN and SSTP available for Windows and Mac. However, only PPTP and L2TP are supported  ibVPN offers all protocols but SSTP for Windows XP users.

The ibVPN knowledge base provides details on the general encryption standards that exist for each of the four VPN types that ibVPN offers, but does not provide any specifics on whether or not (or to what extent) ibVPN’s encryption is based on the same standards.

So I decided to look up Customer support and leave them a ticket asking about encryption protocols.

Log And Privacy Policy Invisible Browsing VPN

Invisible Browsing VPN does not maintain any permanent user activity log. It keeps a running record your VPN usage duration, date, time, and location for a period of seven days.

In addition, ibVPN records personal information provided by the user as well as from cookies, as per the normal Standard-Operating-Procedures of the internet – and uses them to remarket its products and services. So expect a submission of your email address to be a voluntary click on the ‘add me to mailing list’ button.

Additional Services of Invisible Browsing VPN

ibVPN continues to tot ibDNS  as its additional service. The ibDNS service costs the same as the low-level VPN packages provided by ibDNS. Starts from $2.48 for a month and goes to $18.48 for a year.

The prices for ibDNS are tolerable – but if I had the money for a one month ibDNS subscription and saw that a one month VPN subscription comes for the same cost, I would probably go for VPN and ditch DNS altogether. Why? Because DNS offers accessibility but it comes without any privacy and security coverage. I really don’t see the point of offering DNS services alongside VPN services when the DNS costs the same as VPN.
To be honest, ibVPN has a very reliable service, an impressive software that has stood the test of time (and trial), adequate prices, and a very professional server setup that can be trusted to provide impenetrable online privacy and freedom.

ibVPN offers a number of packages and plans, that are fairly confusing if you ask me. So we asked ibVPN to chalk up a neat little plan that we knew new and veteran VPN users would love. ibVPN’s all-in-one package appeal to VPN users looking to settle for limited VPN services on account of a limited budget.

Besides offering VPN services, it is also possible to purchase Invisible Browsing VPN DNS service. In my opinion, ibVPN could have fared better if it had sold its DNS service under a different corporate flag or through a different website.

Oh snap, you didn’t like this VPN? Don’t worry, here are other VPN reviews that might satisfy all your privacy & unblocking needs.

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IronSocket Review – Servers, Features, Refunds & Discounts




When was the last time you found a VPN service provider that gave you your money’s worth? Say hello to IronSocket! I’ve reviewed dozens of the best VPN services and put them through the wringer, and it was a relief to finally review a VPN service provider like IronSocket.

IronSocket has been working since 2005 and has slowly developed to reach a point where it is now one of the most reliable and well-managed VPN services online. The user-friendly VPN service is very simplistic and does not waste the users’ time and resources with unnecessary details.

IronSocket Pricing Plans Review

The pricing is pretty simple. There is only one package and the package contains the full set of features and functions that IronSocket has to offer. There is no discrimination based on how much users are able to pay.

The package is available in three sizes (pricing plans) that are fully loaded. The three pricing plans are of 1 month, 6 month and 12 month denominations.

All three plans come powered with IronSocket’s encryption services and the ability to unblock Geo-Restricted content. IronSocket’s compatibility allows users to use all plans on Public WiFi HotSpots and is P2P enabled.

ironsocket pricing..

The best part is that IronSocket’s VPN service pricing plans package IronSocket’s VPN service with the DNS Proxy service. This gives increased power to IronSocket users.


IronSocket Servers Location

IronSocket has 53 servers in 36 countries around the world. These include server spreads in the US, UK, Australia and Canada amongst other countries.

ironsocket server

This means that unblocking websites will never be a problem for internet users using IronSocket. The IP addresses for these servers are available on the IronSocket website for easy access and can be accessed with a moment’s notice.

Servers in the US are located in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San José and Seattle – which is quite a nice spread. Servers in the UK are located in Gosport, London and Rugby – which is also an adequate spread.


 Protocols and Encryption

If you are veteran VPN user, you know that encryption is usually standard across the board. VPN services are not differentiated by the encryption levels they provide (mainly because encryption levels are the same across protocols). Instead, they are differentiated by their reliability and consistency of service.

Some VPN services are adventurous and try to create their own encryption techniques. However, this method is very unreliable since it is much more sensible to trust tried and tested encryption methods that have a proven impenetrable record rather than to experiment.

IronSocket plays it safe and provides the standard encryption levels on all three protocols – as do all leading VPN service providers.


IronSocket’s PPTP protocol utilizes Microsoft’s Point-to-Point encryption to provide its users with standard PPTP encryption security. Microsoft’s Point-to-Point encryption delivers 128-bit encryption.


The L2TP protocol offered by IronSocket is secured with the standardized IPSec protocol. IronSocket uses the AES algorithm with 256 bit keys for confidentiality.


OpenVPN is IronSocket’s encourage protocol and uses the OpenSSL library to provide encryption. Additional support is given to Blowfish along with 128 bit keys as well as AES algorithm with 256 bit keys on selected servers.

P2P / File Sharing

20 of IronSocket’s 53 servers support P2P – which is a great deal if you consider the fact that supporting P2P is not every VPN provider’s cup of tea. Supporting P2P requires some heavy duty server strength and network architecture. 20 P2P enabled servers is a significant credit to IronSocket’s portfolio.

Money Back Guarantee / Refunds

All IronSocket plans come covered with a 7 day money back guarantee so that first-time VPN users can try it out. I always encourage my followers to take advantage of money back guarantees in order to find the VPN service that they are most comfortable with.

I say that because some internet users look for VPN services that are loaded with functions and features, while others want a 1-click system that does everything for them. Using the money back guarantee can help you take the service for a test drive before you commit for the long haul.

IronSocket users can get a refund if they pay using Credit Card and/or PayPal since these are secure payment methods that can’t be exploited to lead somebody else to demand a refund on the users’ account.


Free Trial

IronSocket does not offer a free trial. However, there is a 7 day money back guarantee that is always available to give VPN users the margin to see if they are comfortable with IronSocket’s service and feature set.

Note: For more details about 5 Best Free VPN 2017

IronSocket Compatibility & Tutorials for Compatible Devices/OS

IronSocket is the king when it comes to compatibility. I loved the IronSocket ‘Setup’ page. Everything is so simple and clearly laid out. Simply select the device you want to run IronSocket on and follow the simple setup process to get rolling. I give IronSocket full points for 360 degree compatibility.


One particular thing I feel merits highlighting is that IronSocket does not offer custom software yet. This is not a drawback! This is the best way you can use a VPN. The setup instructions provided by IronSocket will allow you to configure IronSocket on your device/OS.

You will not have to download a third party application in order to use IronSocket. Just follow the detailed tutorials and let your device/OS’s built in VPN compatibility work in sync with IronSocket’s neat network architecture.

Iron Socket for Windows

A shocking aspect of the service includes absence of in-house client for mainstream platforms like Windows. That said, subscribers need to download OpenVPN client deliberately on Windows to use Iron Socket. Afterwards, users can visit Iron Socket servers list page that provides detailed information such as location, address, protocol and P2P/torrent support about individual VPN servers. Once OpenVPN is configured on Windows, subscribers can free explore internet with complete online freedom.

If you want complete assistance with Iron Socket Windows setup, then you can visit their installation support section here.

Iron Socket for Android

Similar to Windows, Iron Socket on Android devices can be setup through OpenVPN setup. As provider doesn’t offer individual clients for smart phones, subscribers can download OpenVPN client on their Android devices through PlayStore. Also, Iron Socket provides in-depth assistance about installation of OpenVPN on Android phones and tablets in their support section.

Iron Socket for iOS

In Iron Socket review, we came up with their VPN service for iOS devices through OpenVPN client. That said, provider hasn’t offered individual client for iOS users, leaving them to download OpenVPN from App Store. In addition, subscribers can take assistance from a well-explained step by step VPN installation guide available in support section of Iron Socket.

Personal Computers

IronSocket can be setup on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP as well as on Max OSX.

Gaming Devices

IronSocket is one of the most gaming friendly VPN services. Unlike other VPN services, IronSocket gets the job done by allowing gamers to use the DNS Proxy feature to bypass internet restrictions.

IronSocket can be setup on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Play Station 4 and PS Vita as well as on Wii, and Wii U.

IronSocket can be setup on these devices by configuring the internal settings that are present in the gaming devices. Fortunately, all modern gaming devices are equipped with VPN compatibility because gaming console developers know that gamers want more from their devices.

TV Devices

IronSocket works on a variety of TV devices. It covers almost all the popular TV devices that are used around the world. This includes the Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV, Amazon FireTV, Roku and Boxee amongst others.

Smart Devices

IronSocket can be configured on Smart phones/devices within mere minutes. This is because nearly every smart phone/device in the market these days has special VPN settings that are easy to tweak.

The smart phones/devices upon which IronSocket can be configured include iPhone, iPad, iPad and Android devices.


IronSocket has the most expansive Router support. While most VPN service providers only provide compatibility for the popular routers in the market, IronSocket can be setup on a variety of router devices that include Airport Extreme, Linksys, D-Link, NetGear, Belkin, DD-WRT, Tomato, TP-Link, and many more.



IronSocket is the people’s VPN service. It is designed to ensure that the internet user is always at comfort and never alone. The IronSocket ‘Support’ page shows how wonderfully well organized IronSocket’s support system is.

FAQ Section

FAQ section is one of the first places you should visit if you have any questions about the service or if you want to know more about it before you sign up. The neatly organized FAQ section has answers to all questions that new and returning VPN users might have about the service and its features.

The FAQ section is divided into general, privacy related, technical and payment related questions for accessibility and convenience.

Support Ticket

This is a privileged service for IronSocket customers. Queries raised by IronSocket customers get priority over regular queries when the customers open out Support Tickets. Support Tickets are dealt with by the best of Iron Socket’s staff.

I noticed that Support Tickets are resolved very fast – which means that you can expect to receive a response within minutes of opening out a Support Ticket.


The Support page contains a three-field form that anybody can fill out to contact IronSocket for any queries whatsoever. I tried it out and I was very pleased with the speed of the response and the completeness of the answer.

IronSocket is not like the Walmart of VPN services, which means that it isn’t bogged down with customers all the time. It is more of a friendly neighborhood curb-side store that has all the necessities and is always open.


Log and Privacy Policy

IronSocket’s privacy policy has to be the most transparent policy I have ever had the honor of going through during my tenure as a VPN reviewer and internet security blogger. The privacy policy clearly marks out IronSocket’s data collection processes and approach to data confidentiality.

In addition, IronSocket is also very upfront about the specific circumstances during which IronSocket will share the users’ information with a third party. There are no hidden clauses and fine prints tucked away in small fonts. The user is clearly a very real priority for IronSocket.


Payment Options

IronSocket seems to have put a lot of hard work in to making sure that customers always feel comfortable where payment methods are concerned. Just about every payment method ever invented is accepted!


Accepted payment methods include PayPal, Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover, BitCoin and Gift Cards. I love the fact that IronSocket accepts gift cards. I believe that Gift Cards are the most secure way of paying for online transactions because they break the digital chain of bread crumbs and leave no evidence that can be used to trace back to the user.

Author’s Recommendations

The way I see it, IronSocket has no loopholes, and no nonsense! Just good old encryption and tunneling for internet users who want to unblock websites and protect their internet data while staying anonymous online. The prices are reasonable, the features are industry standard, the terms are clear, and the service is reliable – what more can you ask for?

The show doesn’t stops there, here are more Top VPN reviews you can check out.


VPN for Roku – Because it doesn’t get better than Roku

If you are going outside the US for any reason, don’t forget to pack your VPN; because Roku only offers services if it identifies you as a user accessing the device from within the US.

But since Roku works over the internet, it is actually really easy to use your Roku device outside the US. There are multiple ways you can use your Roku device to take your favorite TV shows and movies wherever you go. For instance if you love Kodi then Kodi on Roku gives you the best streaming experience.

In addition, the all new Roku Premiere+ offers top-of-the-line TV shows, movies, documentaries, cartoons, soaps and hit videos to fans. The 4K and HDR playback options are the endearing features enchanted by movie lovers. But, when you equip the Roku Premiere Plus with a VPN, it gives you an instant access to unlimited on-demand media without any restrictions.


What does a VPN do to my Roku?

Absolutely nothing! If you are using a reliable VPN service provider, your Roku device should remain completely unaffected. You see Roku uses Geo-IP tracking to identify which country you are located in. This is done by reading of the country code off your IP address.

Your IP address is your virtual identity card and is shared with every server you connect to. While every IP address is usually unique, the first few digits represent the country you are sitting in – much like a country code at the start of the phone number. Coming back to the subject…

When you use a VPN, your internet traffic is encrypted and routed through a super-secure third-party server that takes responsibility for protecting your data when it is transit while making your intended website believe that you sitting in the same country as the VPN server.

So you can be sitting in Korea but make it look like you are sitting in the US and watch Roku with ease. Here are a few reliable VPNs that you can use to run your Roku when travelling takes you beyond borders:

Rank Providers Price ($) Discount More Info
$1.91Per Month
82% Off
3 Year Deal
$3.29Per Month
72% Off
2 Years Plan
$4.87Per Month
46% OFF
Exclusive Offer
$2.55Per Month
67% Off
Limited Time Discount
Ivacy VPN
$2.04Per Month
83% OFF
2+1 Year Deal

The All New Roku Premiere Plus – Entertainment on the Go!

The Roku Inc. has launched latest edition of set-top-box “Roku Premiere Plus”. The on-demand media streaming box offers over-the-top media to fans. Also, the streaming box comes with 4K and HDR video support that provides vibrant video playback to movie lovers. The sleek and simple remote control with Roku Premiere+ provides one-touch accessibility to users.

The Premiere Plus subscribers can access tons of popular streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Video, Vudu, YouTube, Hulu, HBO, HBO Now/Go, Watch ESPN, Sling TV and more. But not to forget, these services come with geo-restrictions in different regions. To evade geo-restrictions, users find Roku Premiere Plus VPN as the safest and economical solution. A VPN on Roku Premiere Plus is no doubt an absolute solution for one-touch unrestricted entertainment.

How to Setup VPN on Roku

There are two ways you can use a VPN to unlock the full potential of your Roku device when you go outside the US for any reason.

Method 1 – Using a VPN Router

The good old way is to use a VPN enabled router. Using a router is always a good way to manage and control your internet connection, so if you weren’t using a VPN router already, right now may be the perfect time to start considering getting a hold of one.

roku family

Using a VPN router will allow you to centralize your internet connection for all the internet enabled devices you run. Instead of installing, configuring and managing a VPN on account every single internet enabled device, you will only have one control panel to deal with when you use a VPN router.

Almost every modern router supports VPN usage these days, but DD-WRT routers is preferred because of their user-friendly interface. That is why most setup guides on the internet are for FF-WRT routers. But you don’t have to worry if you are already using a Router and it is not running on DD-WRT software. You can always get it re-configured. But erasing the firmware off a router and replacing it with a new one can be tricky (it is called flashing) so make sure you follow each step carefully.

Or you can buy a pre-programmed VPN router off the internet. Anybody with a Roku device knows that Roku is the king of entertainment, and makes for an excellent travel companion. VPN service providers know how much you love your Roku device, which is why the best VPN services for Roku offer pretty reasonable pre-configured VPN routers.

Method 2 – Using your Computer via Internet Connection Sharing

Never used ‘Internet Connection Sharing’ before? Check out this illustration by our friends at Microsoft. The illustration shows how the bigger picture works. Instead of the laptop, you will be setting up the following arrangement.

Microsoft’s vision of the Internet Connection

Internet <-> [Modem] <-> [WAN Router (LAN)] <-> [Computer] <-> [Roku]

  1. Connect your Internet modem to the Internet Service Provider connection
  2. Connect your router’s WAN port to your modem
  3. Connect your  router’s LAN port to your computer’s  Network Interface Card
  4. Connect your Network Interface Card 2 to your Roku unit.

Yes, this means that your computer must have two Network Interface Cards. Most modern computers have one, so you only need to get an additional external Network Interface Card. Look around a bit and you’ll be surprised how easily you can get your hands on one. People working in the IT industry have Network Interface Cards lying around like empty pizza boxes in a dorm room.

Still confused, here is Microsoft’s guide to setting up Internet Connection Sharing. You will have to ask your preferred VPN provider’s tech support for customized assistance if you are using any Operating System other than Windows.

Using Internet Connection Sharing is actually recommended over using a VPN router because it is more cost-effective and much more reliable considering the unpredictable compatibility of Roku devices.

End Notes

Roku is a pioneer in entertainment and it doesn’t get better than this if you want to watch US TV shows and movies.

Modern VPNs like the ones listed above make for the perfect travel mate. You will be able to access Roku by using any one of the above two methods, and multi-login ability will allow you to unblock websites on your Smartphone and computer as well.

In addition, the military grade encryption will keep you safe in public WiFi HotSpots, so end up with a win-win scenario no matter how you go about it.

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VPNArea Review – Detail Analysis of Performance, Price, & Features

Comparison: VPNArea vs PureVPN

VPN Providers purevpn_comparison vpnarea
Price $2.49/mo $9.90/mo
Servers 500 Servers in 140 Countries 120 Servers in 22 Countries
Multi Login 5 None
Money Back Guarantee 7-Days 7-Day
Encryption Level 256 bit 256 bit
Bandwidth Unlimited Limited
Get this Offer » Visit Provider


According to the Facebook page, VPNArea was founded in early 2011.

Switzerland based VPNArea is owned and operated by Offshore Security LTD. This is not Offshore Security LTD’s first venture into the online security and privacy industry. Offshore Security LTD has been working on online privacy projects in the past. This includes the Houdini Anonymizer for Socks5 Proxies.


VPNArea Unique Selling Proposition

VPNArea’s unique selling proposition is its Users:Servers ratio. VPNArea’s Users:Servers ratio is extremely appealing and VPNArea is doing a good job of sustaining its Users:Servers ratio by continuously expanding the VPN server network.

I can see that VPNArea is expanding load capacity rapidly. As a frequent VPN reviewer and hard-core online privacy advocate who always welcomes quality VPN service providers to the industry, I wish VPNArea luck in the future.


Plans & Pricing


VPNArea has a pretty traditional one-package approach. This means you get one package and can subscribe to it for different time lengths. 1, 6 and 12 month subscription plans are currently on offer.

VPNArea offers access to all of its servers and unlimited bandwidth to its users regardless of the pricing plan they purchase. The same holds true for VPNArea’s 7 day money back guarantee and the flexibility to use one VPN connection through up to 3 multiple connections at the same time.

All packages come with the option to purchase a dedicated IP as an add-on. VPNArea is currently offering dedicated IP’s from the US, UK and Netherlands.

  • Dedicated US IP: $13 for 6 months and $15 for 12 months
  • Dedicated UK IP: $28 for 6 months and $30 for 12 months
  • Dedicated Netherlands IP: $28 for 6 months and $15 for 20 months


Dedicated IP

VPNArea promises a free dedicated IP VPN server for each dedicated IP bought. Customers who subscribe to VPNArea’s dedicated server are further facilitated by adding the server’s IP in the Chameleon software. That way if somebody tries to connect to the dedicated server will get authentication failed message

Dedicated server IP’s are found at the bottom of the list and are named “ZprivateXX” for easy identification should a user desire to access the IP via Chameleon software. An IPConfig command allows the configuration of specific IPs into the client application.



The 1 month plan is available for $9.90, while the 6 month subscription is available for $5.50 bringing the per month cost down to $8.33. The 12 month package is available for $59.99, which brings down the per month cost to $4.91. I would personally recommend that you either go for the 1 month plan or the 12 month plan.

On the same subject, I particularly like VPNArea’s simple sign-up process. I’ve seen countless forms, but VPNArea’s subscription form has to be the most inviting one I have ever seen. It is simple and really user friendly; which is something that I point out because I don’t often see it during my VPN service reviews.

VPNArea Pricing and Plans



VPNArea is currently providing 120 servers in 45 countries. I love the Server Status page on the VPNArea website! It shows Server IP, location, supported protocols, online users and online status of every single VPNArea server offered.

VPNArea lists its VPN server IP addresses on its Server Status page in the client area. It makes things easy for VPNArea’s service users who want to configure their VPNs manually or tweak them from time to time.


VPNArea Software

Windows: The VPNArea software for Windows is called VPNArea Chameleon. The VPNArea Chameleon software for Windows will run on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Make sure you have administrator rights to your system though.
vpnranks 1

Mac: VPNArea uses Viscosity for Mac users. Viscosity is a user-friendly client-app developed by Sparklabs and works on Mac OS X (versions 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 & 10.9+). VPNArea’s Viscosity for Mac users is easy to install and very uncomplicated to use.


Android: VPNArea uses OpenVPN Connect to provide users access to its excellent VPN services. You can get hold of OpenVPN Connect through GooglePlay and follow the simple 7 step guide on the VPNArea website to connect to VPNArea within minutes.


iOS: Much like in the case of Android, VPNArea uses OpenVPN Connect to provide users with VPN services. OpenVPN connect is an extremely user-friendly open source program that allows users to set it up and run it with minimal configuration. There are detailed guides available on the VPNArea website to help iOS users setup their OpenVPN Connect software.


Linux: VPNArea stands out in the crowd because of the hard work that it has put into catering to Linux users’ needs. The VPNArea team has created a cross-platform client software just for Linux users looking for some good quality OpenVPN security.

The cross-platform client software has been designed so that Linux users can use it in both (choose between Terminal and Graphic Gnome Environment) modes. The VPNArea cross-platform client software for Linux is compatible with all Linux distros and can be setup within minutes using the simple setup guide available on the VPNArea website.

 vpnarea 5


VPNArea Chameleon

As a benchmark of what VPNArea has to offer, I will consider the VPNArea Windows app as an example of VPNArea’s feature set.

The VPNArea Chameleon app is the best thing about VPNArea. The VPNArea Chameleon comes equipped with a variety of controls and features that help users manage and control their VPN connection.



The first thing you will see when you open out the VPNArea Chameleon software is the Home screen. This dashboard will allow you to enter in your login credentials and select a VPNArea server to connect to one of VPNArea’s many servers around the world.

The ‘Home’ window also displays a running log of the VPN connection status.

You can move around the VPNArea Chameleon software by either using the buttons on the left side of the screen, or the buttons along the top of the screen.


Servers & Speed

The Servers & Speed feature allows you to test the speed of all the VPNArea servers. The best part is that this built-in Speed Test tool is very customizable. You can also select specific VPNArea servers and speed-test them. You can select the protocol (choose between TCP and UDP) and you can also change the port if you want to.

The tool also lets you see how many VPN users are connected to a specific server. That way you can identify VPNArea servers with the least user load and connect to it. Very few VPN service providers offer this feature in their software and more should offer it because it lets you connect to the fastest server.


Kill Switch

The VPNArea Chameleon software allows you to place a VPN safeguard on the programs/software/application that you use to connect to the internet most commonly. For example, if you add Mozilla Firefox or Chrome to browse the internet, you can add both of them to the Kill Switch list.

Adding a program to the Kill Switch list will place a security test on them. If you start the selected programs, the program will not be allowed to connect to the internet if your VPN is not connected.

This way you will never be unprotected when you go online. The ‘Kill Switch’ feature comes in particularly useful when you are browsing the internet and your VPN connection drops for any reason. In such cases, the VPNArea Chameleon software will pause your internet connection for the selected software until you restore your VPN connection. The benefit of this feature is that it keeps you safe from taking any unprotected risks.

vpnarea 8

Anti-DNS Leak

The Anti-DNS leak is an advanced feature for veteran VPN users. However, the VPNArea Chameleon software has made sure that it is user friendly enough for everybody to use.

Changing your DNS server will allow you to hide your internet activity from your Internet Service Provider. Unless you specify a different DNS server, you are directed to your ISP’s DNS server. Your ISP is thereby able to track which web pages you are visiting. Once you change your DNS servers, your ISP will have no idea what you are doing on the internet.

 vpnarea 9

Auto-IP Changer

The VPNArea Chameleon software comes with an Auto-IP Changer. The Auto-IP Changer is one of the best tools that you can find in any VPN software. It is a great way to ensure online security because it keeps changing your IP address after every few minutes. The best part is that if you activate the Auto-IP Changer, you can specify the time duration after which your IP is to be changed.

The advantage of the Auto-IP Changer is that you become untraceable if your IP keeps switching. Nobody on the internet will be able to monitor if you activate the Auto-IP Changer. It is the best part of using a VPN.



Speed Test

It is my belief that one should never turn to Ookla’s if the VPN client already has a speed test tool. I was particularly looking forward to try out the built-in speed test in particular because of VPNArea’s use of Chameleon’s software.

Here is a screen shot of the remarkable result I got when I clicked on ‘Speed Test – All’ in VPNArea’s Servers & Speed tool:


Customer Support

VPNArea offers three customer support options.

vpnarea 10


VPNArea has three different email ids to help address technical, sales and management related queries separately.

•             Send your technical related questions to

•             Send your sales related questions to

•             Send your management related questions to


vpnarea-support is VPNArea’s support’s Skype id. It might take some time but the wait is worth it in the end. Skype based support makes it very convenient to ask questions and receive responses.


LiveChat is available through the VPNArea website but customer support stays more active on Skype; perhaps because of Skype’s awesome mobility features. There were times when noticed that VPNArea’s Skype support was online even when the LiveChat support was inactive.


Payment Methods

VPNArea only accepts PayPal, Payza and Credit Card right now. The signup form indicates that VPNArea will be adding Bitcoin and 2CO to the list of accepted payment methods soon.



I couldn’t help but notice that VPNArea is using Viscosity to power its VPN client for Mac users and using the Chameleon software to power its VPN client for Windows users.

Frequent VPN users will be nodding their heads in approval when I mention Liquid VPN is also a notable user of the Viscosity software; so you can be sure that this is a tried and tested technology that you can rely on.


Tutorials Provided

This image shows the devices/platforms for which VPNArea’s OpenVPN setup guides are available.


Protocols And Encryption

VPNArea servers support OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP protocols. VPNArea offers PPTP protocol without encryption, L2TP with IPSec encryption and OpenVPN with blowfish encryption.


Log And Privacy Policy

Everything in the VPNArea privacy policy is pretty standard with the normal request to keep cookies enabled. Also present is the evergreen promise that no activity logs are being maintained besides login time frames, bandwidth usage and similar statistical data that is used for service optimization and maintenance.


Free Trial

VPNArea does not offer a 7 day free trial at the time. But you can always try out VPNArea with complete confidence that the 7 day money back guarantee is there to keep you covered.


Additional Services

VPNArea does not provide any additional services at the moment.



VPNArea has entered the industry at a time when the demand for VPNs is at its peak. VPN service providers are rallying against the NSA as they defend people from cyber crime. Netizens are demanding cyber security, online privacy and internet freedom; and they don’t want to accept anything less than complete privacy and freedom. VPNArea is great!
Now that you have read about VPNArea, how you about looking at some of Top VPN reviews.


ZenMate Review 2017 – Downloading Instructions & Dangers

ZenMate Review – Download Instructions

Downloading ZenMate is easy! The fastest way to download the ZenMate plug-in is to go through the Chrome Web Store. The Chrome Web Store records over 600k successful plug-in downloads so you can download with confidence.

Once the plug-in has been downloaded and installed, provide ZenMate your email address and go to your email inbox to verify your email account. Click on the link provided in an email you will receive from ZenMate upon providing your email address, and your ZenMate will begin functioning.

With ZenMate’s Premium service now also available, you can use the VPN on Windows PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices. The Premium service offers other benefits that you will not enjoy in the free version. I conducted a detailed ZenMate review and tested both their packages to find out the difference among them.

That said, everybody is falling head first for ZenMate… and here is why you should not.


Dangers of Using Zenmate

ZenMate is not in its beta-testing mode anymore; but there are still faults in the Software that can jeopardize the user’s security and privacy. Simply stating that traffic is being encrypted and tunneled is not enough. ZenMate expects users to use its software without telling them what protocols it is using.

With the increasing user load from around the world, ZenMate is facing a challenge that it was clearly not equipped for. This screen-shot of ZenMate’s comments page on GooglePlay is an excellent example of the problems people are facing with ZenMate.


ZenMate is providing only a few countries’ servers to its users. ZenMate has shot to popularity in the last few weeks, and Google knows this. ZenMate’s limited IP addresses are being recorded by internet services and service providers. Once recorded, these IP addresses get blocked and users have to either switch country or wait for Zenmate to rotate a new IP for the same country.

ZenMate’s browser extension rules out the idea of torrenting – a feature that is provided by almost all the VPN providers. If you are living in a country where P2P filesharing is not legal by law, it is pretty useless for you to install ZenMate as a browser extension since it does not support torrenting. Not only it is not safe, ZenMate at times can be exploited to track your location by the third parties and it becomes useless to download content from different torrent sites.

ZenMate states very clearly on its website that the browser extension cannot be used to encrypt the emails, since the emails are sent through an unsecured hosting server. ZenMate, does, however tell the users that the emails can be encrypted with properly functioning email encryption software and ZenMate enabled on both the sides.

The first thing to expect with a free proxy is that it will get overloaded. Zenmate is struggling to cope with the extra load which is why it tends to go down every once in a while. Your internet speed will suffer and you can forget comfortable streaming.

ZenMate demands that you confirm your email address before activation. It will not work until you have confirmed your email. Have you ever wondered how much email lists go for in the market.

Switching on ZenMate makes all your data go through ZenMate’s servers. That way, ZenMate has your email address, and a record of the websites you like to surf. Information like this is worth pure gold to marketers.

You are

With this information, ZenMate (and anybody else who gets his/her hands on the data) knows what you surf the internet for, what times you come online, what kind of food you like, what kind of online buying you do, and just about everything else that can be observed from your activities on the internet.

ZenMate Review – Are We Being Biased?

While inspecting the services of ZenMate, we knew straightaway it would blow many people off because we are dissecting a free VPN service. We knew we would have to face criticism from lots of users around the world. But once our research work was complete, and we knew how ZenMate leaves you unprotected and is not consistent with its connection speeds, we went ahead with this Zenmate review.

Is ZenMate safe? What are the ZenMate alternatives? How often is ZenMate not working? We have tried to instigate all these issues since it claims to be the best VPN service for maximum accessibility and solid online security.

Alternatives to ZenMate

After conducting an in-depth ZenMate review, we have come with a time-tested alternative to the free proxy curse. This paid VPN service is not push-over proxies. Instead, it is capable of unblocking websites while sustaining internet speed, offer actual customer support, has servers in over three dozen countries and don’t pose the risks that ZenMate  does.

Not Recommended
PureVPN VRBest Offer
Ads-free No Yes
Unblock Yes Yes
Connectivity Issues Yes No (very rarely)
Encryption Encryption Not Defined VPN provides encryption support up to 1024-bit to keep it safe
Protocols No defined protocol support PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, SSTP and SOCKS5 etc.
Security Concerns No Logs No security concerns at all
Streaming Good speeds but has a lot of connection issues. Dedicated IPs for streaming and high bandwidths ensuring a thunderous streaming process
Visit Provider >> Visit Provider >>

ZenMate Launches Premium Service

ZenMate has recently launched its Premium offer officially and as predicted by the experts at, ZenMate is now going after the subscribed users by constantly bugging them up with reminder emails for subscriptions to its Premium plan. Apart from the emails, it also keeps bugging you with its Premium Plan reminder when you enable its browser extension.

Last year ZenMate announced that it has over 1 million users. Why would any company offer 1 million people a free service? The answer: IT WOULDN’T! ZenMate is cashing off the Free Lunch campaign in a scandalous scheme that is going to make the history books!

ZenMate Pricing Plans

If you are tempted to try out ZenMate’s Premium service, then you should know a bit about the pricing plans they offer. In our ZenMate review, we analyzed these packages and like the rest of the pack, it too offers a monthly, semi-annual, and annual plan. As far as the prices go, they are competitive when compared other established VPN providers in the industry. The yearly plan offers the maximum savings in contrast to other two pricing plans.


What’s The Difference Between Free & Premium Service?

Now that you know about the perils  offered by the free service provided by ZenMate, here is a much closer look at their recently launched Premium service. For starters, the most apparent difference can be seen in the servers being offered. You get more than 23 servers in the Premium packages while only a 5 servers make it to the free version.

Our ZenMate review showed that encryption levels also vary between the paid and free versions. You get better encryption levels compare to the free version. The 256-bit encryption level is much stronger in protecting your data against various threats than 128-bit encryption level.

When I tested the service (both versions), the speeds were good as I was able to browse and stream on different websites without any hassle. ZenMate also unblocked different geo-restricted websites such as Pandora and Hulu. However, the privacy it provides and security it guarantees is still a big question mark.


People are going bonkers over ZenMate so I made sure that I substantiated my article with evidence of ZenMate’s weaknesses. Your identity is a heavy price to pay for a little bit of streaming fun.

Each time a user downloads and installs ZenMate, it is like throwing a biscuit wrapper out of your window. It seems small and harmless, but it is fueling a silent evil that will cut away at the very roots of a healthy society. It will violate our privacy!

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